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Ages 40 and up / Re: 43 year old tired of pmo
« on: August 11, 2016, 07:06:46 AM »
In September 2011 I tried out this movement of no PMO.... I went 3 weeks of hardmode and had one relapse... after this i jumped straight on it again and went another 3 weeks of hardmode and relapsed again just once.... i went a further 4 days of no PMO and instead of rapping i went out to a night club on my own which i hadn't done for a while... i got quite drunk... i was stood at the bar drinking a pint of Peroni.... just observing.... at some point 2 girls came over, took my hand and led me over to another girl, a brunette.  We went home together by her invitation.... i had much to drink so i didn't have sex with her that evening even though she gave the go ahead.... we went on to have a three year relationship that ended in 2015... I wonder now though.... was it because i did 2 consequtive 3 week streaks of no PMO... or if it was because i was drunk and just got out there.....  Or was it simply that i was in the right place at the right time..... guess i'll never know.

NTC! If I were you i would try this herbal pill called VigRX, i think that's what it's called, definitely something like that.  It's totally herbal too... you can get them on Amazon.  They worked for me even when I had PIED.  One pill lasts around 18 hours too!  I used them with my ex.. she didn't even know i was taking them.... I was suffering from PIED and these things still gave me rock solid erections and were a total life saver.  Just use them during your recovery period while your brain rewires so you can impress your lady :) worth a try.

Yeah... i've heard stories of people edging to porn for hours..... if done regularly it can really mess with the brains dopamine levels and can lead to depression.... deffo to be avoided.  Sadly, these are usually the people with the longest recovery thresholds outside the average 6 weeks to 3 months.

Long edging sessions over long periods of time can lead to recovery times of 7-10 months of hardmode..... which is near impossible for most people :( don't do it!

HI NTC :D Sorry about your slip with the P :( that is a slip... but at least it was just that!  Get back on the wagon right away buddy... don't go back!  Fantasising about your Lady friend is a much more natural thing to do than watching porn and in my opinion there's nothing wrong with that :D but try not to over do it....

Currently I am on day 13 of no P, M or O... it usually starts getting difficult for me once i get to the 4-5 week rise as i call it... but this is where I also start noticing some of the most amazing effects of this journey... e.g. increased confidence being far more social, increased attention from women etc. these effects start happening pretty consistently around this mark for me... including increased libido and effortless boners lol.

Hope you will get back back on with your journey and not look back..... unfortunately it requires immense willpower, but if you can get to week 6... it sure is worth it for most people.... i've been there and it can be like living a different life with some of the positive side effects of the dopamine build up :D and certain other things we don't yet fully understand about ourselves.

2morrow will be 2 full weeks of hardmode for me and i'm not giving into this!  I want to be above that extremely important 6 week mark and push on into the unknown... where i have never gone before.  I'm sick and tired of walking around everyday with an empty sack!!  After almost 2 weeks clean of this i can tell you they are filling up nicely and i can feel that energy building up there nicely.

In my case, and it has happened every time so far, once passed that crucial one month mark, that energy seems to burst and overflow into the rest of the body.... This is where the magic can start happening.... those around you will notice it as much as you do.... believe me....

Everybody's own timeline for this is different.  Some sooner than me.... Some later..... but trust me... it will happen.  All the best buddy!

I share your pain......

Porn Addiction / Re: Small Innocent triggers (dont exist)
« on: July 19, 2016, 04:00:17 AM »

Porn addiction is a new phenomenon!!  as we all know, science can be very smart at times.... but, you gotta give it some time to catch up with this.

Now, and here is some advice for those of you who have ever made it past the 5 week mark.... be very careful with alcohol!  Once you get to this stage it's effects effects can be amplified.... in my case tripled...  tread with great caution.... i'm sure that this will apply for most of you on this journey if not only me :(

One thing I have noticed during my times when I was PMOing:  It is the perfect way to pass of time... to throw time away for pleasures sake.  When you spend hours fapping and flapping away with your laptop infront of you it is like time has speeded up and hours can pass like minutes.... On the other hand when you stop doing that particularly in those first few weeks in the earlier stages of the rebalancing process the opposite happens.

Time is slowed down and the reboot period (say an average of 2 months) can seem like a very long time indeed!

The point I am trying to make is that if P, M, and O can alter our perception of time like that - God only knows what other things it can do to your brain.... or any other parts of your body for that matter.

Thanks for sharing your story and all the best to you on your journey of recovery!  All of you.

Porn Addiction / Re: how to overcome urges
« on: July 16, 2016, 08:03:38 PM »
"What brother means to say is we view the presence of any outsider, especially porn, as a violation of the harmony.... a potential break in the spiritual unity". 

Dillon, Alien 3, 1992.... just replaced "a woman" with the word "porn" lol.

We've all TAKEN THE VOW!

Hang in there brother... and stay strong!  Don't give up...

Here are some words from one of my favourite movies.... to quote Morse from Alien 3:

"I just want to say that i have taken the vow of celibacy.... that also includes women.... WE'VE ALL TAKEN THE VOW!"

I think if I were you I would try cutting out the P and M first and see how you get on with that first bro.... no need to jump straight into hardmode when you may not need to :D  I am also 42..

All the best on your journey to recovery :D

**Forum Rules-Guidelines-Suggestions** / Re: Help for new member
« on: July 16, 2016, 07:29:13 PM »
Good look fellas :D

"I just want to say that I have taken the vow of celibacy... that also includes women... WE'VE ALL TAKEN THE VOW!"  ....Morse, Alien 3, 1992.

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