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Teens / Re: End of this misery once and for all
« on: February 16, 2016, 04:16:11 PM »
Thanks man... I will. :) this forum really is great !:D its pretty easy to just start binging on P after at setback like that, and i almost did, then i saw your post... I'm gonna do everything i can to prevent that from happening again :)

Teens / Re: End of this misery once and for all
« on: February 16, 2016, 11:44:39 AM »
Relapsed... this is embarrasing... feel terrible... watched some videos on youtube... hot girls on. got raging boner.... did it. feel depressed

Teens / Re: End of this misery once and for all
« on: February 16, 2016, 10:31:25 AM »
Hi! the last 2 days were really good as well. I've been bowling and had fun with friends. We were also and watched Deadpool, great movie. Monday i was at work til 10 pm, didn't get much done. and was a bit stressed. Now tough, i'm experiencing some brain fog. Have hard time coming up with words, and dont know what to say. Hope it will better.. this is day 10...

Teens / Re: End of this misery once and for all
« on: February 13, 2016, 10:37:32 PM »
Hi! Thanks for advice both of you, it really helps :) today has been great. had fun with friends did my workout, and then back and had fun with friends. haven't been on the computer at all today. until now ofc ;) got one of my friend home and watched a movie... now she is a girl, but a friend from 1st grade.... so nothing there. so I've been clean for 8 days now. and somehow i found her really attractive, hope this is a sign that im going in the right direction :)

Teens / Re: End of this misery once and for all
« on: February 12, 2016, 08:49:58 PM »
Today was ok. i did have a lot of cravings though.... went to work, and than exercise and then home, and then out with friends. Now im home again, that was when i got the cravings... then i started reading some posts on this forum and... i realized that porn is crap... i find that i start to think othervise when the cravings kick in....

Great work. I'll be reading the journal. wish you the best of luck ! :)

Ages 20-29 / Re: I always thought that I will stop and I am in control
« on: February 12, 2016, 09:12:54 AM »
Hi  :)

I was the shy'est kid in the world. couldn't have any conversation with people at all, like, even when i was with my family i felt i couldn't say what i wanted to.... I've found out that porn was a big factor in that. *Anyways, what you should try to do is see that the life is ahead, and if you can stop porn, you will change your life.

And if you haven't read the book "Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction" you should, not only is it great  information about how porn affects the brain but also how you can reboot, showing what to do for every situation..

Also, a book that i found helped me allot personally is   "From Shy to Social: The Shy Man's Guide to Personal & Dating Success" Great about social anxiety and how to deal with it, and after that get over it. It also has some great thing about getting girls... this book litterally changed my life.

Added bonus. Reading helps with getting over the cravings.

Take your life in your own hands and stop feeling sorry for yourself, and get your life in the direction you want it to go... shy to social covers the topic ;)

Teens / Re: End of this misery once and for all
« on: February 12, 2016, 08:56:41 AM »
Hi, and thanks for the great responce  :). The last 2 days have been allright, haven't had so much cravings at all. but i find that i get some craving when i see a hot girl on facebook, or anywhere else for that matter. And not only that, as far as i know, every time you see a hot girl or anything that is sexually stimulating on the computer, it slows the reboot.

So now i'm trying to avoid the computer as much as possible, only using it for this forum, and things that i find necessary.
I also started reading a book called "from shy to social" great book would recommend it, even if you're not shy

Teens / End of this misery once and for all
« on: February 11, 2016, 05:14:06 PM »
Hi. I am a 19 years old guy who has been trying to quit porn for more than 2 years now.. i watched porn for about 9 years now and  realized i had mild ED 5 years ago. As i had a girlfriend i would only see 4 times a year, i would binge on porn when ii didn't see her. and i noticed that i performed worse every time i saw her, until i couldn't perform at all. Then she dumped me, for what i think is the same reason. Anyways, i had some encounters since then but didn't work right. Then i after a few tries, i would just chicken out every time i had i opportunity for what every man thinks is the best thing in the world. Then i fount YBOP, and found out that this was me, i had this problem. I wanted to get it over with as fast as possible... 2 years ago... I Have tried what feels like a million times to reboot and have a record of 35 days. That time i really felt the benefits of it, like i had so much more energy, i was much more sociable and less shy than i've been in 10 years, its was amazing. Then i got a girl home from a club, went well allthough i had PE. The day after was when i relapsed, i got a chaser from the night before and before i knew it, i had PMO.

So, the reason i am on this forum is that i feel like i need some help. someone i can share my progress with. Someone who knows if i relapsed. and hopefully help others as well. This is a nightmare.

Sorry for my bad english.. And for my bad writing.  im a mechanic stopped school at 9th grade 

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