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Thanks for replying,
yes I am vegan but my diet was proper for like years, I did take dairy products. so it's unusual for me to have a deficiency.
[I did had acid reflux but I have never taken medication for that. It just goes and comes back.]
One thing I can think of is, we were fapping for years and b12 is found in semen in little amounts. So I think it is obvious reason. I do not have any other deficiencies.
If you tell the doctor that you masturbate while watching porn, you know, he will tell you not to worry about it. But we all know how it turns out. This PMO thing is a modern phenomena.

And Of course, it is not a cure for PMO addiction. It is not a magic link. But the reason I am telling people to get tested for B12 because

1. Frequent masturbation is one of the reasons our body loses nutrients and low energy in the body.

2. I have found some posts of PMO affected people that they also had a dangerously low B12 deficiency the same as me.

3. B12 deficiency can seriously damage your nerves and brain. [I don't want to explain everything here but to be brief, our orgasm and reward are dependent on the nervous system. If our nerves are not functioning properly because of b12, our nerves don't respond. The feeling of pleasure and orgasm does travel to the brain and that is why we require healthy nerves. The protecting sheath or nervous system is made by B12.]

And having it low will definitely stop you from rebooting completely.
I am just telling people to do a blood test.



Please read everything to know how vitamin B12 is related to addiction of PMO and recovery and why you should get tested.

I am 25 now.
I started first hard 90 in February 2017. It has been 2 and half years without porn now. I have no cravings of porn. I am more interested in talking with real people. Anxiety and depression is way less than it used to be. My diet is proper. I do regular exercises.
But some things are still not resolved. Like i still have problem reaching orgasm. How much i try to relax myself and masturbate without PMO but i still have problem reaching orgasm. I feel it mild or not at all.
Another thing, the hardness of penis is still not good. Problem of weak erection. I still have problem getting morning woods.
I still have problem getting restful sleep. I have problem getting up in the morning and feeling refreshed.

But all this are very less compared to time when i was addicted.
Always wondered why i still have some problems, considering its been 3 years started quitting porn. And why i have problem reaching orgasm?

So, here's a thing, i have a problem of sciatica or piriformis syndrome, which mostly happens to old people. I have problem sitting at one place without having burning sensation or pain in the buttocks. If i remember correctly, i had this problem since the beginning of porn addiction.

So, i consulted a doctor and he gave me some meds and vitamin B12 injections. Considering he didn't ask for laboratory report, i checked for my B12 and some other vitamins (Testosterone, Vitamin D, Iron, Vitamin B12, Calcium) from nearby Laboratory.

And found that my B12 levels are very very low. And some vitamin D deficiency. Other results were normal.
My B12 was 143 pg/ml. Below 200 is low. And for normal healthy person it should be arount 500.

Ofcourse, addicted people are always fapping and draining themselves of essential nutrients. Considering i have came very ahead in my reboot process and energy level is coming back, i still have this much low b12 levels. I must depleted b12 levels years ago. Because i remember how much i was energy less and had poor memory when i was at age from 16-23 and always PMOing.

So, i started researching everything about vitamin B12.

What are effects of deficiency? How it is related to nervous system health? How it is related to brain function? And how nervous system is related to achieving orgasm?

And found that healthy orgasm is strongly related to nervous system function.
If we have vitamin B12 deficiency, it is very bad for our nerves. B12 deficiency is related to brain function, blurred vision, poor memory, dizziness, protection of nerves, fatigue, loss of energy, mood changes, hair problems, chronic pain.

Also, coincidently, i read some articles of rebooters on and reddit, they told, they were also B12 and D3 deficient.

I have taken vitamin b12 injections course. I will update later if i see any changes in my problems.

I highly recommend checking your B12 and D3 levels. (And if you are interested, check other nutrients also i mentioned above.) Visit your nearby laboratory, they will take blood sample. Mostly they give result in 2 hours. It costed me $12 in my country for b12 test. And if you're found deficient, consult a doctor.

Anyone who takes my advise, please reply here! I want to know if it is really noticeable in many people. I am sure there will be many!

I will update when i see any changes.

Porn Addiction / I am not having wet dreams, why?
« on: June 12, 2019, 08:55:54 AM »

I am on my 34th day of no pmo. I have completely abstained from any sexual activity from last 33 days. But i have not had a single wet dream in these 33 days. Is this normal?

I have done hard 90 and hard 40 before and i used had ejaculation in sleep after 15 days or so.(wet dream)

But this this why it is different?

I have came long way in reboot. Its been 2 years since i started this. I have no porn cravings. I just watch sometimes once a month.

I still dont get morning wood. Can anyone explain?

Porn Addiction / Regret.... Thats what porn brings.
« on: April 26, 2019, 02:28:20 PM »
So its been 25 months or 2 years, i am trying to reboot myself.
I'm 25 male.

Hey God, why did i made such a big mistake? Why i messed up my brain? Why i messed up my life?
Rebooting is such a hard thing.

I did hard 90 two years ago. And since then i have come a long way. Sometimes, when i am relaxed i can achieve mild erections by visualizations. No morning wood. No good sleep. And most of all, not at all living a satisfied life.

However, I no longer have porn cravings. Sometimes i sneak peek at porn for around 5 minutes twice a month, and whenever i become conscious i just go back and stop it.

Many times i think ending my life would be much easier than rebooting...

I have not had a orgasm in last 7 to 8 years. All that happens is i just cum. Why am i even living this life!
Porn has so much desensitized my brain.

And most of all, there is no proper guide available on how to reboot? Always saying different for different people.

I have missed fucking everything in my life of last 10 years. No peace of mind.

Yes, Porn should be banned. It should be categorized in disease.

All i want is a decent orgasm, which can give my mind some relaxation. Is that so much to ask? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I am a living zombie.

I just want peace of mind. Please GOD help me OR kill me!

well done on 97 days. OK so i want to share one thing which i have noticed in my reboot. I recently found some studies and videos that doing prolonged fasting is an amazing thing. It can new brain cells at much faster rate. It is anti-aging. Fasting kills old damaged cells and use it for fuel. Then developes new ones. Very goog for brain.

Wait. I am not talking about intermittent fasting. It is good but it wont give you much results because for addicts like us, to see good results we need prolonged fasting. It is hard for some people. So, i would recommend gradually increasing to that. Here, by fasting i mean to go with only water. No other eating. No fruits. Nothing.

I am giving you some links here for reference.

Believe me its good thing. I have seen benefits. I just do one day fasting for now. Around 32 to 36 hours.
Gradually i will try more hours someday.

Porn Addiction / Premature ejaculation problem!
« on: February 18, 2019, 11:47:51 PM »
I was porn addicted for years and started recovery two years ago. Now have came very far from porn addiction and have no urge to watch porn. Now i crave real partners. But

(I dont have a foreskin. It was being removed when i was child in some surgery. So i cant masturbate with bare hands. Its little painful.)

I discovered masturbation when i was 15. I used to masturbate by rubbing underwear when i was around 15 or 16. I used to do it quickly to avoid being caught (I regret that soo much). I used to have rashes underside of penis shaft. Now it has been healed to some extent. I now have little bit of downside curvature when erect. But thats not a big issue. The problem is
Because i used it do quickly just to reach orgasm than enjoying the whole process, Now i have developed Premature ejaculation!!

Can anyone tell me how to cure that? Any methods including Ayurvedic Medication, Excercises, Foods.

I have tried some kegels, start and relax method for masturbation.

Though your experiences of reboot, have you people had premature ejaculation problem? And for people who have cured it? How did you do it?

Porn Addiction / Anxiety while eating..
« on: July 30, 2018, 09:53:20 AM »
Does anyone have anxiety while eating and restless mind or it just happens to me only?


Thanks for the reply bro

I will try not to masturbate as well , but what happens sometimes is that I feel too horny , have some porn fantasies lingering over and sometimes I even end up looking sexual videos on youtube . I therefore masturbate thinking that at least the horniness  would go and I would hence not watch porn, since porn is a lot damaging then masturbation , hence I masturbate. But from now on I would try not to masturbate as well for the hard 90 , or at least try to do it less frequently , maybe once in 21 days or so , but not once a week.

The  reason for  90 days is that at least things would become a lot better and most of the brain wiring will become to normal . But  ok , I understand this now and would not expect anything out of it.  Right now I am more focused on reducing the symptoms associated with porn , that is reducing the sleepiness , the loss of energy and all . Since I am a btech student and need to study much , so these sleepy days and days when I cannot concentrate and low energy days frustrate me a lot and I become tensed as well thinking how will I study and  how will be my future .
But from now onwards I would try not to change these things , accept them , just stay away from porn and masturbation and would hope that things become normal again.

point 1 I also feel very sleepy , can't concentrate , have no energy , sometimes feel restless . But these things make me fear how will I do good in life , how will I get a good job and how will I ever be able to lead a positive and healthy life .I also compare myself to others and feel bad. I would now accept them as they are , just regularly meditate and exercise and hope that things would become good in the future .

the sleep schedule doesn't remains the same. what happens is that I am not able to get up daily after 8 hours and I feel lazy and end up sleeping more hours . Also somedays I just sleep in the day time . Due to this I am not able to sleep at time in night and if I have to go to college early then I just end up sleeping less or more and hence the sleeping schedule never remains good.
I am trying to sleep no more than 8 hours , but my sleeping time is from 2-10 , because at night I have no disturbance hence I am able to meditate peacefully .

point 2- I don't use  social media much , I just regularly use whatsapp because that is necesary but there also I get to see some of them memes send by my friends .I don't use facebook , instagram  etc much.

3- I will try to just say to myself that these videos are of no use , they are vulgar and boring and hence I don't need to watch them . Rather I will try and watch something better

4.I am also single but that is ok , I will get sex when the time comes.

5. I am in my third year right now and I can't leave college now . I am trying to avoid thinking about what my friends say and just say positive from now onwards and will also try not to compare myself with others as well.

6. I talk with my friends and spend time with them , but I  spend more time alone. And as far as having a girlfriend I don't talk much with girls , so having a girlfriend even after 90 days is difficult for me.

7. I am trying to create some kind of notes of all the info I have got , the motivation and tips , and would try to read them 2-3 times a day so that I remain in a positive state always and don't end up making the same mistake that I always make.

8. The sleeping cycle as I said doesn't remain constant because of oversleeping on some days . And then I am not able to sleep on time and have to get up early for college . But I will try to reduce the amount of sleep to 8-9 hrs and contain my sleep within 2-10/11 .

9.Yeah I will try to finish off things well in time now.

10. Ok, I will try to take cold showers and with time increase the intensity . Also having hot shower after that will also help as you say.

11. I will try not to worry much about the future or feel bad about the past. I will just try to tell myself that just keep doing good things and be happy with what I am , with all my faults and life will become good on it's own.

12. I will save all the contents that I can find on the internet.

Thanks for your advice bro . Also as you have completed your reboot for 1 year how does it feels now??

The main problem that I see within my self is the poor handling of the emotions and the sleepiness and I would try reading the note regularly to just stay in a positive frame of mind. This I think would solve all majority of my problems.

You want to get rebooted and healed fast or not?

You must have to avoid masturbation for your first hard 90.

Let me explain by giving an example:

Assume here porn is sand paper
consider you have injured your wrist or any part of the body by rubbing sand paper on that part.
You have escalated to a position that you are almost bleeding and you have to stop now.
Now to heal your skin you have to rest. That means stop rubbing sand paper(using porn).
It is going to take 1 month for healing. In that one month you have take extra care.

Now what will happen if you keep rubbing your plain hand over it ???

Right!!  It will not let it heal easily.. or will take much longer and hence painful.
Learn!! Be hard!! You have to control your urges.. No other way around.

By the way... Every person's story was same.

On my first hard 90 i was doing the same. I was masturbating once a week. But that didn't help much. And after 5-6 failed attempts i finally completed hard 90 without masturbation..

If you dont feel withdrawal symptoms and flatline, you wont become stronger.

And don't waste time on 5 to 6 attempts. Go hard 90 without P,(M),O....


Your sleepiness problem is same as i had in my college days. Same. My brain hurt when i tried to wake up.

I am saying to improve your sleeping cycle because it is the key thing to recover. Believe me!

If you take my advise do as i say;

If you cant go to sleep around 11 or 12 then do one thing, set 3-4 alarms at the same time of 8:00 in the morning. Force your mind to wake up (and dont sit on bed thinking that my mind is hurting or i am feeling exausted or 2 hours more. Just wake up!) and directly go to shower. Skip toothbrush for later.

And if you feel too exausted, just dont go to college for 2 days. Or drink coffee in morning only. It wont hurt much. Go outdoor.
How bad you feel to take nap or sleep. Don't.
Dont sleep till its 10 to 12 at night.

Repeat !!!

fist week will be tough but you can successfully reset your sleeping in 21 days.  And most crucial part: Keep the schedule.
This will really help.

Because nothing is more frustruating than staring at cealing and thinking when will sleep come and worrying about life.


Dont worry about your future.
Your first priority now should be stop worrying and stop counting days of reboot procedure. Just go with the flow.
If you think you will be rebooted completely after hard 90, it does not happen.
The rebooting process is slightly longer.

Dont compare yourself with your peers. Grades dont matter much as long as you have good intelligence.

Dont worry about future job. 70% engineers of India are already unemployed or are not employable. (recent survey).
We are already doomed.

Talent finds its way if you have.

I got job of 1.4 lakh per month, even though i didnt had much GPA. So dont worry.


About my recovery:

My mind feels lot clearer now. And rested.
Porn had made my mind so unrest that i was always thinking. Just thinking. No sleep. Thinking while sleeping. Thinking while eating. Thinking while crying. Thinking while thinking.
All these have lessened now. Thank god.

I am currently doing my hard 50. I am on 40th day. Without P, M, O.
It seems easy now.
I dont feel withdrawal symptoms much.

And its worth it.


watch this video. At the end of video, Pay attention to what he says to us. What he dares us to do. Take a dare!

Hello, Sharmaji ke bete

Ok i just couldnt stop myself from replying as i am also a student or i was.

Human evolution has gone wrong. Technology was supposed to make our life easier. And it did.
And also most demotivating thing is that most people on earth dont believe that porn is addictive for mind and most addictive and stealthy that any other illegel drug.
To give you help, just dont feel bad for yourself. You didnt know know it was bad for human brain. It was cool around friends and so around you. But you are among the unlucky ones who just over used it and got fucked up.

Like all the other addicted people, like me, like other visitors of this website, like many unknown, like potential future generation who is endengered to this threat.

Porn is addictive, set aside the new VR technology and its porn collection. I recall many science fiction movies.

Ok enougt of my philosophy. (Everything is true Though).

Fisrt things first, what the heck you're doing?
Masturbating once a week in hard 90 is not allowed. Or i would suggest not to do it. And also dont have sex for 90 days. I believe that hard 90 is something that you need to totally abstain everything including porn, masturbation, sex, and orgasm.

And kiddo if you think you will be rebooted after 90 days, you're in dreams. It is a long process. You will cover it easily if you think it as you're everyday life and stop counting days. Counting days will not help. It didn't help me and some others also. Take it from a guy who just have completed 1 year of reboot process. And i think that to be rebooted completely (for me) i will need a month or 3 maybe.

If i put it this way,
Hard 90 is just like a process we do on pc while formating it.
Hard 90 is formating of computer. Days after hard 90 are the process in which you install a new windows.

The journey is about 1 year long for most people.

Being student and being unknown that i was addicted by porn or (most people dont know porn is harmul and baddest think to human brain) i wasted my five years (4+1). Dude, that is painful.

Let me tell you i have experienced all the same things you have and let me tell you be hard. Dont lose hope. You will come out on the other side of the tunnel. Maybe early. I wasnt even doing properly.

Ok to answer your questions;

I have felt sleepy throughout my whole reboot process. That is common because your mind has deprived of essential chemicals and you dont have energy to do anything. Same was for me. I had zero concetration in my studies. That is painful. I just didnt know that what was happening to me. Why i was so restless and why mind couldn't stop thinking.

To deal with this i would recommend you to make big lifestyle changes. I would recommend to go sleep at 11 everyday day and wake up early at 7. Bealive or not making a sleep pattern regular and being early waker is one of the most crucial things you can do to your life. A positive one.
Being a engineer, you must be staying late at night. Dont do it. Let your friends do whatever they want. You have to make your schedule perfect.

2. Extra tip.
Dont use social media sites much. Just use it once a week.
All these sites are filled with memes, in which mostly are demotivating and have negetive effects. Believe me these funny memes will not get you anywhere. Just google about negative effects of these social media memes.

Same for me. My urges makes you search booty shaking videos in youtube and then gradually i end up opening xxx sites. And the rest is history of this website. This is the story of all porn addicted people. You will need to avoid to search all these erotic things. Because you will always end up in opening xxx sites.

Most users on this site are more than 20 to 25 years old. And most are virgins. Lol
 Thanks to the porn. It affected their lives.

Ok was same for me. Before i started my reboot process, in mu college years i was unable to study. (Having so much itellectual level and having good mind for technology, because of porn and lack of concentration i coulnt score a single penny.) And my college just ended. I eventually survived. But my peers or college friends will think of me as a average student and some college girls as weirdo. Even though i am not. This hurts more than The lord rama's 14 years vanvas.

If you have just started your college then you could take a 1 year break. If you cant study. And need time for reboot.
But i would not recommend nor suggest because this could turn upside down. And maybe extra time you have will negatively affect you. Because you will have extra time to improve yourself OR you will have have extra time to masturbate in your room.

You will need to be pro active to reboot. You will need to do different activities including excercises and meditation.
You need to be social.
Try to participate in social activities. Go out more and more. Talk to people.
Have a girlfriend after hard 90 days. Not before. You need to abstain from orgasm for full 90 days. Talking to girls will help.
And also try searching for people on youtube who are rebooting or already rebooted. There are tones of videos already available. Many people have experianced this and many came out with their stories.

You will need motivation throughout your reboot process. Believe me. Whatever material you find which helps you with porn addiction. Keep it. Save it. Download it. And if you take advise from me PRINT THESE ARTICLES IN HARD PAPER COPY. because digital saving is not best.
Including this article.
Download videos you find helpful and keep it on your computer and mobile.

You said you sometimes sleep for 7 to 8 hours and sometimes 9 to 10 hours. Dont do it. As i mentioned early keep the regular sleepung cycle. You will see benefits after you have reset you sleeping cycle.

Most important.
Try to do things that are already pending and which you need to do. Try to finish them. It relieves mind. And makes unrest mind calm. Believe me.

About cold showers.
What i do is take cold showers even though it is winter. And then i swich to warm water.
You need to do this because its winter. Or will become ill of cold water.
And also switching between hot and cold showers has the same benefits.

Dont be afraid or worry about future. Just do your role now.
Believe me, when you will come out of this effects, you will be more confident, more focused mind than your peers.
They have not experianced what you have. Future is never doomed as long are you have faith. Belive me, i have went through all this.

Download youtube videos via keepvid or any other download tool, the videos you find motivating.
Follow Word Porn youtube channel. Lol the name.
Btw it is about motivational videos of famous people. And subscribe other helpful channels.

And also reand and watch more and more about reboot process to clear out your doubts.

I hope i have mentioned my most experiances and some advises. Please respect my efforts remembering and witing all this. It took me 2 hours.

And goodluck.

Porn Addiction / Re: Lower back pain caused by pmo?
« on: October 03, 2017, 05:24:25 AM »
Yes it is very common with people who were addicted to porn. Porn exaustion tenses up your whole body. It will soothen up as you reboot. Dont worry.

I have completed my 10 months and i feel that in about two months i will be completely rebooted.

Porn Addiction / Re: What About Masturbation???
« on: October 03, 2017, 05:14:30 AM »
Hello sharma ji ke bete,

According to gabe deem,
You have to stop masturbation for 90 days. You have to go cold turkey. No p, m, o for hard 90.
After 90 days you can add only masturbation gradually.
To see good results.

Porn Addiction / Not able to feel orgasm
« on: October 01, 2017, 03:50:37 PM »
Hello folks,
Please answer my question if you have any idea.
Its been 10 months on starting no PMO.

I have seen some improvements and some have worsened.
After hard 90 days.. i have been casual on myself.. I am avoiding porn regularly but i have watched it some times in last couple of months.

Things that has happened to me:
I was kind of good looking guy when addicted, not as good as before addiction but my skin was somewhat good. After going cold turkey (90 days), my symptoms were on roller coster. Sometimes higher and sometimes lower. But after hard 90 my skin and appearance has changed deastically.. I look like a very sad person. Even sometimes when i am happy inside!!!!!

1. What could be the reason that my face looks so drained???

My sleep is somewhat improved. I feel less headaches and migrains. But My sleep pattern has been drastically changed.

2. Should i wake up early in the morning and stay up till night? Or i can take naps?

And the most important, when addicted, i was escalated to a stage where i could not get erection with porn. But now i can get a mild erection when fantisizing about women or thinking about sex. But not a hard erection.
Sometimes i get morning woods also.

But but I cant feel orgasm when ejaculating. Not at all. I feel very depressed after mastubation.
P.s. i dont watch porn when masturbating..

3. What could be the reason that i dont feel orgasm???

Porn Addiction / Re: About Imnsonia
« on: March 12, 2017, 01:38:01 AM »
During the first weeks of nofap, I was sleeping fine, no imnsonia. But now, in the middle of the second month my imnsonia came back. Is It normal, did you guys passed throught the same thing? Thank you.

What you are experiencing is very common which has happened the same with me.
After starting hard 90 reboot process my insomnia was gone for two weeks and i even got my morning wood back. I havent had morning wood for years before that time.  BUT after the first month i got my insomnia back.
The reason behind it was, i got hit by my first flatline. That was the reason. I had started seeing withdrawn symptoms.
This only got better between my 80 to 90 days. Maybe because i was not proactive and i was lethargic.

So i am telling you this is perfectly fine. It is the part of the process. And know that there will be many flatlines in your journey. Some will take longer and some will be short. But after the end of it, you will surely thank god that you did take this challenge and rebooted. Feeling of being normal and in control is off the roof. It is much better than being addicted.

Be confident. You will get there.

I have completed my 90 days. And i think i have got my sensitivity around 60% back. I can have erection easily but no orgasm. But i think i have to go on like this. It took gabe 10 months to recover. I hope i get there soon. And wish you be confident. Even after 90 days you may need to go on. Or you may recover easily. Everyone is different. Every reboot is different.
Wish you luck. BanPorn

Porn Addiction / Re: Hello Gentlemen. Now we begin.
« on: March 04, 2017, 06:30:09 AM »
So i have completed my hard 90 days of no PMO and NO-O.
I  am 23. I have tried to do 40 before. But had relapsed many times. This time i completed hard 90.
I think i have got my 60% of sensitivity back. I can get hard by thinking of any sexual activity. Not 100 hard but around 70% hard.
So i masturbated on day 91. I easily got hard erection. So i thought that i am going to get intense orgasm after so long.
And then this happened...
INSTEAD of feeling an orgasm i felt Pain while ejaculating. Why this happened?
I think the pain was like when you masturbate or ejaculate for the very first time in your child hood. I think all of use have experienced a little pain the very first time.
So then after 2 hours i got hard again(definately chaser effect). I masturbated and felt pain while ejaculating.!

Please tell me why this happened to me?
Is anyone has experienced this?

I have done nothing to harm my penis. It was casual masturbation using water lubrication.

I have noticed coming white stuff like semen while after peeing. It was between last ten days of hard 90. But gabe says its normal. Could that be reason?

So i have completed my hard 90 days of no PMO and NO-O.
I  am 23. Male. I have tried to do 40 before. But had relapsed many times. This time i completed hard 90.
I think i have got my 60% of sensitivity back. I can get hard by thinking of any sexual activity. Not 100 hard but around 70% hard.
So i masturbated on day 91. I easily got hard erection. So i thought that i am going to get intense orgasm after so long.
And then this happened...
INSTEAD of feeling an orgasm i felt Pain while ejaculating. Why this happened?
I think the pain was like when you masturbate or ejaculate for the very first time in your child hood. I think all of use have experienced a little pain the very first time.
So then after 2 hours i got hard again(definately chaser effect). I masturbated and felt pain while ejaculating.!

Please tell me why this happened to me?
Is anyone has experienced this?

I have done nothing to harm my penis. It was casual masturbation using water lubrication.

I have noticed coming white stuff like semen while after peeing. It was between last ten days of hard 90. But gabe says its normal. Could that be reason?

Porn Addiction / What to do after hard 90?
« on: March 01, 2017, 06:27:03 PM »
So i am on my 88th day and will complete 90 days.
But i feel that i have only got 60% of my sensitivity back.

What dhould i do after 90 days?

Should i slowly introduce Masturbation(without porn) into my life about once a week or i should keep restraining from all orgams?

Porn Addiction / completed 87 days...
« on: February 28, 2017, 02:29:32 PM »

so i am checking in on the day 88.
i think i have got back 70% of the full sensitivity.
i can get erections by thinking of real life girls. Not the hard one but i was not this sensitive for last 5 to 6 years.
As Gabe says you should get hard erection just by touching your penis when you are relaxing, In my case, i am not experiencing this much sensitivity nor 100% hard erections but i think i am on my way.

I was not so active person. I was lethargic person, and always procrastinate. For the first two months of rebooting.
But after being active i think i have improved a lot.
After 70 days, i started to get morning woods about 3-4 times a week about 60% hard. But i have not got them for a week maybe because i have hit the another flatline or maybe because i am not sleeping and waking at regular times for last week.

Thigs that have improved.

i have started to see considerable drop in anxiety. I have googled in past for controlling my thoughts, but after two months of reboot, i can control my thoughts with less effort. That i have improved.

i am more relaxed after sleep and take less time to fall asleep. Restlessness has improved.

for last 3-4 years, i had so much trouble sleeping. i could lay in bed for 3 to 4 hours staring at sealing and just thinking. But i think my insomnia has reduced.
I remember time when about 3 years ago, even if i sleep early, i had problem waking up. even after 8 hours sleep, i used to feel exhausted. My head hurt constantly while waking up. I think i have now less problem waking up, if slept late.

concentration while studying has improved a bit.

I feel less depressed.

i feel to be more social. However sometime i feel like to be alone, but i don't like that now.

my libido has improved a bit. I want to pursue a girl and want to makeout with her rather than fapping to screen.

After Reboot i have planned to watch porn never again, But can i read sex stories or watch playboy magazine sometimes? I will not fap to the photos. i will always use my imagination.

I feel more dehydrated. Is that common in flatline?

Porn Addiction / Masturbation after 90 Days..
« on: February 17, 2017, 06:33:46 AM »
can anyone tell me from experience that how is the masturbation after 90 days of no PMO and not even a orgasm?
I mean how is the feeling? Will it be powerful orgasm? Or the sensation will increase after?

Was it possible for you guys to get an erection just by touching your penis?

Porn Addiction / Re: Plz; be patient. I know that from experience.
« on: February 15, 2017, 02:49:01 PM »

i am 23.
i am on 75th day of my 90 days hardmode. i have never watched porn intentionally. Sometimes, i get porn videos from friends on chatting apps, i open it, realizing it is a porn clip, i close it within 4 to 5 seconds.
But i have 4 to 5 seconds of that clip. Isn't that replace, right?

You are saying we have to be patient. I will.
But i think after 90 days i will add Masturbation and Orgasm to my life, without porn obviously. I am planning to do it once a week.

I have started to get my sensitivity back when fantisizing about real woman and when imagining them kissing. I get boner. I dont get it much hard but around 50%. IS IT A GOOD SIGN?

I used to get much harder erections while thinking of girls when i was 15 years old. Thats when i started masturbating for the first times. However i used to watch porn before that. Like when i was around 13.

How long will it take to gain my old sensitivity back?


Porn Addiction / completed 30 days...
« on: January 03, 2017, 05:27:09 AM »
so, I have completed my 30 days.

I m on my 31st PMO streak. so i have started to get some good morning woods. about 2 to 3 per week. and they are about 60% hard.
I can touch myself through underwear and i can get erection after about gently touching for 20 to 30 seconds, not much hard but atleast my penis is responding to touches. I have got 2 wet dreams after every 2 weeks. so thats good.

As before after heavy porn use, i could not get it up with even porn sometimes. And mostly porn didn't gave me hard boners.
Now I can sometimes get erections when watching kisses in movies.
Game of Thrones feels like porn now.

I am exercising daily. Jogging about 2 km daily. and then taking cold showers after.
I am also doing meditation to help me recover faster, as i came across some article claiming meditation can faster up rebooting process. And can fill the gap created by stopping porn.

So i have a question: Will i see much benefits in this hard 90? Is hard 90 be enough for me?
Although i have made up mind not watch porn for a year. But i am planning to start masturbation after 90 days (without porn).

And also acne on my face is worsened a little and not leaving. Is this cause of no masturbation?

And most importantly thanks to this forum.

Porn Addiction / Re: Masturbation
« on: January 02, 2017, 04:02:10 AM »
Let me tell you, abstaining from any sexual activity or desire is very important for the rebooting process.

So, that means I must cut my wife off, 100% from me?

What about I Cor 7:3-5?

I don't know cutting your wife is legal in your country or not

But what i am trying to say is abstaining from all sexual activities will allow your sensitized addictive parhways of your brain to de-sensitize faster and rebooting will be fast.

You can give oral to your wife for a month atleast. Then after you can start all sexual activities. Ofcourse without including any artificial sexual stimulation.

Porn Addiction / Re: Masturbation
« on: December 30, 2016, 01:57:08 AM »
Let me tell you, abstaining from any sexual activity or desire is very important for the rebooting process.

I'll explain by ex. Think you like to rub any body part of yours. Lets take your palm as example. It gives you pleasure. Now assume you take some sand paper. Now rubbing this sand paper to your palm gives you more pleasure. This sand paper  is porn. So when you keep rubbing with sand paper it will harm your hand palm.
Now you have conditioned yourself by harming yourself.
So now you have to stop rubbing to let it heal. But what will happen if you still use your bare hand to rub your palm. Ofcourse, it will not let heal your palm. Maybe it will not become worse but it will not let it heal either. So complete abstinence from masturbation and sex is also important for quite some time. Like 2 to 3 months. Hope this will help.

BP dekh ke muth marna chhod de. It will harm you.

Porn Addiction / Re: Completed 24 days... Feeling the flatline now
« on: December 30, 2016, 01:42:34 AM »
Checking in to day 27.
So how's life!! I am starting to remember how my life was before. How weird i was to people and myself.

I miss M but its worth quitting.
And one thing try meditation with reboot process. Today after 50 minute meditation session i felt calm, anxiety was less than before. Less than past 3 years. And i cried. Really, the calmness i felt was so awesome that i cried. What i was doing with my life for last PMO years?!!
I just know one thing i want to become P free. And i will. I want to become feel powerful again. And in control.

Porn Addiction / Re: Completed 24 days... Feeling the flatline now
« on: December 29, 2016, 03:44:33 PM »
i m sorry, but withdraws and Flatline isn't the same thing?
or any major difference between it?

Porn Addiction / Beat Addiction With Meditation.
« on: December 29, 2016, 03:38:39 PM »

Read this article on beating addiction with meditation.

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