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Just thought I'd post a little revelation I just had today. I just had a look through a dating site and the dopamine rush was substantial, not quite porn like but enough to want me to keep looking and looking. I recall a period when I had given up porn for 10 months without improvement and a big part of that period was spent on dating sites. I now think looking through girls profiles prevented improvement (there were obviously other issues that affected my results as well).

Obviously this is a major danger area for me personally, keeping those unhealthy pathways active with digital content instead of real girls, all on the pretence that it would lead to experiences with real girls. I hadn't looked at a site for about 3 months so I might stay away while I continue to see improvement. I'm currently rebooting with a great girl anyway who is patient, loving and passionate which makes me wonder what the feck I was doing on a dating site anyway. Damn you brain. I've had successful sex quite a few times now with continued improvement every time. The key is continuing to stay away from danger areas like dating sites and music videos which hamper improvement.

Just thought I'd share. Good luck everyone.

Last night got sidetracked (which happens pretty easily after 5 weeks no MO) and caught up with an ex girlfriend and thought what the hell, may as well have a go and see how I'm progressing. Big improvement for sure. Had sex a couple of times without pills which I needed previously to maintain an erection. Erection went up and down a bit but I was still able to come once at night and once in the morning. The one in the morning was about 80% erect. No chaser effect now.

Not sure where to go now. I feel I'm still not quite there. I've improved sooooo much in the last 5 weeks and I couldn't have dreamed of this result before I started reboot but I still went up and down a bit. Any advice. Continue the reboot with girlfriend or just chill for another month or so and then try again?

Over 3 weeks into the reboot and all going well except one thing. The only issue I have is regular fantasies that just pop into my head. It usually takes me a few minutes to work out I'm fantasizing and then stop myself. I often find myself fantasising again a few minutes later and have to stop it again. Happens every morning when I wake up and various times during the day. They're not porn fantasies and usually involve someone I'd like to sleep with but I'm just trying to keep them out of my head to make sure I stay on track.

Does this happen to anyone else? Does it lesson as time goes on?

Ages 40 and up / Unusual circumstances - Same Result - My Journal
« on: November 16, 2014, 01:17:01 AM »
I became the caregiver of my sick wife a few years back. Up until then I'd been a regular porn user but at that time my porn use went into overdrive. I couldn't sleep so I used to PMO to help me sleep. The issues became so bad that I'd PMO twice a night, PMO once before bed and once in the middle of the night. I then started watching porn during the day get the idea.
TOO much Porn, too little sleep, more porn, PIED. The PIED became so bad I couldn't get an erection without porn, in the end I only had half an erection when I masturbated. When I couldn't get erect with my wife I got so embarrassed that I gave up porn instantly. Only PMOed once in 10 months. But unfortunately severe ED remains.
My wife and I are now separated due to complications from her illness (she had an affair while I was her carer) and I've struggled through a few relationships and have climaxed once only without a pill. With cialis I have made it there a few times but it's so frustrating.
So here I am on day 1 of my reboot. I'm single again after stepping away from my girlfriend to do this. I can't do it with her as I know I'll just take pills to keep her happy. Let's see how we go.

Day 0: Tried to have sex but failed miserably. I apologised to my girlfriend and said I'll call in a few months when I get my sh*t together. I finally have the motivation to do a reboot.
Day 1: Planning the next few months. Gym, mountain biking, lindy hop dance classes (haha, you've got to try new things) bronze medallion to become surf life saver at our local club. I'm going to make the next few months really challenging and fun!
Day 3: This is probably easier for me than most on this forum as I'm already off P and M. I'm just stopping O altogether to get rid of the ED. I'm simply organising activities every night to prevent me calling girls I know will end up sleeping with me. This is my challenge. For some reason the planets are aligning as two of those girls become unavailable in the last 2 days (I did text them for dates mind you). It's as though the world understands what needs to happen and is helping me out. I'm also focusing on exercising like a mofo.
Day 7: Still look at girls and still want to have sex with them so no flatline yet. I get feeling downstairs that says go get em tiger but I know if I did that I couldn't get erection so that's no use is it. So one week down and lots more to go
Day 11: Had some temptation and was helped by some advice by icanbeatthis. Feeling fortified by the knowledge that I'd be guaranteed 100% regret if I do give in to temptation. This forum rocks. So the choice is now easy - take the hard route to stay the course and live a long life in the future without ED
Day 14: Flatline is in with a vengeance. Where I was fantasising about everyone I met a few days ago, today they can walk safe from my thoughts. Not a pleasant feeling I gotta say but it makes this process easier in a way, no fear of fapping now.
Day14b: OK, something weird happened. Ex wife came over and jumped into bed with me. Second O I've had in 12 months without a pill and this after I posted this morning about how if a girll jumped into bed with me they'd be safe. I'm counting it as a positive as it was as far away from porn sex as is humanly possible. Wasn't fully hard but still got there.
Day 23: Over 3 weeks through and it is getting easier. The only issue I have is regular fantasies that just pop into my head. It usually takes me a few minutes to work out I'm fantasizing and then stop. I often find myself fantasising again a few minutes later and have to stop it again. Happens every morning when I wake up and various times during the day. They're not porn fantasies but are very distracting.
Day 27: Still no major issues although temptation to MO is getting stronger. I'm going through marriage separation and the temptation is strongest when times get stressful or when I'm lonely. Still, I'm seeing improvements so what the hell, onwards we go.
Day 36: Seeing definite progress. Had sex with ex a few days ago. Woo hoo, no cialis required and I came. I feel more settled, less anxious and now quietly hopeful the ED will pass. I've got another 5 weeks now with no hope of sex unless I go searching (it came to me a few days ago) so my plan is to go the 5 weeks and reassess.

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction/Delayed Ejaculation / Cialis and ED
« on: November 15, 2014, 06:13:11 PM »
Thanks to everyone on this site for their great stories. I've been lurking but haven't jumped in until now.

I discovered I had porn related ED late last year and when I found out instantly stopped watching porn. Since then I PMOd only once and have been using cialis to help with ED when with partners. I didn't do a reboot and thought that stopping porn would just be enough but apparently not. Has anyone else been through this type of scenario? Can just stopping porn be enough or do you have to give up all orgasm as well? I'm guessing I know the answer as I still have an ED problem but just wanted to find out others' experience.

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