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Wow you people really believe humans must ejaculate whenever they wish... Good luck quitting porn. You are not only addicted to porn you are addicted to porn life. If your spouse is sick and you want to have sex, you wait for her to get better?? Seems like its not even an option in your minds. For me, that would be the behavior of a RECOVERED porn addict. No quick fixes and effortless dopamine highs that got you fucked up in the first place. Life does not works like that. In life, sometimes you have to wait, plan, fail, get rejected etc.

@Dave the Chemist, do you miss the topic of recovering from PIED while masturbating though? Did you ever heard of such case? Where? Is there a success story on YBOP where someone recovered from PIED by jerking off few times a week during reboot?

WHAT are you even arguing about??  lol.  I said..... Masturbation is practical, because you're NOT always going to have someone available for sex.  You're agreeing with me!
Says it all, you are not even aware of the topic. The topic is masturbation, so me agreeing that you will not always have someone available for sex does not mean you are supposed to masturbate whenever you are without a partner. Not being able to fulfill all your sexual desires is the real life situation. Porn messed us up to the point of believing that every time we wanna have sex we should jack off or have sex, period. That is porn life not real life. In real life you dont get to enjoy sex easily and effortlessly whenever you want. No risk and no effort with high reward is porn life not real life and any activity that gets your sexual satisfied without having to engagement, without confidence, without possibility of rejection etc. Is contributing to porn pathways in the brain more than real sexual pathways that we are supposed to engage in.

You probably straight up lying about your PIED, it took you 3 posts to give an answer  ;D Just kidding but I never heard of people masturbating during reboot and recovering from PIED. 90 days have always been a minimum period, even for older guys... What you talk just makes no sense in any way shape or form so I understand you not wanting to talk about it any more :)

You probably not gonna get this but someone will.

Success Stories / Re: 31 days no masturbation
« on: November 20, 2019, 05:34:55 PM »
Good job, try cutting out that fantasy maybe from now on. Whether you see it in your mind or on the screen, there is no intimacy going on. There is no other person with you to exchange the energy with. You are still lonely and in full control, switching from scene to scene at will or even automatically... totally opposite of the real thing. The more you think about it, the more thinking about sexual stuff does not make sense and it is much closer to porn than it is to the real thing. If you have still strong urges and fantasies its maybe because you keep feeding them in your mind so they will never go away.

How do you feel after 31 days of semen retention? That is a long time, very few people can do it. Whats the experience, except those fantasies?

Again no mention of PIED. Im stricticly saying for PIED, I never heard someone recovered in 3 months by masturbating couple of times per week. That is non sense.

Masturbating is practical, because of life. You're not going to always have someone available for sex every time you want it.
What you mean by this, you should always have someone available for sex whenever you want it? That is real life? That sounds more like porn life.

You want to completely kill your sex drive by never using it... be my guest!
Who said anything about not being intimate with a girl?

Just keep jacking off, you will see after couple of years the cycle. I did 8 months without MO and single MO session killed all my progress (PIED back again) and left me with craving for more and more MO until eventually craving PMO again and ending up like you now. I was not cured though, maybe after couple of years you can allow yourself some MO here and there but to jack off since day 1 is almost impossible to quit or recover from PIED (long term).

Good thoughts.

My own choice has been to remain private, and the most I do is post on these threads to help people along, though I wish these sites got more traffic.  Sometimes I play with the idea of writing something like a "rebooters handbook" or similar, though there are so many of those things out there, I'm not sure that more noise is what the community needs right now.

My story also didn't involve trying to have sex and not being able to get a boner.  I knew porn was causing damage from the get-go, though I didn't necessarily know how much.  I, too, keep hearing stories of young men dealing with impotence, and often not making the connection back to porn use.
Write that handbook, its not noise if its going to help someone. Community needs a lot more material on this subject. There will never be too much good information and guides in the world. There is always space and purpose for more helpful material in any area so please go ahead if you feel inspired to write that handbook. I would give it a try.

Hah!  Nonsense.  I recovered from Porn addiction a few years back, and I did NOT quit masturbating.  Actually I take that back, I tried both ways.  No PMO for a month KILLED my libido.  I mean destroyed it.  But quitting just the porn and MO'ing a couple times a week, after... 3 or 4 months I was back in the game!  I had GREAT erections even with a few very average girls.

Unfortunately I fell back into the porn trap and I'm here quitting again - this time with the help of this group instead of quietly by myself.

If quitting all 3 - PMO is what worked for you - great!  But don't tell him it's the only way to do it.  that is simply not true.
Well, looks like MO really worked for you... quitting again though... MO can get you stuck for life in the relapse cycle because it can act as a porn substitute and prolong the reboot and relapse cycle way too long. And I cant believe MOing couple times a week cured your PIED...  :o never heard of such case with PIED and masturbation.

You said you recovered from porn addiction, it does not mean PIED? Great erections after 3-4 months does not mean you had none before quitting?... Did you had PIED and recovered from PIED by masturbating couple of times per week? If so, find me a success PIED story on YBOP with people who did that? Who masturbates couple of times per week during reboot and recovers from PIED?

Also KILLED libido is part of reboot. Its like saying quitting alcohol caused shaking. Its required for reboot. If you dont get into flatline, you are still overstimulating your brain and its not gonna work in the long run... You seem to experience it.

Porn Addiction / Re: Waking up at night to pmo?
« on: November 09, 2019, 06:45:26 PM »
Thats fucked up, I cant quit even without that problem. I could imagine waking up in the middle of the night to jerk off, it would be impossible to quit. I do wake up sometimes and I have a huge need to go to bathroom but I just cant fucking move so I just go back to sleep for few more hours until I can get out and take a piss or shit.

Maybe decrease your sleep time, you sleep too much if you can wake up in the middle of the night and do anything. That is probably bad advice from me but I cant come up with anything else.

Cash rules everything around me. There is no much money in quitting porn thats why its not a big subject yet. Money makes the world go around. Actually there is more money in porn addiction.

Ages 20-29 / Re: Day 100 - From hardmode to not hardmode.
« on: November 04, 2019, 06:57:39 PM »
Im gonna cease to exist here at some point because i saw admins are simply not that smart with their opinion of masturbation, fleshlight use and other stuff they are sharing with struggling porn addicts. but. If you are talking about errors that you should not do, I would have to say self pleasing yourself. Porn use is simply self pleasing yourself. Do not do that in any shape or form and you will be alright forever and ever (regarding PIED and porn addiction).

avoiding seduction is pretty easy unless you are a girl, just chill out. as far as urges, nofap will reduce fapping urges to a minimum.

why you want to keep your libido low? if you want pedophile lifestyle of a priest, just suppress your sexuality. i clearly understand urges and cravings are messing things up but whats wrong with libido? maybe you got your definitions mixed up. 

Ages 40 and up / Re: I’m a mess
« on: October 30, 2019, 05:08:04 PM »
I am 53 years old and I’ve been struggling with porn addiction for years. Even now as I type this I am sitting alone and am tempted to watch porn on my phone out of boredom. I am 8 days into my reboot.
you can watch something else. like this series

Porn Addiction / Re: Suffer from 3 distinct addictions - all compulsive
« on: October 30, 2019, 05:06:18 PM »
✌️... I like food and alcohol

Porn Addiction / Re: Can i use a fleshlight to quit porn?
« on: October 30, 2019, 08:23:12 AM »
Reboot getting slowed down does not mean simply positive changes are going to take longer to show up. It also means negative stuff is going to linger for longer and it takes more suffering to quit. Anyone looking for porn subs as a way to ease suffering already is obviously not gonna be able to deal with it for the even longer period of time. If you deal with cravings differently they may start decreasing after 3 months but if you keep feeding them they are gonna stay around for a lot longer. Maybe never leave... Why would they if you feed them? They may increase, demand more and more from you.

Feeding porn cravings never works. Whether its masturbation, fleshlight, sexting, social media... whatever you use to sexually arouse yourself is not gonna work well for you. You are alone in your room trying to sexually please yourself. Thats pretty much description of a porn use. You are addicted to that, if you want to quit, it does not make much sense to keep doing it in your reboot.

Ages 20-29 / Re: Sex during reboot
« on: October 29, 2019, 10:55:51 AM »
1. Avoid sex first 90 days. After 90 days you can have sex but limit Oing during sex.. Standard is to limit it to 1 Orgasm per 7-10 days until sexual dysfunctions go away. If you experience porn cravings, chaser effects or any other negative effects than limit it to once in 10-15 days.

2. Fully recovered from what? ED? When you experience no ED problems during sex, you will know you are fully recovered from ED. If it is combinations of symptoms (ED, DE, chaser effect, flatline etc.) you are experiencing and you are wondering how will you know if you are fully recovered from them... When they are all gone, then you are fully recovered.

I feel all the symptoms of flatline but I didn't get there by abstinence, I got there by binging on porn.
Yup all the withdrawal symptoms can show up even when you are not rebooting. It is what eventually happens, more and more withdrawal symptoms are appearing even if you keep using porn. Its downard spiral. Year after year you will experience more and more bad symptoms but usually you dont notice it because it is gradual and inconsistent so you may blame it or think its because of someone else or something else, not porn use. That is the usual case.

Withdrawal symptoms are basically current symptoms that you grew accustomed to, but magnified and maybe then some more. For example addicts with PIED are already in flatline, all the time. When they get into reboot, this gets magnified and they feel completely "dead" down there. But what kind of feeling "alive" it is when you cant get it up with a butt naked girl in bed with you? They just grew accustomed to the flatline and notice it more when it gets quickly, not gradually, magnified.

Ages 20-29 / Re: Shemale Addiction
« on: October 25, 2019, 09:42:47 AM »
Day 33:
Im aiming for 45 days right now
baby steps baby
good numbers, doing good

@Johnny Trailer, Occasionally, yes - without porn. Went several years without M'ing at all, but now every once in a while I do. Although, I'd still personally advise peeps to stay away, especially during a reboot, most of the time I do it to fight pre-mature ejaculation and take it slow and focus on sensation.
Thanks man this is what I asked you in private message some time ago but I understand you are busy or never seen it to answer it. I never hear from anyone who actually recovered from PIED who still masturbates without some withdrawal symptoms coming back, chaser effect, some sexual dysfunction symptoms or things like that. So I always went with my experience which is pretty bad with MO. I was 8 months nofap with occasional sex (successful or just attempt) before I tried that soft grip, sensation only etc. Withdrawal symptoms, PIED, chaser effect... everything came back stronger than before and I relapsed 2 months later (PMO). So its possible, that is refreshing to hear. Okay so I probably just fapped several years too soon. It was so disastrous experience that left me convinced that never ever again, even after 10 years, I (and anybody else with PIED or porn addiction in general) can possibly touch myself without some consequences. 

Porn Addiction / Re: Long term effects of high speed internet porn
« on: October 25, 2019, 09:28:05 AM »
I believe PIED will always be reversible. Yeah brains will get morphed more but still, cut the porn and it comes back. Only thing I believe would be different is withdrawal symptoms.

I see you havent escalated much. 5 minutes per video is not too high novelty. Its still a lot but a lot of porn addicts change videos every 30 seconds, they have multiple tabs open, compilations, fast forwards... Just constant bombardment, nothing like 5 minutes per video. Maybe thats the reason behind your ability to still have sex, your brain hasnt numbed down yet its still fighting well. But the battle may last another year or maybe less who knows, I wouldnt bet its gonna last another 20-30 years. If you watch HSIP 2 hours per day and that is your average, who knows how long your brain can stay open to that before starting to need more and more.

Yes, you can masturbate. However, you have to decide for yourself if that is the best thing for your reboot. My advice would be to only have sex and avoid M, especially for the first few months of your reboot. This is from our Basics of Rebooting page:

"To masturbate, or not to masturbate, that is the question"

As stated, we have only two "rules': 1) Stop using artificial sexual stimuli, and 2) Do what works for you. Many guys have discovered it is helpful to eliminate or drastically reduce masturbation/orgasm during a reboot. Possible reasons to drastically reduce or eliminate masturbation during a reboot:

1. If you have porn-induced ED, your brain is saying: "I can't do this anymore". Understand that your urge to masturbate is not true libido - you are addicted to porn, or your sexuality is conditioned to pixels. If you need porn to masturbate, or have a partially erect penis when you do, you are not horny or in need of "release". You are addicted and seeking a fix: a temporary dopamine high.

2.The majority of men with porn-induced ED need to drastically reduce masturbation and orgasm. When you have a pathology, you usually need to do more than just eliminate the cause - in this case porn use. You don't generally break a leg by putting weight on it. However, once it's broken you have to cast it, use crutches and eliminate walking while you heal. Same goes for porn-induced ED. You don't have to wear a cast, but you need to give your brain time to heal, free of intense sexual stimulation.

Masturbation and porn use are tightly wired together. Like Pavlov's dog that salivated when it heard the bell, you will start drooling for porn when masturbating. Time is needed to weaken the neural connections intertwining wanking and watching.

Recovery may be easier without masturbation/orgasm. Remove masturbation/orgasm from the equation and most guys experience a sharp decline in sexual desire, we call the flatline. (See: "HELP! I quit porn, but my potency, genital size, and libido are decreasing")

When you also eliminate orgasm/masturbation, not just porn, it seems to precipitate a more complete and deeper withdrawal, and thus healing.
Masturbation and orgasm strongly reactivate cravings to use porn. It has been surprising to witness that most men have an easier time eliminating masturbation than they do porn. For most guys with porn addiction, masturbation is simply not that interesting without porn, and they are amazed to discover that porn, not their libido, was driving their constant search for relief.

Caveat: All the above is based on the current feedback given to us by successful rebooters. It is subject to change.

Caveat 2: Some guys with porn-induced ED need to orgasm in order to jump-start their brains after a reboot or extended flatline
For more information regarding the Basics of Rebooting, check out our video -
Do you masturbate though? Does Noah Church masturbate? Can you share a link of a recovered porn addicts with PIED, who still masturbates? Does Mark Queppet masturbate? Does anybody with a face masturbate after recovering from PIED?

You are porn addict? You had no problem when using porn but you have problem during sex? That is PIED. Very common and known symptom of porn addiction, nothing to freak out about. I got it, a lot of people got it. Its one of the most common symptoms that gets people to question their porn use and its more common among younger guys.

Take mental health professional help if you feel you need it. Thats if you cant calm yourself down by reading millions stories of others having the same problem like you and recovering simply by adopting nofap lifestyle.

nofap is for life not just during reboot. Its basically a porn substitute and there are no porn substitutes for porn addicts.

With sex, you should go hard mode first 3 months. Any type of O can set you back or prolong the reboot at this point so try to limit it or eliminate it completely for the first few months. You can be more flexible with this, its not like masturbation, you will definitely be able to have sex so its more flexible regime but still very helpful thing to cut off completely.

You sound like some smoker in the 70s who is confused "I feel calmer after a cigarette, therefore its good, feeling calmer 20x per day is good", "But my lungs hurt, naah its mostly from the weather and Im little cold", "Naah I dont know but I will quit just in case". Yeah sure  ;D Thats the mentality and motivation to deal with strong cravings when they come. Just in case. People quit addictions like that, just in case? Nope, they put everything into it and still fail many times. The only way to "quit" this way for you is if you are not addicted in the first place. By addicted I mean no physical brain changes occurred due to heavy porn use.

You should let the "lung cancer" come in so you are not so confused about pros and cons.

Porn Addiction / Re: Long term effects of high speed internet porn
« on: October 23, 2019, 09:15:09 AM »
Also cancer is just an end of the endless suffering loop that smokers and alcoholics go through. I would be the first one to get wasted every day if the cancer was the only thing thats gonna happen after 30+ years. They escalate as every addict in every addiction. They escalate they need more they stop feeling good when they use their drug and then they use it to feel less shitty, feeling more and more shitty with more and more bad symptoms. Thats the progress that happens over the years or decades. Cancer is the end of that endless escalation of suffering.

Porn Addiction / Re: Long term effects of high speed internet porn
« on: October 23, 2019, 09:06:15 AM »
I dont believe there is permanent desensitization damage from porn addiction. You can always reverse the symptoms if you quit but it will surely take more time and it will be almost impossible to quit without some type of rehabilitation center which Im sure is gonna be available in 30+ years. 30+ years of HSIP, virtual reality and who knows what else is coming in the future, would demolish your prefrontal cortex and leave you with no ability to make rational decision in your life, hence the need for actual physical center to put you in to make other people make those decisions for you.

After 30+ years of high tech porn use, like HSIP (and other even more stimulating ways that will show up for you to escalate to) you would live in constant anxiety, fear and depression. You would live in a state of mild panic attack but dont worry, its not as bad as it sounds. You would not notice it because it would come on very gradually over the years. People adapt to a whole lot of misery if it comes slowly and gradually. ED would not be a big deal because at this point you would prefer hi tech porn anyway. But the problem would be not being able to get aroused even with VR headset that put you into 4D reality with compilation of aliens cheating their husbands with shemale predators.

I mean who knows in what kind of misery you can get yourself into, Im just guessing but you will be able to come back with the rehabilitation centers established. There will be rehabilitation centers for porn addicts 30+ years into the future. With the progress of technology and access to porn there will be lost cases that needs that type of center to be able to quit and by that time porn addiction is gonna get recognized and dealt with on the government/higher level (like heroin addiction).

What you mean by chronically abusing porn? Do you use it multiple times per day?

Ages 20-29 / Re: Shemale Addiction
« on: October 23, 2019, 07:52:26 AM »
You are only little over a month on nofap so dont judge your results yet. first two months things usually gets worse, only around 3rd month you will see more regular positive progress but not always. If you dont like your shemale attraction, it will fade away with time and only your natural attractions will remain or come to the surface.

If you are thinking about sex every time you lay down to sleep, thats a prescription for relapse. Why you think about it? Because you are lonely? Bored? What problem you are coping with sex thoughts? Discomfort of laying down in bed? Change the coping mechanism. If you cant sleep, get out of the bed and go for a walk. There is no point in laying in bed and thinking about sex when you cant fall asleep.

Every time you crave porn (think about sex), think about what you are actually feeling? Its probably loneliness or boredom. Maybe sadness and depression, anger?? Whatever, find other ways to give yourself a break. Dont look for dopamine that comes from thinking about sex as a solution that makes you feel better in certain situation. Thats a highway to relapse. Your brain is wired to feel horny and crave porn in a lot of problematic situations because you used porn a lot of times in the past to escape a lot of different things. This escapism mechanism only deepens the problem that you are trying to escape. Look what is behind a craving and deal with it in different ways or you will stay stuck in porn addiction like most porn addicts.

Its hard sometimes for me to explain myself fully in english. Better listen this guy yourself if you wanna get out of the relapse loop:    and follow the instructions from reboot regimen

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