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Ages 40 and up / 43 and want real sex
« on: February 20, 2019, 06:04:47 PM »

I'm 43, have a lovely wife but have been watching porn since I was about 20. Its caused me issues over the year maintaining an errection but I met my wife 14 years ago and have managed proper sex with her maybe 15 times; the last being about 7 years ago.

She puts up with it, it caused issues at first and I went to the doctor, had tests, creams, scans, viagra (and a selection of other viagra type meds) and nothing really worked... Not really.
I often get an errection in the mornings and so the doc said nothing was physically wrong with me and deep down I think I always knew what the real problem was. I think it must be the insane amount of porn I watch. Fairly extreme stuff off pornhub etc.

Im desperate to get my sex life back. Absolutely desperate. After years of not being fussed and now want to fix it. I dunno if I can at 43 and after so many years.

So, I'm on my reboot. I'm upto week 5 today.
No porn not masturbation, not a single pic.
I've tried hard not to even think about it but that's been tough because as you can imagine, I really want sex by now.

My wife knows I'm on my journey, she's quiet excited by the prospect and having a sexual relationship with me.

I'm so worried that she will eventually build up the courage to instigate something with me and it will be the same and just smash any shred of confidence she has....we have.

It does feel different. I feel like I will be able to get an errection but I'm obviously trying to not test it out myself and due to the years and years of neglect I need to wait until she is ready and then have my fingers crossed.

Worries me that I'll be ridiculously aroused and yet still not manage to perform... Or even get errect. I'm worried I might just have a limp ejaculation... But I do feel better and more confident. I suppose I'm just fearing the worst.

How long should I wait?

Heres to praying and hoping. Week 5!

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