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Success Stories / Re: Need Motivation? Hear Me Out! Short and Sweet
« on: December 31, 2015, 06:28:09 AM »
Hi Gabe, first of all thank you for your support and all the good work that you do helping people rebuild their lives and get free from this addiction and healthy again..
                         Im 26 years old, been addicted to pornography and weed for the last 5 years, and been trying to quit since the last 2. I think i'm one of the bad cases, as i reached the point of not being able to get hard even with porn like 2 years back but still continued relapsing (some weeks clean then relapse , you know the cycle)  because of being depressed due to a breakup and other issues in my life. Although i have worked upon my life and changed a lot over the past 1 year (have a good job, rebuilt my relationships with my friends etc) i have really reached rock bottom with my addiction. I have literally been masturbating with 80% erections which i cant maintain for more than 2 minutes since the past year and a half and i still couldn't stop relapsing knowing this shit is hurting me so bad.
                      But i have had enough, with God's help i'm leaving this behind for good. Getting healthy again and recovering from this and clean from this is my biggest priority at this moment. 2016 is the year i give up pmo and weed for good. The biggest problem for me atm is dealing with negativity and pessimism. I have been fighting this for so long and have let it get so bad, that sometimes i feel i have damaged my brain and my sexuality for good. I remember being a healthy , happy 21 yr old with a high sex drive before this porn addiction screwed up my life..

Can my brian heal from all this? I have no desire to watch porn or masturbate EVER. I don't care if it takes years but i hope i regain my sex drive and i can be in a relationship someday.. Thanks

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