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Ages 20-29 / Naked Attraction
« on: May 14, 2019, 06:10:49 PM »
Hello guys,

I am a porn- addict with PIED.

I do have a lot of relapses on my belt, more than I count. But I only need to succeed once to get rid of this evil.

why do we fall down - so that we learn to pick our-self back up again, so never back down, never-give-up.

I know its really weird, but I think I was able to slow down some of the withdrawals symptoms and boost up recovery by watching a show called (Naked Attraction) on Youtube, it helped me link normal imperfect naked bodies with personalities rather than porn. I know its very weird, but it helped me so thought of sharing the info.  If you think this type of shows might provoke a relapse then please don't watch it, but if you are like me and relapsed a lot of times before, then this might help.

Ages 20-29 / No Pain No Gain
« on: February 22, 2018, 06:08:43 PM »
Hello all,

I thought I would share my story on this forum.

I am a 27 yrs. old, married to a beautiful woman.  Been struggling with porn addiction since my early teens. Initially just out of curiosity without masturbation. I eventually did start masturbating to porn beginning around ten yrs. back.  After I got married, I said that I am going to stop this destructive habit definitely, but I failed miserably. I used porn when I am bored, when I am stressed from work or study. This addiction affected my work, threatened my marriage, cause as all of you would expect I developed PIED as well as inability to achieve orgasm through regular sexual intercourse. I also became alienated from family & friends.
I feel very stressed and anxious these days, cause my wife wants to start a family, and I am not sure if I can deliver on that. I feel like I am less of a man and its all due to this addiction that I don't seem to be able to quit for good.
Now I am 13 days free, and I do want to stop counting days and be free for good and regain my sexual health and start repairing the damages that this addiction caused. It is my first time posting here and sharing my story, I would appreciate all your replies and support throughout this journey to happiness. I hope that there is a silver lining to my story.

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