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Keep it up buddy! Almost a week! good job! (y)

unfortunately i broke up with my girlfriend... but that ok... this journey is nver easy... nobody said it was easy... we are all in the same boat.. and there is no going back.

I found out the best way to stay away from P is to keep yourself busy.. So set yourself a goal list like what i do on my journal.

Join a gym, find a new hobby, go out and socialize... ton of ppl out there need you!

everyone is different... find the way to suits you the most..!! If you are going to relapse.. go for a cold shower (highly not suggested if is winter!) or go out and have a walk....

Good luck, will keep posting~



Cut the porn mate! That the most important part! If not you will never be able to get rid of this dopamine addiction.

You need to rewire your brain to get stimulation from real physical touch (from your gf.. side note: you lucky bastard) and not virtual stimulation.

With the blueballs all i can say is you either get ur gf to help... or you have to slwly train yourself to M/O without the P.

Is tough mate.. we all have it tough... but is now or never.

Signing off,


Ages 20-29 / Re: Slow but determined.
« on: July 02, 2015, 07:27:41 AM »
Hey Asianguy is RebootChemist again.

Good to see you are almost at your 1 month stage, congratulation!

Is only my 2 week into reboot, i have realise is not as bad... I dont really have to urge to watch porn nor masturbate.

Scary things is i use to get morning wood alot, but now I just didnt really have it... and nothing seem to excite me.. i have no sexual urge... kidna feel lifeless and scary...not sure why  but Maybe is just the depression that is hitting hard now.. haha feel like i am losing it soon.

Keep it up... you will be alright.



Ages 20-29 / Re: Reboot for the sake of My Love
« on: July 02, 2015, 07:23:32 AM »
Yes i finally realise that i am doing this not for her but myself... even without a girlfriend, this dopamine addiction needs to stop.

I have set up my goals and try to cope with the loss... and the best advise so far from this site is to fill those time...

Simple, if you have no free time, you will have no time to fap and think of crazy stuff..

Thanks for your reply mtaha, i appreciate it!

Signing off,


Ages 20-29 / Re: Reboot for the sake of My Love
« on: July 01, 2015, 06:51:00 AM »
Day 11: All seem lost?

Key Summary:
- Successfully hold on to my reboot.. havent watch any porn nor masturbated...
- Broke up with my girlfriend, in the end she is not the one... I was doing this for her sake, what meaning does it have to continue doing this?
- Feeling extremely anxious and depress... all cost seem lost?
- Convincing myself that i will do this to the future girl i meet, i must hold on~

I am strong, i should stay strong..this journal will prove my journey to a new life.

Signing off,


Ages 20-29 / Re: Reboot for the sake of My Love
« on: June 28, 2015, 05:58:48 PM »
Day 7: Succesfully did a week of reboot without P/M/O, it was really a tough week.

-On one had i had to deal with my big exam,
-On another hand i had to deal with my relationship problem,
-Then bad new broke that my housemate decide not to extend his lease so I had to find a new place to stay.

All this things are piling against me, I feel suffocated, anxious and depress. But I had decide to persevere on.

Maybe the suggestion for a new girl may be a right things to do. But as a busy working man working full-time is really hard to go meet someone.

Consider joining a gym just to work those stress of, and I saw exercise can increase one libido.

That all for now, will see how things work out.

Signing off,


Ages 20-29 / Reboot for the sake of My Love
« on: June 26, 2015, 11:17:32 PM »
Hi Guys,                     

[As of the title above, i have broke up with my girlfriend, but will not change it since it still reminds me what happen if i don't quit this dopamine addiction, that lose the one you love!  :'( ]

My First post here, I talk about my story and hope I get really get my much needed support here.

I am 24yo, started watching porn and PMO since ard 15. I just started rebooting myself on 22nd of June and currently in need for advice.

The reason I am Rebooting is for my girl. We met and i really like and adore her (could really do anything for her), we started dating and things escalated, while one day we were making out in bed, Kissing and all, I got an erection fairly quickly, but when she started stroking my P and giving me heads, My P went soft and I couldn't sustain an erection, even when 1 time I did sustain and erection I couldn't finish (this happen on multiple times). This got my girl and myself really frustrated, we did tried another few more time but most of the time I couldn't finish or sustain an erection (I was really anxious and frustrated trying to maintain an erection). She think is her problem that I am not turn on by her and she got really sexually frustrated.

Later I told her that I might have PIED. She said she is a little disappointed but will try to go through this with me, but I can feel she is starting to distance herself, and she said she prefer me not to stay over at her place anymore. Everything is going down and I am getting really bad anxiety and depress mood while trying to do a reboot (which i have manage to persevere for 1 week)  :'(

So I wonder if anyone around is experience a similar situation and hopefully could give me some advice.



Goals (Set on 02/07/2015):

*Join a gym: Not done yet
Workout for 1 month: Not done yet
Workout for 2 month: Not done yet
Wotkout for 3 month: Not done yet

*Find a new sport to play: Not done yet

*To socialize (go out to party or meet friends) at least twice a week:
Week 1: Not done yet
Week 2: Not done yet
Week 3: Not done yet

More goals to do!

Hi there buddy,

First of all I would like to say I am new to this so I am not sure if my words will help. But I find your situation very similar to mine.

Yes I am asian and use to be a game addict, staying at home playing game whole day and when i got bored with games, i started fapping to porn/hentai. Then it just repeat itself over and over agn.

I decide to go for rebooting becos I met a girl that i really like, we went out for date and things escalated quickly, we made out in bed, while in bed i got an erection really fast, we kiss and everything was going fine but the moment she gave head to me, touch my P, my penis started going soft, i couldnt maintain an erection or even if i do, i couldnt finish, this happened a few time while we were making out and i realise i had a problem. My girl think is her problem (think i am not turn on by her and her technique were not good), and started getting really sexually frustrated.. Things is starting to go downhill for me as i am typing this. I told her i might have PIED and she said she got a little disappointed by will try to go through it with me. She even banned me from staying over her place =( (which i really enjoy her company by my side).

So the whole point is, you situation is not as bad, you girlfriend is very supportive of you and you should use that as the very motivation on why you are doing this. Everytime you are tempted to PMO just think of her.

I am at day 7 of my reboot and I am already getting erection if i gently touch my P unintentionally (not sure if is good), but I hope my reboot process can last while i have to deal with my relationship problem, which is giving me really bad anxiety and depressed mood.

Preserve on brother, i believe you will be fine, sry if i didnt answer any questions. I let the expert do it


Hey mate,

Cheers on your decision to do the reboot, I had also just started this week because the very problem is affecting my relationship (and is not going very well), but is always good to see someone persevere thru. Let all work towards our goal and get our life back =)



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