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Specifically Cialis and viagra.

Let us say you're in a sexual encounter with a woman during your porn flatline. (In my case, because I need to do this soon) How much would ED drugs help to have sexual functionality?

All input will be helpful, escpecially from those who have tried the same thing.

I need the hard and realistic truth from you guys.

I first encountered porn when I was 11 years old. This was before the internet was a thing. Through the years, my exposure picked up the pace. At 19 I had access to high speed internet, and my addiction stuck ever since. I tried rebooting many times, my record is 7 months free from porn in such regards, but I always fell into the same trap, due to stress, problems, etc.

I have decided to get rid of porn for good now, and will stop at nothing to get it done. I managed 7 months before, and now my personal circumstances are much better. I will prevail.

But I wonder. What is my outlook to regain sexual function? The last 5 years I've for the most part viewed porn and mastrubated with a semi at best. I do not believe there is any physical of vascular damage, but the damage to my mind ...

I also have a woman I am interested in. I have informed her of my problem. I'm planning to get some erection pills as a crutch and go for it as soon as possible. But when will that be?

Do I have any hope of regaining my sexual function? What time frame are we talking about?

Ages 30-39 / The greatest challenge ever told
« on: August 16, 2019, 07:59:55 PM »
I'm a hero, and I will tell you of my challenge and how I'm going to conquer it.

I'm a male of age 38. I had boomer parents and a rather horrible upbringing. One of my siblings is a definite sociopath, and I just couldn't handle it. My mother shut my wailing down, she didn't want to hear any of it.

I am also lightly autistic (aspergers) making the visual more powerful for me.

So I found porn, at age 11, as a way to handle the pain and my life.

For many years it was my companion, and I couldn't see anything wrong with it. I read from nurses and health services that it was impossible to mastrubate too much. Another betrayal from modernity.

When I had my first sexual encounters, I noticed something was off. So did my partners. And the years went on. The problem got worse.

In 2009 I turned to extreme pornography for the first time, including violence. I hurt myself and my frenulum while I was in a relationship.

In 2010 I realized the nature of the beast and smashed my harddrive.

But it wasn't that easy. I had stressful jobs, and I could even hear female voices calling for me from the places I kept the codes to unlock my computer. Time and time again, I relapsed. Every time, things seemed a bit more hopeless.

I had a horrible sexual encounter where nothing worked, and after that, I became deathly afraid of women and their disappointment. I just couldn't handle it.

So I withdrew. Every time I tried a reboot, I manged one month, two months, before I had a relapse. The most I managed was three months.

Then life made a turn for the worse. I lost my career and was struck with major depression with psycotic paranoia.

Just when I needed it the least, my family members bothered me, and I hurt my frenulum a second time. This time I tore half of it off, and it's scarred, and I can feel the scar to this day.

I made a slow recovery from the depression. Still, I had this sense of hopelessness.

I made another extreme effort. I told everyone I was taking a break from the internet, and unplugged my computer. I managed 7 months free of this demon of mine.

But again I relapsed. This was early this year. My problems and poor living conditions got the best of me.

Now I live in a good place. I'm not bothered with people. Now, at the 16th of august 2019, I start my journey. This time, I will keep the internet on, but porn will not be an option.

I also have found a love interest. There are no more excuses. I managed 7 months in horrible living conditions. Now I can't be broken. The demon will be replaced with discipline and training, amongst other things.

Don't believe me? Try me. Ask me, at any time. Have I held the demon away? The answer will always be yes.

I could detail so much more, and maybe I will. Both the personal story and the scientific perspective. I've done alot of reading on the subject.

For now, this will have to suffice.

I am Unbreakable, and this is my journey in the greatest challenge ever told.

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