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Ages 20-29 / The Sexuality Path
« on: September 14, 2014, 03:17:40 PM »
Day 18, aka II week. 72 days to the 90 days milestone.

Hello everybody, I'm Path, 22 years old, and I'm here to report this journey.

First of all, disclaimer: I'm not english, so I apologize for the mistakes I will eventually do. I also want to thanks Gary Wilson, his wife (sorry, I don't know the name) and all the people who report their experiences here, especially the ones I read about in YBOP.

Now it's time to say something about me and the reason why I'm here. I started PMOing among 12 and 14, before losing my virginity. I always had problems with new girls: everytime I went for the penetration I lost my erection. Fortunately, I always find a way to stay up enough. After this first time, the only problem I had was DE. I read about NoFap in a male forum. I didn't believe a single word, but I tried to abstain from porn for 30 days, just to see if I was strong enough. I wasn't.

I found YBOP a few weeks ago. I had a few vacations planned, so I decided to take the opportunity and try a reboot. I had just a couple of occasion to PMO, so it was pretty easy to resist. I had some days full of mood swings, but now I'm ok.

I want to go on 90 days of reboot. It's just a milestone, and if I'll see some improvements, I think I'll go for an entire life without PMO.
I will reset whenever I'll MO on an erection coming from porn thoughts or pics of women. Normal fantasies about real life women are admitted, even tough I'll try to avoid them. MO is allowed if I get hard without any intention.

I have a lot more to write but no time, I will update after the 25th of September.

PS. I'm in a relationship, the next time I'll report some thoughts about sex.

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