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Ages 20-29 / Ad altiora natus sum
« on: June 20, 2017, 04:29:37 PM »
Hello, gentlemen.

It's been 1 day since I last PMOed. Mood level: 8,0.

I joined this forum today and I would just like to give a brief introdution of myself and how I got here. I started PMOing in 2010, back when I was 15 years old. I can't really tell what are the specific reasons why I embraced such frustrating and energy-draining habit that in my country -- Brazil -- is as widespread as it is in the whole world and we sadly have no Portuguese information about. However, I tend to think I found it was a way of "enhancing" my masturbation experience or simply because of a lack of shit else to get done in my life in the midst of a pletora of doubts about the future and other confusing feelings both common to the youth. In that same year, after attending a religious gathering in a big city, I decided to quit PMO for good and for God. I was still totally ignorant about the real negative effects PMO has on people though. In fact, masturbation and pornography were even a signal of masculinity and virility to me, as if wishing "godly-shaped" and "inaccessible" girls were normal to the male sex -- probably just because all other peers of mine always showed the same fantasies. 2 years of porn fighting followed without success. I could stay 2 months without PMOing in 2011, but eventually ended up relapsing.

In 2012, I fell in love with and started dating an absolutely sweet girl, to whom I plan on getting married soon. I chose her not because I desperately wanted to fuck her in the same way porn actors did, but precisely because she didn't remind me of all that garbage I wired in my pornography routine. It was different, it was special. As we religiously believe in chastity, it's been 5 years we have been dating and never had sex -- yes, we have already edged. We're both virgin. Nevertheless, I'm 22 now, still struggling against this crap and it feels like things got worse lately -- just not for so long. Recently, thanks to YBOP and Gabe Deem, I figured out that PMO is not just about morals, but it is indeed a public health issue and an addiction that is sucking down the precious energies I need to keep my life going and achieve my dreams -- one of them is getting married in the next 2 years.

In the beginning of this year, unhappy with my current work and trusting a job promise it was done to me, I asked for the sack. But the promise wasn't kept. Result: the past 6 months were the most useless time I've ever had. Excepting my relationships, my work was the only stable thing I had in my life, and the stability had just crashed. Anyway, this time is gone. No way back. The good news is that I am now bound to getting a job better than the one I had and with this forum I'm really excited to track the path to freedom. My girlfriend is perfectly aware of my situation and willing to support me during my reboot. The only thing I'd like to ask you guys is your support as well and any advice you may have for me, chiefly coming from successful rebooters. As a philosophy lover, I am a completely open-minded person and passionate with the sovereignty of experience. Let's get our shit done, boys. We'll soon be laughing at how much time we wasted and how many goals we didn't accomplish on account of this shenanigan.

Bye for now!

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