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SMS, You might want to check out my recent post in the over 40 area, I'm 65 Y/O and 69 days no pmo. Are you trying to physically and emotionally connect with the wife between bed room episodes? I found it really helpful to take time out to touch, carress. kiss, play around with no expectations and to make sure you are truly aroused before trying penetrate. I found that my ego was telling me I should be horny when I actually wasnt fully aroused. You may still have a touch of performance anxiety with the his or miss. Try to take your time and relax with her. Women  love that anyway! Worked for me. But I still have to take small dose of Cialis for a confidence builder.

Ages 40 and up / Re: Hope for you over 65ers
« on: September 13, 2015, 04:20:39 PM »
As an after thought, I would like to thank everyone on the forum for your valuable insights stories and support. I thought to just throw in the towel and give up many times because things werent moving fast enough and also had a great deal of anxiety associated with the ED/DE problems as well as a few short flat lines. I know my problem is not as severe as some and was lucky to catch it early after the onset but your help is greatly appreciated! Feel free to ask any questions about my ongoing reboot and I'll help if I can...Cheers!

Ages 40 and up / Hope for you over 65ers
« on: September 13, 2015, 02:48:13 AM »
I've held off with my 1st post thinking not to report until I got some positive results so here goes...Started M at around 13 y/o and quickly graduated to getting turned on to Playboy mags. (I'm 65 now) That lasted til I married at 20 y/o and had a great sexual relationship w the 1st wife thru our 17 years occasionally M ing a R or X movie if she wasnt up for it which wasn't too often. I was usually pretty happy with twice a week sex for that duration. We eventually divorced when I went thru some financial problems and it stressed the marriage. A year later hooked up with my current wife who I've been with for another 28 years. At first making love 2x a week taperring down to about 1X a week lately. Sometimes I would M to a R or X movie if she wasnt available or in the mood for lovemaking. But not very often, maybe 2 or 3X a year.
   About 15 years ago, age 50 I began to have ED episodes that I just blamed on the age thing so started using small doses of Viagra to help the erections and it worked like magic until a couple months ago when I tried to have sex with her and it just wouldnt work. The erection was there until I went to do the deed and it wilted to maybe 50% and could barely keep the connection and after an hour of work, no ejaculation. Never had that problem before or even thought it could happen to me.
   So after searching the web I found YBOP and reboot nation and diagnosed myself with PIED and DE. The last 10 years I have been occasionally watching internet porn and satellite TV porn channels which progressed to more often maybe 1 hr a day in the last year. I was thinking it would help my libido with my wife as were being together so long. I hardly ever M ed to P but just watching it I think must have made the the opposite effect and de sensitized me. I lost all feeling in my penis and couldnt ejaculate with out a death grip or by banging her silly which got old fast. Finally got to the point where death grip and rough sex wouldnt  even work.
   After reading up on the forum I immediately stopped viewing any sexual content of any kind on 7/5/15 and never looked back. Fortunately I never got  addicted to porn as I've had no feelings of loss and no relapses. I did M/O once at day 41 just as I was worried that things werent working and they did with out using porn. Thru this reboot after the first 3 weeks started having 80-100% morning wood every day and sensitivity coming back more each week both of which havent had for over 15 years! also have been rewiring with her daily touching, kissing, carressing and PIV every 10 days or so but no O until last nite where I used a small dose of cialis made love with the wife with an 80% erection, sensitivity I havent felt for over 15 years and O ed in about 10 minutes after 20 min of foreplay and what a relief!
   So Im convinced that No PMO works even for an old guy and my plan from here is to never watch porn again and get off the erection meds as soon as get to consistent 100% which is just a matter of time. Cant wait until the next rendevoux with the wife and a libido that is for her and not the screen!

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