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Ages 20-29 / Omarov keeps up the win!
« on: December 07, 2018, 08:42:25 AM »
Hi, (please read till the end, I need your help!)

I'm 24 and It's been a tough 3 months of avoiding porn! (precisely 95 days)
First of all, I've been addicted to porn since I was 15. But honestly it wasn't so compelling for me as some of the fellows who say they used to masturbate to porn more than once a day. For me, worst case was from once every other day to once every 2 weeks, furthermore I rarely ever watched videos, I couldn't stand them. I just used porn pics which also sometimes were non nude. So my case is much milder than other guys.
Another thing, I'm still a virgin, my culture only allows sex within marriage and I'm not married yet. So no PIED. I'd get a massive erection just to think about how the first time would be like with my gf.
So yeah, I'm quitting fapping for her. I love her and I know how much she'll find it abhorrent if she knew I used to view porn, so I don't wanna be dishonest to her. Besides, porn and even staring to women is forbidden in my religion, and I'm a little bit religious so...

My main issue now is that I relapsed once on day 88. I couldn't resist thinking about sex whatever I did. I couldn't resist staring at women and I knew that fapping to porn gives me a break from that for some time (and it did, I'm a civil person now). But I decided to not count that relapse first because it was preceded by many mini-relapses (specifically fapping while imagining porn) and secondly, for motivation purposes. I gave myself a break and told myself: If I could do 88 days once, I could do them again.

Here's how the 88 days went: My first goal was to go 2 months nofap. But since porn is the problem (I have nothing against masturbation by itself), I decided to back up a little and enjoy and weekly sin free brief masturbation session. And I'm telling you, it's much easier that way. You can work on detaching fapping from porn first, then take care of fapping alone by prolonging the nofap period gradually.
For me, fapping is only a problem when it's a trigger to view porn. And actually it is. A fellow fapstronaut has written once that you must quit fapping for at least more than a month if you wanna detach it from porn and beat PIED. I failed to do so, so my desire for porn kept increasing incrementally during those 88 days then I lost it for once. Now I know why I relapsed, so I decided to not masturbate next time except on NY eve :-)

My next post will be on NY eve. I hope that by this time I wont relapse to either porn or masturbation. I'm currently going hard on myself to avoid my well known triggers (staring, thinking, free time, boredom) and I've been awesome this week. Please encourage me and wait for my next post in 3 weeks!

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