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Women / how do i help him quit?
« on: March 23, 2016, 01:58:40 AM »
Hello everyone! I'm new here and desperate for help :'(, my BF told me 2 months ago (when we first went on a relationship) that he was trying to quit porn, and I thought it was great! But i never knew how to help him. So I thought he already had began the journey (had definitely quit porn masturbatiom).but today he told me he lied to me cause he kept chatting with porno girls all around the world on some sex /chat this whole time where pictures and sex messages are interchanged. He absolutely wants to quit it, and on some level he started quitting the porn videos but it is just too hard for him to let go of this chat..he already tried sometimes but at the end he gave up almost every day. How can i help him quit it? I'm trying not to feel like he doesn't love me or like he is in some kind of way cheating on me, but it is horribly hard for me. Yesterday he asked me if I could send him some fotos of myself and I did so, but after that he confessed me that he looked at them the same way he looked at nasty porn fotos and that fact scared him..that made me so sad and insecure and I don't want to lose him, but it have to admit that I'm feeling overwhelmed and hurt.. Please could you guys give me some advice in how to proceed? :'(

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