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Ages 40 and up / TMS Or Porn? Not Really Sure No PMO Is THE ONLY Way
« on: November 21, 2015, 11:30:53 PM »
I am new here, although by no means new to the problems discussed here.
I believe now, after coming across this site (and YBOP) and more alarmingly '', that the reason my life has been one BIG FLOP in all areas, (not only sexual) is due to my sexual habits, more specifically to masturbation practices...
I have been a 'prone' masturbator my whole life, but can and often do practice 'normal' masturbation to orgasm as well.

I am really very concerned about the so called recovery program from 'TMS' (as they call it) being advocated by the good folks at healthystrokes.
Until discovering their site, only a few days ago: I wasn't even aware there was such a condition as Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome, let alone how it can cause the very same problems with ED and DE which I've experienced, intermittently my whole life.

I also watched far too much porn which would no doubt also be a major contributing factor towards my present state of TOTAL ED and ZERO libido. I am in a state of what you guys would probably define as flat-line, where I cannot even get aroused with porn or anything.

I last masturbated without any pleasure being experienced at all about 4 days ago, where my penis was only partly hard, but it became almost fully erect the moment just prior to orgasm, where after ejaculation, it went straight back to soft again within a few seconds. DEAD dick. 

I really feel that I still have a chance at this, providing I DO NOT masturbate in any way for an extended period, whatever it takes - to reset my brain.

Sorry, but I just cannot accept the advice offered for recovering from TMS at To my way of thinking (I am a recovered alcoholic and have not touched booze since early 1991), it is 'swapping the witch with a bitch'. Or, like advising an alcoholic to stop drinking whiskey and drink only beer! Ridiculous. And is in fact very dangerous advice - it simply has no effect on one's progress at trying to stop booze. Alcohol is alcohol whether its contained in whiskey or beer.
Similarly: masturbation is masturbation, whether its 'normal' (performed using one's hand, or prone - TMS  method.
If you only want to masturbate instead of having sex with a partner, it would be great advice - I don't see how masturbating with one's hand can offer much more (in terms of penile sensations) of a partner's vagina, than the (equally dissimilar) sensations experienced in 'prone' masturbation.
If you want to quit masturbation and enjoy real sex with a real partner: it makes a lot more sense (to me at least), to quit masturbation in any way shape or form for an extended period of time, then try to have sex wit a partner. If possible: NEVER fap-off for any reason, with the exception maybe, of your partner giving you a 'handjob' occasionally...

To my very logical mind: Total abstinence from masturbation (AND PORN / false stimuli) is the only hope of making significant brain changes, enough to set out on a new and NORMAL sexuality pathway...

Thanks for reading my post, I hope it makes sense to someone...

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