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It's weird to think about how long I, as well as many others, have been dealing with this bad habit or addiction. I feel like I've wasted so much time on PMO instead of enjoying life. This is something that I've struggled with for a long time, on and off. I've had times where I was able to pull myself away from the PMO lifestyle, but that was not as often as it should have been.

I think this is something that started in my teen years. It was something that I started doing because I heard other students talking about P and M, and these were terms I hadn't heard before. I had grown up in a Christian home, so I may have been a little more ignorant to these types of topics and my brain and thought process were more innocent. It felt like once that seed was planted in my brain, I started down a path of PMO. I can say, it has been one of the hardest habit or addictions that I've tried to break.

I am really hoping to stop P use altogether, and instead can have healthier relationships with women. I'm also hoping to come out stronger and with a better ability to focus on the important things in my life. I really want my virility and vitality to go back to normal. I know that I will be better off letting go of the PMO completely. I'm here on this website to help me down the right path. It's nice knowing that I'm not the only one who has struggled with PMO. It also gives me hope knowing that other people have successfully quit PMO. Most of the time, after PMO, I would be very disappointed with myself. I was disappointed and upset with myself because I let something else have control over my life.

I didn't use porn today, which was really great! Feels like I'm starting off on the right foot. I know it's the first day, but it makes me happy. I really think that my biggest trigger is stress. Another trigger is bedtime, which I think came about when I would have a hard time going to sleep. Instead of finding other ways to cope with stress, I turned to PMO.

I'm grateful for websites like this, that really want to help people like myself. This is a very private matter, and I don't feel that it's something I can discuss with many people I know. I'm also happy to have my health, and to have family and friends around that love me and care about my life and my success. I'm very grateful for the job that I have right now, and how good things are going.

I was having trouble with the day counter. For some reason I noticed that the app was having issues. Hopefully it will be fixed soon so I can add it to my profile.

I have been an addict for what seems like a long time. Last time I PMO'd was on 1/26. Started in my early teens like many others on this forum. I knew I had a problem, and I realized how in denial I was about my problem. I have wanted to get past this issue for a long time, but I didn't know where I could go for help. I also kept thinking to myself, "it's not really as bad as it seems". I am glad I found this website. It's nice to really know that I'm not the only one struggling with porn addiction and is willing to admit it. But I'm tired of being addicted and I know it has messed with my head and how I feel about my confidence, self esteem, happiness, etc. I have realized that this type of addiction is not something I can deal with or fight alone. I have tried to quit cold turkey, only to last maybe a week without PMO, then suddenly it's back to fappin away. It actually makes me sad and angry to realize how much of my time has been wasted to such a thing.....all that time that could have gone to much more meaningful and fulfilling things in life. I would like to never again have to turn to PMO. I'm really looking forward to getting my life back in track and I think rebootnation is really going to help.

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