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Success Stories / Success or failure?
« on: September 07, 2016, 03:17:33 PM »
Hey Guys

I'll be short and brief.

I just wanna share my experiences,my journey which is still on and gain your advices amd views.

 Being from India never ever got a chance to get a girl so my sexual experience started by watching tv, and den internet porn.

I guess by 15 16 years of age i was a regular porn watcher. Considered it super normal and all my friends used to watch it. Also never realised when I lost my morning wood.

So an effort was never done to approach a girl and I was very shy with them.

At 19 i went to Thailand. Immediately entered a massage parlor. Got a rock hard boner and it was preaent for an entire hour and a half.

But i realised that i wasn't enjoying it. I didn't have the urge to touch the women.
And during my trip I was not able to get aroused by a naked body.
Didn't realize and just thought that maybe sex is over rated.

Then i saw porn for 3 more years until i couldn't get hard and aroused by a porn video.

I never saw hardcore porn. Was only i nto soft core.

Then my reboot journey started and it's been two years.

First year of reboot was huge ups and down. I was mentally broken but kept on fighting.
I relapsed quite many times either to porn or to erotic YouTube videos.

Now its been a year and I havent seen any porn or any youtube video.

I masturbate once in ten days or maybe more and not before that.

I feel the urge to release once a week.

Since last 2 month's i decised to visit massage parlor to gain confidence and see where do I stand.

I can get hard while undressing and can remaind hard for the entire hourly session that ends with a hand job.
Girls have complimented that it takes ten mins for us to get guys hard and you're ever ready.

I get regular morning wood now. 5 times a week.. strength varies.

I can get hard by my own hand. I also get hard at the sight of a hot women.

I get spontaneous erections too. Also, when i masturbate i don't give a fuck anymore and i dont fall into a flat line.

If I feel sad or dead dick or low libido i get normal maximum in a week.

Few days back I managed to get a girl though we broke up.

We met twice but we spoke to each other for hours in a span of month.

Whenever she used to seduce or we used to have phone sex I instantly used to get hard on phone and used to be hard for the entire sexual time.

Now the Negatives-

I still am not aroused. But I can get hard instantly without any stimulation.

Even in the massage parlors the girls body does not arouse me. But I get hard and remain hard for an hour until I cum.

Arousal has been a problem since that trip tp Thailand. I have fucked a whore a year back with a condom but felt least of the arousal for the naked. Body.

There is least urge to touch the body of a women. But i can get hard.

I don't know where do I stand. I've shared by in and outs with you.

Also I remember shooting my cum some years back and now I just dribble and rarely shoot.


Im in a terrible flat line. I fapped thrice in feb after being 3 months of no pmo. Though ive been rebooting since a year and a half ive had 3 4 relapses.

But im sure that i will kill this addiction with time.

I have almost zero experience with girls. I met a girl few months back and we became good friends.
She stays in another city so ive just met her once.
Now last time i fapped, im in a terrible flat line. Since last 4 days ive got no mw no spontaneous erection, brain is numb and heavy ( no fog ) and no libido. Its lole all my urge to talk to a women has finished.

Before this -

I was getting regular mw, had hard at sight of hot chiks, cud make my penis rock hard ( i still can but not rock hard) and i had motovation to approach girl's.. And the girl about whom i mentioned..i got rock hard when i used to flirt with this girl on phone.

Also when i fapped once and then second time in feb..i was lost for two days but them regained my libido..but this third time..idk what happened!

Plz advice.

Hi guys

Im 23 and have been trying to reboot since 2 years and had many long currently since 6 month havent viewed any porn.

Though have masturbated couple of times.

Been into pmo since i was 13 14 years old. Im a healthy young guy with all my levels normal.

I can easily get hard wid my hand. 100 percent rock hard.
There are moments when i get hard just at the sight of a hot girl in some market or mall.

There are instances where i was about to hook up woth a girl and her seductive voice on phone made me hard.
I get semi mw almost 5 times a week.
My penis has become better in looks and balls remain hard.

Few days back i was in thailand, had sex and then went to a strip club and got hard again.

But the BIGGEST PROBLEM - my libido isnt there. I get hard but i dont feel the libido that i used to have.

I get brain foggy on and off and the brain actually hurts.
The arousal thing is fucking finished. Boobs rarely arouse me. That consistency in arousal isnt there.
There is no urge to touch a women.

Had sex, got hard but that urge of touching wasn't there.

Im now tired. I feel very depressed.

If possible plZ help.

Hey all

Im 23. Had been into porn and masturbation since 12 years. Never got in to hardcore porn. Only vanila porn.

Started reebooting  in feb 2014. But was relapsing. Got damn serious 4 months back.

I get semi hard mw. Can get hard by hand. My brain is hurting guys. Der dis burden on it.

I cannot get arouse. But i can get erection.

Zero sexual desire. Plus too much pressure on brain dat it hurts.

I need help.

hi guys

ive been reebooting for about 6 which I relapsed 3 yimes and pmoed.

Now its been a month..and im clean.

Im from the rewiring part gets a bit difficult.

Plus ders some lack of confidence.

Im 22. All my tests are ok
 T levels are nomal.

Problem -

my libido is very less. Some times when I see a hot girl in market I tend to get hard or semi hard erection.

But der is very less urge. I m not at all experienced with women.

Though I have just made out with 3 prostitutes and dat time erection wasnt even a matter of was rock hard.

Im having huge brain fog..headache in brain. This is just not going. it is one of the major problems.


I am not depressed. I feel confident. I am  able to make my penis hard by hand.
I get decent morning wood. though they soon im conscious.

Also I called up a massage parlor and got hard when she was explaining abt the offers.

Please guide me my friends. libido is a big concern.

Also im able to get hard..not rock thinking about some hot girls in tight dresses.

Also der isn't an urge to touch.

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Hey fellas

Been rebooting since last 6 months. Relapsed 3 times after the long streak.

I am frustrated. Depressed. Sad. I was so ambitous. My ambitions are getting killed.
I have developed some stomach issues.

im again rebooting and that too on a much harder mode.

I do get nocturnal erection. Since ive been experiencing bad sleep..I usually wake up one or twice in between sleep. But ive had Some rock hard mw and semi hard mw.

I do get spontaneous erections. They are semi hard.

I do get semi hard at the sight of women.  I can get hard hy my touch.

But that libido that horiness isn't there.

I only get 20 percent aroused on seeing a hot women. It feels so dead.

my t levels are normal.

will I be ever be normal??


im male 22. Have been rebooting since 4.5 months.

havent seen porn since 4.5 months. havent masturbated since 3 months.

Things after 2 months had improved tremendously.

I had started getting morning wood. it started from a weak mw. gradually it's strength got improved.

Few days back I got up with a rock hard eretcion.  After that also..I was getting mw..but the strength used to vary.

But since last 2 weeks im not getting any mw. I am having disturbances suring sleep.
I am getting up once every night during my sleeep.

brain fog is der constantly.

I was able to get hard and semis just at d sight of hot women after 2 month mark to my reboot.

I am still able to get hard my touch. some times I get rock hard and its der for 10 mins. some times I get rock hard but only for 3 4 mins.

plz advice.

ive been in a reboot for about 100 days now.

ive havent opened a porn site yet. but yeah I have seen some cheezy videos on tv on and off in between.

I masturbated on day 60 and day 61.

From last month I have been having this tingling sensations I  my penis.  there is this huge urge to orgasm.

the urge or the sensation is there in my abdomen area, balls and in penis.

its like so high that ill rub it or sit cross legs..ill cum in few mins.

its a sort of pleasurable feeling.

what is this? is the body saying that hey plz do something which uve been doing. or is there any damage?

I have been pmoing fron last 5 years on a regular basis.

In these 100 days I have noticed several changes.  My libido has come back..not 100percent..but 40 percent..getting medium strength to get hard by my touch. getting boners or semi hard when seeing a hot girl.

I am 90 daya into my reboot. Masturbated two times near day 60.
Have been noticing girls in mall..getting semis..and hard also.

Im able to get hard, but not steel hard.

Morning wood have been there but I get semis. Though since last week im not getting any.

Am I getting better?

Also, when my pennis is in flaccid state..I ave this huge urge to release.  I have control over it and dont do it.

The sensitivity is so much..that even touching for few mins my flaccid penis, ill release.

Also, when I see hot girls in mall..and come back home and change. .I see small colorless drop in my underwear.

Please advice and help.


Hi guys

I have completed 90 days of my reboot.

A little brief history-

Im 22. Masturbating to porn since 5 years..on a daily basis.
Im a virgin.
But have made out with 2 girls..and i was hard through out.

I slowly started loosing my libido since 2 years.
One day I found even porn didnt arouse me..and I was not abke to get rock hard to porn.

After 60  days-

I was able to make myself hard..a bit closer to rock hard by my hand alone.

I got hard several times..when I saw some sexy chicks.

My morning wood gradually started getting better.

There were some little signs of libido..but boobs didnt arouse me much.

After 60 days I relapsed and masturbated.

That was a mistake. Guess I hit back the flatline.

I still was able to get my penis hard..but not the same as I was able before.

I experienced 3 or 4 spontaneous erections during last 30 dats.
Libido..guess went a bit low.
Morning erections are consistent. Their hardness varies.

In the morning I feel as if im asexual.

What do you have to say on my progress guys?

Do you think masturbation too has effected me? Once in a while I get sever urge to masturbate. I feel as if ill orgasm in flaccid state only.

Guess ill have P.E in future?

Thanks and regards.

I completed 2 months of my reboot.

Had started getting hard morning erections.

Got a boner when a saw a chick.

Was able to make my penis hard by my hand which ibwas not able to do it before.
Though when I used to lie down I was able to maintain it.
But when I used to stand it slowly used to fade away.

Now I am back to flat line.

Though its not as bad as the previous one.

Morning erection is there but theyr arent hard.

Libido some how is also low.

Little bit of brain fog.

But I am more stronger and again started reboot.

One question- will I take less time to recover from this flatline or more?

Hi everyone

I have completed day 60 of my reboot.

From last one week I have seen improvements.

I have started getting better morning erections which are some what hard.

I am able to get my penis erect and make ot hard by myself. Before that I was not able to get it hard by my hand.

Went to a mall..saw a hot a hard boner.

But I relapsed once. I masturbated with out any fantasy or porn.

There is very little libido. Rather a hint or its 0 before it was minus.

Was it a mistake to masturbate?

Why does a combination or porn and masturbation kills morning erection?

Today is day 60 of my reboot and I have started getting morning erections. Though they arent hard..but still in between soft amd hard.

Also today..I had a small hint of libido.

I used to masturbate on a daily basis for like 4 years.

In dese 60 days I just had one wet dream. Is this something tp worry about?


Got my testesterone levels checked.

Normal levels 241-827

My levels are - 473.

Still I have zero libido. Today is day 53 of my reboot.

Today is day 51 of my reboot.

Some daya I feel depressed and thoughts that I wont revover, just like today.

Some days im positive.

I still have very less libido. A numbed brain. Just no response by seeing a girl.
Because in the last ten yeafs have glues myself to screen.

Really hope this process is reversable.

Ive been in stress that ive reduced weight and people have started noticing it.

I didnt have any mornin erections before my reboot.

In my reboot days..I am having them almost daily. But they are not hard. Somewhat weak.

Dont know if all this is reversable.

I dont feel like approaching a girl. There is this receptive feeling towards girls or sex.

I havent relapsed and will surely not relapse.

Hope things get better.

Today is day 43 of my reboot.

In the initial days of my reboot I was getting erections in between my sleep but not in the morning when I used to get up. The quality was very bad. I know about them because I am getting them in between my sleep.

From day 37 to 40..I started getting morning wood. The quality was hard. Not rock hard though.

Now since last 3 days..when I get up in between my sleep..There is no erection and similarly there is no morning wood.
Where has it gone??

And last night I woke up in between my sleep and noticed my pajamas  were wet. The penis wasn't erect..and there was sinens over my pajamas.

I didn't have any sexual dream.

What is this?

17 is day 40 of reboot.

My morning erection from last 3 days have got better. They are not rock hard..but still der is an improvment from my initial reboot days.

The erection isnt hard. But its like between hard and a week one. In my initial reboot was very week. It was like..dat only the size had increased.

But my libido is 0. Worried about that.

Im male 22. Masturbting to porn on a daily basis or on amnexcesss since 6 years. Though before I discovered masturbation I enjoued looking at pictures of girls at around 12 or 13.

During last 3 years-  I was watching porn and masturbating daily. I noticed decline in my libido gradually. In dese 3 years..I jad an oppurtunity with 3 girls- my penis was erect completely and I sustained erection too. But actuall touching didnt appeal to me as much porn did.

I had urges for masturbation instead of sex. I always thought Masturbation to be bad..though it was always accompanied with porn.

1.5 months back- I decided to quit masturbation. Though I was only able to do it for 6 days. Im between I used to watch porn and remember getting a rock hard erection. I was so satisfies that I again started masturbating to porn

One jus after a day or two..I realized that my erection wasnt as hard like rock hard solid. Also as soon as I went down slowly.  That alarmed me and I startes my reebot.

Today is day 33 of reboot- no porn and no masturbation. Though when I go to market some times..amd I see a hot girl..I gen an urge to masturbate rather than wanting to sleep with her.

Regarding my morning erections..I have them whenever I get up during my sleep. But not when I get up. They are not that hard. Im worried about the hardness. Where did it go suddenly. And my libido is also veryyy lowww.

Porn had directed my brain in a way that urge for real sex isnt der. Urge only for masturbation.

Please I would appreciate your answers..

Ages 20-29 / excessive porn and masturbation..
« on: April 06, 2014, 12:42:17 AM »
I am male 22. Was masturbating to porn since 10 years. Sunce 3 weeks I have gone with out pmo. I did not notice when did my morning wood start vaniahing away. From last few week I had no sexual urge. I am a virgin and have not I dulged in the intercourse. While masturbating I had realized that I was being excessive.
After 3 weeks I have notived gradually my morning wood returning though dey r just 20 percent hard. Had some random erection in college too. But im not sure about my hatdness. Hope im able to get it back.

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