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Hey folks,

here is my story.
I am 36 years old and I have a major porn addiction and erectile disfunction. I realized that i have a imense problem getting a boner 2 years ago.
A friend gave me some imported pills from India (Viagra stuff) that i used to take more often...
Now i am using it every single time, i am expecting to have sex and i "need" to perform.

For some reason, NoFap etc. wasnt new to me BUT today it really dawned to me.
I am a fucking porn addict.

Please, i would really appreciate if you could help me through this. I started my NoFap Challenge 90 days on Sunday evening (2 days ago).
I intend not to watch porn at all. Stop wanking on my own... but i wouldnt mind to have sex every once in a while.

you'll hopefully here more from me..

thanx in advance for all of your support.

Greetings from Germany,


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