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I've actually got a partner now that understands. I make a bigger deal of it then she does!

Thanks man!

I can get an erection just from making out with a girl, but sometimes it'll disappear when things start to get a little more heavy! I find I can't relax. I know sex is suppose to be fun and relaxing, but I'm just finding it hard to relax. Especially since I've lost my wood before, the thought of it happening again enters my head! It seems to be a vicious cycle.

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction/Delayed Ejaculation / Need an opinion
« on: August 04, 2015, 02:34:49 PM »
So, I've been reading up on this PIED stuff! I did the self test, and this is what I came up with.

I can get an erection without porn, and I can also get one just from light touching. I can also get a erection while standing and maintain it during masturbation.

My problem is losing my erection when I'm with a woman. It seems to happen a lot more when I'm sober then when I've been drinking! I'm wondering if this is more of a case of Performance Anxiety rather then PIED.

Just to be safe I've given up PMO anyways!

Any advice or opinion would be greatly appreciated!

That's fantastic news, dude! Keep up the good fight.

Hey fnatk,

Thanks for the positive feedback! I have the best girl anybody could ever ask for to rewire with. I just want to kick this thing!!

How is your reboot coming? :)

Hey Enryce,

I am fairly new to this process, but I am fairly confident that any sort of artificial stimulation is bad! I would suggest staying away from any sort of video or picture!

Remember, if it ain't real then no deal!

Keep in mind... just because you may have done something you shouldn't have doesn't mean all progress is lost! You stayed away from it for 5 months! Get back on that horse and take the reins! Keep up the excellent work.

Hello all,

I am fairly new to this. I guess I should start by telling you some background about myself. I am a 26 year old male, and in average shape. I have just currently started dating the woman of my dreams. She is in every aspect perfect to me. She is sexy, beautiful, funny, easy to talk to. We have been recently fooling around and well, as you know, the dreaded ED kicked in. This has happened before in a previous relationship, but I just shrugged it off as performance anxiety as it was our first time hooking up. The ED never really reared its ugly head until I started fooling around with this girl. It happened the first time we fooled around, but again, I shrugged it off as nerves and performance anxiety. It then happened a couple times in a row, but another time I was able to perform and it was unbelievable and never had any problems. We even managed to have sex on her stairs. Now, the past two times we fooled around I was unable to maintain my erection. I will add that when we are making out in her kitchen or another room that I almost always become hard just from kissing. It just seems like when we step into the bedroom something goes wonky with my dick!

I am basically not entirely sure what is going on. I have watched a lot of porn, and it was almost like a nightly routine for me to masturbate to porn, orgasm, and then head to bed. When I was in my previous relationship I didn't watch much porn, but when we broke up it became a daily thing once I got over her. Prior to that relationship I was a fairly avid user of porn to masturbate. I will add that I never did watch anything too crazy. Just the normal stuff!

Before I met this girl of my dreams, I was hooking up with another girl I met. I never once had PIED or any performance anxiety. Never even had trouble putting on a condom.

Basically, when I am with this girl I feel so overwhelmed. I almost question what she is doing with me, and I get so caught up in that. I get in my head and I can't get out. I just don't want to disappoint her, and I don't want to lose my erection again. All this is going through my head, and I can't get it out. I can't even focus on kissing her and relaxing and just enjoying it. We had a great talk this morning after a failed attempt at sex, and I just told her basically what I just wrote in this paragraph. She assured me she's not pressuring me, or anything like that. She told me I am exactly what she needs and she really cares about me.

I just basically want to know what the eff is going on with me! Could it be PIED? Really bad performance anxiety? I just get so confused because I have hooked up with a few girls before this relationship and I never had a single problem.

I have started a reboot anyways! I figured it couldn't hurt!

Any input would be so greatly appreciated, and if anybody has any questions or needs some more advice I will happily answer!

Also.. I am 26 days into my reboot!

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