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Ages 40 and up / 40yo, Adult Store and Theatre Owner, begins his reboot
« on: January 16, 2017, 03:11:27 AM »
 Hello Guys and Gals!

I'm Jason, nice to meet ya;) I totally don't mind using my real name on here because mainly I don't think I could remember what my fake name is and I'm making an effort to be more authentic and real in life as well.

Some more about me and my background:

I just turned 40 a couple months ago, so I barely qualified for this 40 and over forum lol. I'm a gay male in a long term relationship with my loving husband, we will be celebrating 20 years together this September! I know we met when I was 20, and so I've spend half my life with him, and he is an incredible man and I'm eternally grateful for him everyday.

I'm on about my 3-4 th day of my reboot, didn't actually consciously decide it just happened while reading Your Brain On Porn book. (Or my brain for that matter)

I have been using online porn and fapping since I was a late teenager around the time the internet was born and entered my home. It was on a slow Parkard Bell computer and a painfully slow 28.8 Kbps dialup modem that made that screech sound before AOL would
Say "you've got mail". Online porn was slowly downloading row-by-row of pixels of static images only back then, it wasn't the 4K video streaming High Speed computers and internet access of today. Nevertheless I know that my early porn use negatively affected my sexual and social development into my adulthood.

I was fortunate enough to have experienced sex in the real world with real partners before fapping or before High Speed Porn (HSP), so as far as I can tell I'm not experiencing much of a flatline as far as I can tell yet. More to be seen there.

My father was a single parent, and started a XXX Adult store and Theatre before I was born. Adult material was never in the house and if it was it wasn't my style so to Anyway my dad was a great dad he did the best he could with the resources he had available. (After his passing in 2007 I now own his adult store and theatre that I'm working on making a more healthy and sex positive establishment). Anyway....back to my story ...  I was a decent B+ high school student even though I did struggle with porn addiction (didn't call it that then) but was concsious about other substance abuse challenges off and on. Nonetheless I managed to graduate with a B+ average in 4 years in 1995. In 1997 I met my now husband and stayed sober for 9 years up and until my dads heart attack, canceling my internship in MFT, and deciding to move away from Beautiful San Diego back home to the small town and snow to take over over the xxx business.

Ok back to 2003.... after several false starts bouts with porn addiction and substance abuse challenges  and changed majors I managed to earn a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Information technology (with deans list honors) that is primarily obsolete now; yet that degree in me being an ability to BS me in the door to a highly respected psychology school to earn a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy (MA, MFT) in 2006.

What made me change majors from computer systems to human systems? Never thought you'd ask!

In 2002 a friend of my partner and I decided to take a certification training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) that was 7 days long. Then we signed up for the Master Pracritioner Training (2 weeks) and then the Trainers training right after (another 3 weeks). So in 6 weeks of training in NLP, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnosis 8 hours per day - watching people clean up their S*IT and transform themselves right in front of me- changed my life forever. I knew it was my life's purpose to help people.

Now in 2017 I'm working together with my partner who helps me run the 41 year old adult store while working on creating our NLP training institute. I recently reached out to my NLP coach who spurred me onto Gary Wilsons book Your Brain On Porn and I couldn't put it down! I'm on page 135 right now and amazed and astonished that yea I too, have a porn addiction.

And I own an XXX hardcore adult store and theater so imagine that. I own one of the few businesses in the world where your "supposed to look at porn" your "supposed to be porn positive". How incongruent is it to sell porn in one place and say "porn bad" in another. Well, I'm still figuring that out as well as how I'm going to handle triggers or cues to porn when I go to work to take a look at what porn needs to be bought l, although I have others to help me with that. It's not like I can just decide to not look at porn and go get a for sale sign down at the hardware store and put "xxx business for sale" on it with my phone number. Well perhaps, but for now it's my livelihood and the livelihood of about 8 others people and families.

So I'm going to improve the store and add education to it and the old adage "enjoy responsibly" to its slogan. Some people can enjoy porn and novelties and not have a problem or form an addiction, some stop before major life consequences and have impulse control....others not so much. So I'm wanting to transform what the industry thinks about when they enter an adult store and start offering resources and information to help guys (mostly guys) stop and regain control of their lives if "the fun has stopped". Its something I'm passionate about and yet it's just beginning . Love to hear from you, drop me a line

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