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I just want to know how many are facing this kind of problem. And for how long? And how is your reboot going? How much improvement you are having

Ages 20-29 / how many are facing ed while in standing position?
« on: May 06, 2017, 03:34:40 AM »
Is there anyone who has achieved any success in full recovery

Ages 20-29 / Erectile dysfunction while standing
« on: May 05, 2017, 11:11:50 AM »
Hello friends, this me in search of hope and help.
Firstly i will like to tell you all my story.
I am 26 year old who is working in banking sector and has very hectic and sitting job, consider it like 9 to 11 hour working. I am in this job from past 6 months. So whenver i use to get very tensed and depressed i  just use to masturbate to release pressure. I am not so into porn but yes i use to masturbate like 4, 5 times week. But on 21march 2017 as usual when i was taking off the pressure by shaking my little soldier refused to stand up the fight.
After 3 days i went to doctor and he tested my sugar ,urine and blood , all were normal. So he gave stress relieving medicine. After almost 1 week my little soldier stood up when i was standing. And for 2 days continojsly i masterbated. And next day it went lifeless again. Then very next day i went to sexologist. He gave me medicine for 1 week, in which i didnot got any good errection while standing but very good errection while laying down. Next week he got my test done in which everything was normal, just testorone were in lower range of normal level. He gave me medicine for two weeks. After 1 week i got errection while standing. But at the end of second week fir 2 days i masturbated and now i am again in flatline. Now it has been approximately 2 weeks when i have errection while standing. Now i am not masturbating at all but sometimes do edging to test myself, i am also jogging, meditation, yoga and  little kegel excercises. So guys what do you think will i be able to get normal again. And what else should i do before i achieve errection while standing and what should i do after that to have permanent result. Is there anyone else who is also facing problem to achieve errection while standing?

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