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Ages 30-39 / Jimmy Xeno's Reboot Journal
« on: August 11, 2016, 02:42:02 AM »
I'm Jimmy, 31 years old. I have struggled with porn addition since adolescence.

It started by watching my father's VHS porn tapes and magazines, and was only exacerbated by online porn pictures and then to streaming video.

I recently broke up with my girlfriend of over 3 years. At multiple times in the relationship she accused me of not being present, being detached and disinterested, and not being attracted to her. Guilty as charged. A large part of that equation was my use of porn to satisfy my libido, instead of utilizing that energy with her.

I'm committed to doing a 90 day reboot of no porn and no masturbation. The only sexual activity I will allow with be intercourse with women. Today I successfully completed day 1. 89 more to go.

I'll be doing a daily vlog to track progress. Feel free to tune in.

Ages 20-29 / Reboot Journal: Jimmy X
« on: January 27, 2015, 09:55:16 AM »
Day 1:

Hi. I'm Jimmy. 29 year old guy born and raised in southern California. I've been using porn since before internet porn was readily available, back in the days when I used to sneak my dad's magazines.

I don't believe my case is severe, as I don't have ED or anything like that. However, I find it troubling that much of the time I find porn more arousing than the prospect of having sex with my girlfriend. I suspect part of my disinterest may be a result of my age, libido not being what it once was.

I'm rebooting for a minimum of 30 days, perhaps longer (we'll cross that bridge when we get to it) of no PMO. My goals are to regain a stronger libido and have more energy in general.

I intend to post daily updates.

Looking forward to shooting the breeze with all of you.

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