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I had difficulty achieving an erection with my ex, although I could usually make it erect enough to have pleasurable intercourse, although it wasn't fully erect so it didn't feel as good as it could've nor was it as long as it could be. I realized that I achieved erection due to watching porn much easier, so I assumed that I had PIED. I obtained some Sildenafil pills after visiting my doctor, although I never had the opportunity to test whether or not they would be conducive as my ex and I broke up before meeting each-other again (we were in a long distance relationship). I wanted to determine whether or not I could achieve an erection without porn, and, apparently, the erection that I achieved was to the maximum extent and I attained it much easier than when I was attempting to have sex. However, I did achieve it while stroking my penis. Additionally, I did have some anxiety, although not enough to prevent me from having an erection, I would presume. My question is: do I have porn induced erectile dysfunction, and, if so, would the pills eliminate it? Something else that I almost forgot to mention was that, when I was with my gf, I had absolutely no desire to watch porn. The only reason as to why I've been doing it after parting is simply due to the lack of sex, and the fact that I'm not willing to have sex just for the pleasure. So, essentially, after starting another relationship, I'd start my reboot regardless. I would like to know if the pills would be adequate for the time before my recovery, while in the relationship, so that I could have sex. And, as I said, I can still sustain a decent erection with limited pleasure without difficulty, without any pills. It is possible for me to sustain a full erection while having sex, although it just takes a long time and is relatively difficult.

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