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This is my first post and I will try to make it short.

I started porn at 11 with my friends dads playboy collection.  I didn't start MO/PMO till 17 and as soon as I did it started this life long addiction.  I never realized it was causing problems in my life...I suspected it but then quickly dismissed it through rationalization.  I've never had problems with getting erections (maybe problems with getting them too often in fact) but finishing (O)slowly became harder and harder to do over time.  I upgraded my porn addiction from pictures to movies about 3 years ago and stopped having sex with my wife completely about 4 years ago when my little girl was born.  I don't feel that the sex stopped completely because of my porn addiction but it was a big factor.  We are now going through a divorce (its been 1 year so far and still have not got the final court date).  I have since met someone else and just traveled to see her.  A beautiful woman I met online in a different country.  I quit PMO 3 days before I left to meet her and we had sex the second night I was there.  Not only was I not able to O but I had problems staying hard.  The next night was the same thing and the night after that.  I spend 10 days there and never got an O.  Got back home and realized that I have a problem - ITS REAL!  No rationalizing anymore.  As soon as I had time I went online and PMO'd and then again the next night (last night).  I started some research and decided it's the porn that's causing these life long problems so I've decided to quit porn all together.  I came across this site and some others and started reading.  I see I'm not the only one with these problems - The stories I'm reading are very inspiring and I'm ready to start my journey.  Day one is almost done and I'm ok.  Day two here I come...

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