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Well, I'm not quite 30, but I will be in 2 months.

The problems in this age group seem more relatable than those in group "Ages 20 - 29".

I started my first journal in that group: (link to my journal).

I going to post in both from now on.


The hot facts about me regarding nofap:

Started PMO at age 13. Did it for 15 years. I always throughout the years wondered why I don't feel desire for women. In 2018 I found out why: because of PMO.
I had no sexual experience up until lately this year. I decided to loose my virginity to a prostitute (legal here in germany) with girlfriendsex.

The main thing is that I feel asexual (flatline) and developed actually quite an aversion for kissing girls. Therefor it is challenging for me to start rewiring.
That was also why I wanted to get some sexual experience with the prostitutes. To my relief I wasn't grossed out and felt neutral about kissing. I actually enjoyed it a bit, altough I still felt no desire nor arousal.

That said, I am heterosexual and have been PMOing to hetero-porn only. I had a couple of crushes on girls. When I had the crush on a girl, I also felt the desire for touching and kissing.

Since 2018 I try to reboot. My longest streak was in the current year with 76 days. My second longest streak was last year and lasted 30 days. All other streaks were around 2 weeks.


The following stuff are my allready posted posts from the orignal journal. I go into more details about my reboot and myself.

Where to start ... ?

I've been following your guys' progress for quiet some time. The more I read your journals,
the more I realized that you guys are the kind of community I've been looking for.
It's not even the nofap thing, but in general guys who want improve their life that I
want to connect with.

I read the journals of <username> (<journal_name>):
"username is not available" (Shemale Addiction),
"Z" (Not interested in real women and social alienation (No Porn 2020)),
"squid" (Kraken's journal),
"BlueHeronFan" (Not gonna go it alone),
"Hablablos" (Through another Hell (Journal)),
"Quitforeverthenwin" (My journal to recovery- Could use support) and
"wecandoit" (It's not impossible if others have done it).

I most feel the same as the situation of "Z" (Not interested in real women and social alienation (No Porn 2020)),
because I can't even remember feeling sexual desire for a real girl (aside from getting horny from porn).

My goal in nofap is to gain sexual desire for real girls, which is so far still almost nonexistent.
I don't have any PIED, though.

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