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Hey screwedup, seeing that I'm still kinda new to this can I help me out on how to find sms 's journal?

Thanks for the note screwedup. It definitely helped me that I'm not alone. I'm gonna just keep trucking forward. I've come to far and I won't ever go back to porn. I know that at least. Its just a waiting game now. I'll keep staying the course of no O until I can get there by my wife's touch and not mine. I'll go look at sms now. Thanks for the help. Hope to hear from you again. If u need help or someone to listen I'll be here also!!

Please don't stop with advice for me if u think you have some. Or even if you just want someone to listen and talk to, hit me up here. Thanks again

Thanks all for the words of encouragement. I've been on T supplements for 6 months but hasntvreally helped. My levels are above normal now. I think I'll take your advice and stop M for awhile and take care of my wife still. Maybe I have to reconnect physically with her in bed without worrying about me. I'm gonna give it 3 months and see what happens. Thanks again and good luck and God bless!

Hey everyone. I'm Tuffy and I'm 47. I've been porn free for over a year since I found this site and have been lurking around reading alot of the posts but too intimidated to participate. But after all that time I still need fixed. Gabe, Noah, Gary and The rest of the guys have been a God send and I'm so happy I found them and you all, but I'm still in a dire spot that is scary to me. So I guess here goes  everything....
       The first time I had sex I was 18 and in college. I dated frequently and had sexual encounters with women just not intercourse until 18. I remember starting to masturbate around 14 yoa. It was usually done from reading sexy novels or when I found a playboy. I think I did it around 4 to 5 times a week, sometimes more than once a day. I started having ED right away. My first time sexual encounter I had problems and I remember think, Oh shit, this is embarrassing. After that I had ED pretty much all the time. As a younger guy I would get past it but I always would dread it happening again just before intercourse. I started taking pills for it(viagra first then all the rest). At first it worked, then they wouldn't until my mind was off of the worry. Then it was hit and miss. I was engaged to a very pretty( but later I found out she was a nutty fruitcake) English girl when I was around 35. I had very frequent ED problems with her and she was not very sensitive to my problems. I didn't stay with her long. After her I just whisked through a series of girlfriends, all with the same frequent ED problems. I always felt that I suffered from performance anxiety. I have gone to at least 5 different urologists. Twice to to a hypnotist. I have tried all the pills and even the shots...all to no avail. Not one of the Dr's even mentioned porn induced erectile dysfunction. 2 even mentioned penile implant which I seriously considered. Side note, since discovering internet porn in 2005, I've used it as a girlfriend surrogate.  I would get home From dates early so I could fap.  I've been using it non-stop From the time I began using It sometimes twice a day, up to 5 times week. It never got to the gross porn like bestiality or trans stuff, for me it was mostly facials and bukake. Then in June 2015 I discovered what PIED was. From that moment on I felt like a weight was dropped from my shoulders. 1 month later I met my wife. She is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. She is very understanding over my issue. I have now been porn free since June 2015. I'm concerned though because even though I've had never once relapsed to porn, I'm still not close to healed. I have only been able to achieve orgasm 5 times while inside her. I can maintain an erection long enough sometimes to be inside her for a while, but lose it frequently. I can never orgasm from anything except when I masturbate myself with her there next to me. I've only masturbated 3 times by myself since I've been with her. My libido is infrequent. I'm getting scared. As an older guy I read I should be farther along by now. And I know that everyone is different but I'm still highly concerned. Especially since my libido is so low recently. It's not fair to my wife wonderful wife although she is handling it better than me. I just need some help on what I can be doing to assist me. I think maybe I started orgasming before I should have? Maybe I should wait now? Why is it taking so much  longer even though I'm older? I look forward to anything u guys can give me or help me with!

Can anyone tell me where to find or at least how to interpret all the abbreviations? I know most of them ie....pmo, mo, ed, etc.. But am lost for others. I'm goomfm here! (going out of my f'ing mind). Lol. Thx for any ideas.

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