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It doesn't work. I masturbate for a little while, then the penis goes down. The porn is what stimulates me and gives me the necessary feels to be able to orgasm.
And with no orgasm, just masturbating makes blue balls even worse.

Hi, I'm new here.

Started my reboot 2-3 months ago. I have a girlfriend and we have been having sex (blowjob and vaginal) and I only came 4-5 times in the last 2-3 months. We have sex often. I give her orgasms but I cannot seem to get one so easily. I think it's from porn addiction (10 years of PMO, age 14-24).
Since we have sex a lot, I get blue balls and sometimes it hurts really really bad.
The only way for me to orgasm is by watching porn and masturbating, so I've relapsed lots of times, about once per week, because I can't stand the huge pain from blue balls - I can barely walk sometimes.
Mentally I am very strong, once I decided to give up PMO forever, I did and had no second thoughts. Probably because I am very mature spiritually and emotionally and I can control myself.
But when I have this blue balls huge physical pain, it can't be solved by willing it into reality. So I only get relief from PMO.

Regarding my inability to orgasm, I have seen huge improvement since 2-3 months ago: from not being able to get it hard the first few times I had sex with my gf, to being able to last 1-3 hours with a 80%+ erection (with 5-15 min breaks because my body+gf get tired from all the exercise), to feeling a lot more pleasure from real sex and the last few days I started to get very small orgasms with very little cum, but still, they were more often and I feel that feeling which leads to an orgasm a lot more often, or I come close to it a lot more often nowadays.

Today I decided I want to give up PMO for good, not even doing it to make blue balls go away.

Please help! Any quick trick / advice to getting orgasms with gf easier (preffered option) or to making blue balls go away without PMO?

TLDR: I am rebooting slowly with success, but most of the times can't orgasm from sex with gf. I get blue balls and have to PMO to get rid of the pain. How can I get orgasms easier/faster? Or how do I get rid of blue balls without PMO?

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