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Ages 30-39 / This is my journal
« on: January 07, 2019, 03:55:54 PM »
I've been a member of the NoFap forum for a number of years but thought I'd see what Reboot Nation is like. It seems to me a more focused forum on recovery than what NoFap is. It hasn't been easy for me on NoFap, I've been personally attacked a number of times and some case I may have deserved it but sometimes I'd say I didn't. A few months ago I left the forum for a while and came back with the plan to avoid threads that will have a negative effect on me but I didn't stick to the plan. Yesterday on a political thread I got so mad with a member when he started attacking me for my views. It wasn't just that we disagreed but it was his whole attitude. He personally attacked me and then started calling me names, I, in turn, started to attack him back and was tempted cuss him out but I stopped myself. I ended by saying I didn't join the forum to get into fights and would no longer take part in the stupid fight. It the first time I've had a run in with him. At first I ignored him but in the end, I let him have it. His whole attitude is nasty, he just doesn't cares about anyone himself and doesn't do anything to help others. He admitted he didn't care who he offended or upset with his comments. I'm trying to forget the whole thing but it's not easy.

Last night I was so mad about the whole situation that I was like forget recovery, if people like him are in recovery I don't to reboot anymore. So I relapsed and I just didn't care. I know it was childish. I know it was silly. I shouldn't care who's doing what. I was just so mad. Why do I let the anonymous person on the internet bother me so much? 

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