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I have been off any kind of "porn" regularly, however I did relapse several times and social media has eventually made me ogle at hot women.  It's still occasional. I have been in the reboot process for 5 months now.

Recently I met this really cute, hot girl and I felt I could perform. I initially got aroused but my ed got hold of me, I am wondering whether there is problem in me or the steps I need to recover properly.

I do exercise, try to eat healthy but I am not as aroused to real women.

Porn Addiction / Intellectuals Yet Idiots
« on: February 11, 2019, 10:45:22 PM »
The one thing that pisses me off more than any other thing is when I see these 'smart ass', sophisticated, ivy league, Phd idiots going on about how pornography doesn't cause 'addiction' / 'problems'. 

I am pretty active on twitter and I follow Gary Wilson, Gabe Deem and I feel most of you guys should also. In one thread they were pointing out the flawed research methodology that the 'pseudo scientist' peddler Josh Grubbs was doing about pornography research. In that twitter thread I saw plenty of Phd idiots who were backing this 'BS vendor', so I engaged with these IYI (Intellectuals Yet Idiots) to see if they understand the gravity of the problems.

In one direct message in twitter I sent to this ivy league woman ( I told her how "Porn addiction is real, more specifically pics/screen addiction to hot women."  "Just by looking at ur hot sexy profile pic makes me want to fap..!" (Believe me back in the porn addiction days if I saw hot ivy league women I would do just that) She then blocks me and takes a screen shot and posts in on the BS vendor twitter post link here :

Although it was a satirical troll message it got enough attention that these intellectual idiots did something about it. I also sent messages to other pseudo experts in relation to the post/research. Remember guys it's an uphill battle especially when these 'pseudo intellects' are merely mocking such a serious issue and problem that is facing young guys in society. Get engaged with these folks message, write, tweet, do whatever small things that you can do to get the message out because it is important. 

Porn Addiction / Cravings in the morning
« on: December 16, 2018, 02:10:11 AM »
I have had this habit even before internet porn, that was to masturbate in prone position. I learned it from school, one of the kids told me to try it on the bed lying down, it started around 13/14 yrs old. Ever since then I have been masturbating in prone position, adding internet porn to this mix and you get all the problems in the kitchen sink.

As I am trying to relapse, I no longer have cravings for internet porn, but I have this sudden cravings for 'fantasy' and orgasm, what usually happens is I would get morning wood in the early morning so I am not fully awake, but enough to get sexual fantasy and then masturbate in prone position. Usually in the early morning I get severe cravings, and morning wood which makes masturbation easy while lying down on the bed, and I would MO this happens only in the morning. Any idea or suggestions to prevent such actions.

Porn Addiction / Not just porn but all forms of sexual images
« on: November 16, 2018, 02:53:08 AM »
From my experience being a porn abuser for nearly a decade, it was very hard to escape from that world. I had stopped watching 'porn' meaning in the traditional sense, that is ppl having sex. However, I made the mistake of listening to BS experts the people with 'Phds' who 'claim' that porn ain't harmful. Like telling 'heroine' isn't harmful.

I got back to watching porn but only occasionally, even though I stopped it completely for the last couple of months, I was still having problems, because I didn't completely go 'monk' mode. From what I experimented again it's not only just ''porn" but for me it was also about completely removing any form of 'hot women' images.

Even though I blocked porn sites, I still had downloaded images of 'hot' women from social media sites, it's like a shark catching the smell of blood. I was still addicted to the 'imagery' of women in my computer. So I deleted all the images, but alas I can easily get them from instagram, facebook, twitter, and on and on. After that I was also hooked on watching women on tv again, I also to 'fix' that part as well. Avoiding social media sites, watching tv needs to be done in proper moderation.

For the rebooting process it is important to not only avoid porn but also avoid all kinds of sexual/ images from other kinds of media that is tv, magazines, social media. I know it's hard but that's the price we have to pay to reset our lives.

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