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So, I realized I had a problem when I tried to have sex with my ex girlfriend for the first time last valentines day and I couldn't keep the little guy up and going. And I did watch quite a bit of p for many years before this but at this point earlier this year I was still able to have orgasm just from using my imagination. So mainly my question is if anyof you could still achieve orgasm without porn and just using imagination or are there others that completely have to use porn to even get an erection?

This week end I finally hung out with this girl I've been crushin on since she dated my buddy about 7 years ago. We were down at the bars and we were dancing and she was totally into me as much as I was hopin, it sucks because I feel like i don't want to ruin it because I won't be able to have sex with her if we started going out and idk if I could tell her why I can't perform, but on the other hand just feeling how much it sucked to not be able to go further with her that night  made me realize just how much I need to keep up with this reboot. And when I got home later that night I was laying in bed and I wasn't having any thoughts of banging her or anything like that, my mind just was just thinking about how much I wanted to just kiss her and be near her. This is awesome I that I can acctually see my mind rewiring. Do you guys think I should keep trying to get this girl or should I keep in touch with her a little and try and get her in a month or 2 and risk having a different guy jump in and get her? Wish me luck as I would to you.

So my reboot hasn't been perfect but I'm doing well and I've been talking to this girl a lot that I've wanted to date for years now and she's been flirting with me a lot lately and I been holding back just because  if this goes somewhere  how do I explain that I can't have sex. This is terrifying to me and even though I would trust her to keep the secret she is still  human and I don't think I can trust anyone 100%  with this secret . So I was wondering how anyone here who has rebooted and is now capable of having real intercourse with a real woman, how did you know you were ready. Because I'm afraid of being embarrassed again because I can't get it up to a real woman.

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