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Porn Addiction / How much p did you used to watch (a day)
« on: December 12, 2014, 02:30:51 PM »
I want to see if there is a harder habit to break between people who watched more p vs those who were also addicted but watched p fewer times a day. Also just want to see what the average viewing of p was on the forum. if you could post below stating how many times you watched pmo back in the day, when did you first start your addiction, and when did you try stoping (in years)

ex: i was ten when i firsts found P and started Ming before i could O and i quite just recently at age 18 used to watch 2-3 times a day.

Teens / The Beginning of the End
« on: December 12, 2014, 05:11:52 AM »
Hey everyone my name is ... and I am 18 years old. I recently learned about PIED 5 days ago and personally its changed my whole mind set on P. have not watched it sense and really have not felt the need to watch it mainly, because I have thought about it not really doing anything productive and is a waste of time. also i cant get hard from it anymore and after my story with a girl i want to recover as fast as possible. i have a strong motive to quite. but every now and then i still have that urge but i have always had strong will power. My story seems to be similar to others, but I'll tell mine for the fun of it.

after we took our clothes off and I warmed her up for about 15-20 minutes I could not get hard. She tried blowing me did not work so I had to use my hand and after 5 minutes I was barely able to get it up and it was soft to the touch. She managed to get the condom on and I went in but after only a few minutes I went limp it was COMPLETELY SOFT. Now that is kinda embarrassing especially how girls tend to talk about their sex lives with their friends (even though they say they don't they do). So I was worried about that so I went down to eat for 15 minutes, because I felt guilty I could not finnish and give her pleasure. Obviously the next day after she left I went straight to google for answers. "google I'm 18 and could not stay hard during sex". I started to come across some studies and websites dedicated to something called PIED and as I looked farther into it the symptoms matched. I took the test and passed tried getting hard with no P and then with P I could not get hard only semi. I've been watching porn since I was 10 years old i found out about it when i was biking to school one day and passed this magazine on the ground and squeezed my brakes hard it was a "Playboy" yea i picked it up gross i know right where has it been. Anyways went straight to the bathroom stall and pulled the nudy mag out of my bag and started flipping through the pages then ding found the centerfold. You know what happens next. Oh btw i was whacking it before i could even orgasm. So then i thought about using my computer to see if there was anything on there for me to turn me on and well there was. I started looking at quote "naked women" on google. starting with pictures for about a year or so until I learned about videos. By this time I was able to orgasm and with these videos i found i started out watching simple man and women. Then it progressed to lesbians, hardcore, machines, squirt, bukakke, fisting, bdsm, and even incest videos, but it got to the point i could only get semi hard. I came to the conclusion i need to quite.                       

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