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Hi, just wanted to ask a question about the rewiring process and whether somethings help or do not help. I know during the rewiring process it is recommended not to masturbate and orgasm, but if I'm with my girlfriend and I can sometimes get hard with her right now and we do certain things to the point of climax, is that okay? Like I can sometimes get hard still but sometimes my guy is still unresponsive so I'm in no means fixed but I'm making progress. I just wanted to know if being allowed to finish if it's by my girlfriends doing is helpful in rewiring or if it should be refrained from as well.

Ages 20-29 / Hoping for the best
« on: April 02, 2014, 02:46:24 PM »
Hi, so I stumbled upon YBOP while trying to figure out what was wrong with me as me and my girlfriend right now tried to get intimate and I couldn't perform. This has happened to me before. Back when I was 20, I lost my virginity to my ex but I had trouble performing right away. I failed and we went to dinner and then came back and as we were making out I finally got aroused and we went straight at it, no foreplay. After breaking up I went about a year and a half before I hooked up with an old co-worker. The first night I couldn't get hard at all. The second time, it took 45 minutes of fooling around before I could even get hard and it wasn't that strong of an erection I've had. We had sex and that was that. She came over a third time and we had sex for 4 minutes, and then 30 minutes later we had sex again for 15 minutes. But it took me an hour to get hard before that. Now these are just stories of women I've had penetrative sex with. Spaced in between that all are a couple hook-ups but I could never get aroused.

So that's the back story of my sexual situations. I'm currently 22, started masturbating around 12 or 13 and found porn around 14 I'd say. I've been using it as a stimulant while I masturbate for the majority of that time although there might be about a years span time in there where I didn't use it to assist because I didn't have real access to internet. After reading about the effects porn has on the brain I was blown away, it all made so much sense. I had no idea I was conditioning my brain. I've told my girlfriend and she kind of freaked and was appalled I used but she's staying and trying to be supportive. If it will last, I don't know, but she is so amazing and we click so well I don't want to lose her.

So now, I am 5 days without PMO and MO. I don't have any urges what so ever. When I would watch porn it'd usually be for about 10-15 minutes, 5-7 times a week. I would just get in and get out. I think it's going to be pretty easy to not PMO and MO as I am currently also 3 months without cigarettes and have no desire to smoke again. I also workout a lot and have a pretty healthy diet.I've been taking fish oil pills as well because I heard it helps with dopamine and building neurons. So that's my story right now. I'll update as it goes. If anyone who has gone through their adolescent life and recovered has any advice or can just share their success, please post. I heard since it started for me while I was young it's going to take longer, but I'm going to stick and recover.

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