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Ages 20-29 / make new life out of porn
« on: December 30, 2014, 04:36:15 AM »
I am having porn since 8th grade middle school, that time my friend introduced porn and masturbation and i hooked since than, i always watching porn masturbation 2 times a week minimum from 14- 23 year old now, i ever try to stop once but i failed after 1 week. i got depressed, angry, and anxious with no reason. my ejaculation faster and faster when i get older, i ever try sex once but i came out just when my penis touch my girlfriend vagina, and i never see her again now. this is so depressing
i never know that porn are my problem, I try many thing even desensitizing my penis using drug, but it's the same result, i came out after 30 sec max. i am afraid i cant make women get into her orgasm, i have very low self esteem. n now i try to stop porn. its hard because whenever i get depressed, angry or even boring i masturbate, i feel insecure around women afraid that they know i am not fully a man

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