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Ages 20-29 / Re: finally had success!!!!!
« on: October 07, 2015, 12:08:00 AM »
Went a few years struggling hard with this. Had a lot of longer streaks and then a lot of shorter but still decent streaks of 3 or 4 weeks. But then I found a wonderful girl named Jen. After a few weeks of dating we tried to have sex and it didn't work the first two times so I told her about my problem. She was veeeeerrry supportive from the get go which was a huuuuge load off my mind. After about a month and a half later I've now had sex successfully 5 times. Finally not a 22 year old virgin. The sex feels great (for the minute I can last before having orgasm) but I've never felt better in my life than I do now. Worth the work of waiting and not jerking off for a while. Couldn't have done it without this forum and website.

Well, life is good. 34 days now no pmo. Proud of myself for making it to this point. I honestly used to think it was impossible to make it this long. I've noticed a lot of changes. My flaccid size is damn near doubled lol, not sure about size when I'm hard. Gonna do it this time. I'm gonna make it to the end and live a normal life.

Had a moment of weakness today. Been awake for 22 hours and didn't sleeping last night, I'm guessing that didn't help but I edged once today. A picture in an ad on Facebook triggered it. More sleep and concentration is what I'm lookin for now. This is the longest I've ever went and I'm not about to throw it away. I know that if I jerk it once the chaser effect shit is gonna get me like it always has. And ya, still a virgin unfortunately, but I definatly believe you when you say pussy is better than ol righty. And I'm honestly really looking forward to having a wet dream or something that will show me proof of progress . Anyone here who has had success with their reboot or made it longer than 30 days have wet dreams ever? Not sure how long it takes for that or if it's even going to happen?

Seriously Hornier than ever the past few days. Going on 18 days tho. I've gotten really close to masterbation again but I start doing it for a fee seconds and I've been strong enough mentally to fight it an in a fee minutes I'm fine. All I have to keep in mind is that when the urges come let them. Just realize that they will go away after a few minutes if you can distract your mind from them. Things are going well with my ex girlfriend lately. She was the first person I ever told about my pmo problem and she was wo supportive but I I thought It wasn't fair to her to be stuck with me and I broke up with her for a stupid reasons, and I've regretted it ever since we broke up about a year ago. I need to build up some guys and tell her that and hopefully things will be on track again. I can feel the good things happening lately and I hope for the same to you all

My counter is off, I'm 15 days no pmo. I'm done messing around. Just turned 22 yrs old today. This is my longest streak in the year and a half since I figured out what my problem was, and it's amazing making it this far even. I'm eating a lot better, exercising a lot more, I'm doing the cold shower thing, trying to get into breathing exercises and meditation.  Figuring out that staying busy and sleeping is definatly a big help. Having something planned for the mornings that makes me get out d bed is essential for me. If I wake up And lay in bed it always seemed to end up in a bad place. I'm definatly noticing weird emotional side effects,Highs and lows, for some reason I cried twice while watching the movie avatar lol. That was a wierd one for me. Definatly feeling a loooot more sexual towards wan in public. I feel like woman look at me differently than I've ever noticed before. Probably helps that I've lost about 8 pounds in the last 2 months. Had some close calls in the last 15 days but I've managed to fight the urge. Not to much problems with staying away from porn lately it seems to be the urge to M. Pray for me and wish me luck. I would really like to be able to write in the success stories part of this forum by the time I'm 23.

Havnt been on here for a long time, found an app called brain buddy and it's pretty awesome, still workin thru relapses and it's tough.once I give in to an urge even a little I'm screwed it seems like. I really need to somehow stop giving in and just stop.

So, the same girl that I was talking about in my very first post has been talkin to me a lot lately, and For a while I thought she didn't like me but lately I've been getting a strong indication that she probably does. I really want to be with her but I'm just really worried about having that "talk" with her if this turns into something more. She is friends with quite a few other girls and guys that I'm also friends with. I feel like if she liked me enough to want to have sex with me I should be able to trust her enough to work with me and not tell anyone about this problem. But idk what I would do if she took in a bad way and ended up telling even 1 of her friends about it. The only good thing about this worry seems to be the extra kick in the ass it gives me to try harder at not relapsing. Any thoughts or advice would be nice. Thanks

Another relapse. I gotta find a way to strengthen my mind. I just don't seem to have the willpower to stop this.

Is this normal to go into a flatline like this? Even the first 2to 4 days I had no urges. Havnt read anything like that before, maybe this is telling me that even tho I relapse my brain is still making progress?

On day 7 with no pmo, it's like all my urges went away. I was relapsing every day or 2 for about a month or so and I feel like all of a sudden I went from pmo a lot straight into a flatline. Feeling the withdrawals too. Getting headaches quite frequently but nothing that's to bad.

Struggling so much this past month, so much stress recently and I just can't seem to fight off the urges when they happen. My plan is to go visit ybop again, it's been a while since I have and I just think reading all of this stuff on there more should hopefully help me out

I was talking I a guy at work yesterday and he said nothin worth having comes easy, and that's been stuck in my head all day and that's what I've been thinking when the urges have been hitting. Idk why this quote hit me so hard but I'm glad I heard it because I really feel like it's gotten me through the last day, so here's for another attempt at rebooting. Gonna have to stay off my phone and off the internet more. Here goes nothin!

All right, relapsed again this morning. I'm fine all day but once I try going to sleep and when I wake up it's like I'm half out of it or something and I just can't control myself. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm gonna try my best. Good luck to you guys too, I can't wait till I make it 10 months too

October and November have been tough. I can't seem to get past 2 to 5 days. I pretty much stopped trying for that girl I was talking about earlier. But I'm supposed to take a different girl out to dinner this week sometime. It just worries me getting involved with another girl, because when the last one blew me off I got all pissed off over nothing and ended up ruining a 26 day streak. Tryin my best, just gotta get stronger minded. I'm going back to crossfit next week too, so hopefully that will help a lot. Before I injured my knee early this year I was I. The best shape of my life and I was never that confident withheld before, so I'm hoping to get back that confidence to help me thru this

I read your thread....its an encouraging one....probably the larger size of the problem i am facing now....I would say just keep going....set the goal....even I have at times three or four times a day....and then it was a miserable feeling....but I have started it again....lets see how I perform this time....also...I might sound selfish....but this is a list of questions that I am worried about....if you can....just answer them....I posted a one replied....this is the post as follows....good luck brother....and wish me luck will get your girl....I am sure....I understood I have a problem when I was making out with my girlfriend...she supported me....I am sure you will get out of this problem asap....just keep in mind that there is light at the end of the post is this:

I have been trying really hard to enforce 'No PMO' first it starts easily....then all of a sudden I have this extreme urge to masturbate....and I give times I watch porn and masturbate....its bad....really bad....I feel guilty after doing it....
It is now that I have started it....its been 3 days has not been difficult till now....

1. I am not having that intense urge to masturbate this time. Is this something to worry about??
2. Before,going without masturbation for 2 days used to give me from a semi hard-on to a fairly good hard-on at times. Now its not giving a hard on. What is going on??
3. I am not having the withdrawal syndrome after stopping watching porn all of a sudden.
4. Till some days back, I used to get attracted(sexually and only sexually because the girl is attractive) to a girl. I found today, there was no such attraction. She is a good friend of mine. And I didnt even have that excitement after hugging her. Dont get me wrong, but I used to feel something in my stomach its not happening....To sum up...I am having a lack of libido....after all these days....

Just tell me if any of this is at all normal. Any information would be helpful......
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Oops quoted the wrong post read the one above this. Hope it helps

You are experiencing the flaflat line. . Keep on with the NO PMO.  It will pass.

All of it sounds familiar from other posts that I've read, the lack of libido and no desire towards your friend sounds like what people are calling the flatline phase which apparently sucks, I'm not sure if I experienced flatline or not but I think I did and I acctually liked it except I was getting headaches. On my longest streak I think I went 26 days without p and 10 days without m. During that streak I never had much of an urge to watch p until that day that I relapsed. But the m has been a killer for me. But that 10 day streak I had I think I was flatlining because it was te easiest 10 days of not M-ing that I've had. But then it hit me like a ton of bricks and I messed up. But all we can do is keep trying and get better. Lately I've been a little depressed too and that's normal I know, so I try and embrace it as a good depression that will fuel my reboot. But I hope this helped, and just know that this isn't easy for anyone. I appreciate the posts here, I just gotta jump back on the train and start living a normal life compared to this crap that's pullin me down.

Relapses 3 times In the past 2 days, this sucks. I need to keep my head In this and try harder. This weekend was a killer, I need to stay busier on the weekends.

Well messed up again and m'd, the p doesn't seem to be as much if a problem, but the urge to m keeps Hittin me pretty hard, but I havnt been fantasizing when I m. It's always when I'm goin to sleep or when I wake up and I'm still half asleep. Like today i did t even remember m'ing because I woke up did it and then passed out again then about an hour after u woke up I was kinda pissed. Anyone got any tips to avoid this?

Here we go, still doin good today, been working 12 hr days this week and got another 12 hr shift today so in stayin busy. Just otta keep it up now

She's been texting me and stuff all night so I'm feelin pretty positive, I am feeling hopeful about my chances with her and with my reboot, I feel like this could have been a lot worse of a relapse, I'm glad it was just a few pics and not an hour or 2 binge, and the next couple days are gonna be busy for me so I think that will Will help a lot with the first couple days after relapsing. Just gonna have to keep my head up and stay positive. And on another note I just gotta say that this girl is awesome, I'm a country boy and this girl even drives a truck lol. Dream come true right?

Ya, I literally just relapsed and messed up today, I went on google images for about 2 mins and looked and some pictures I shouldn't have and then quickly got off there, but about 10 mins later I ended up m-ing, that girl canceled on me for tomorrow, but she sounds like she had a legit reason and will end up rescheduling, but that really kinda pissed me off and apparently that must have been enough to make me relapse...almost a month down the drain, but hey, that's the best I've ever done and I'm lookin forward to beating this and going even longer on this next try.

I'm learning that I need to stay off the internet as much as possible for a while, to many triggers are everywhere

Ya man, tryin my best lol. I'm just really stressin and nervous right now . I'm taking the girl I was talking about earlier in the above posts out on Saturday evening I'm I'm excited and also feeling just about every emotion all at once the past couple days and usually before the past 24 days this would be game time for pmo and I know I can get thru this because i know if I mess up now I'm just hurting my chances to last with this girl and making my reboot longer, and I'm literally just realizing what I just wrote as I'm writing this. This forum works and it makes me think clearly while I write these posts. I've been neglecting coming on here lately and I think I need to be on here daily. Love the help tho. So we need to keep on keepin on this reboot. I'll try to visit your journal and post back too

The urges to me are definatly there in the mornings and at night, and now after 23 days my urge to watch p or see any type of female sexually is getting strong. It's getting hard to deal with and I feel like I'm in trouble. I think I need some advice to keep battling this. I've read a lot and trying my best but anything new helps. Thanks

Apparently maybe I did have a chaser effect and it just didn't really hit me for 2 days because I've been havin a pretty bad week with m ing but still I havnt watched any p, so I still feel like that's good too

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