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Ages 20-29 / Turning Point
« on: June 12, 2019, 08:20:47 AM »
Years passed and this addiction simply became a part of my life. My inability to stop led me to believe it was "normal". The thought of never being able to stop was slowly being accepted within me. It wasn't a problem until I tried to stop and realized it's harmful.

Along the way, the content I was watching began to intensify and visual stimulation became insufficient altogether. This was when I opted for other means... Interacting on the the web and social media with the wrong people brought me to an end. Not to pornography, but to my studies and job.
Now that I was in the light I had set out to stop for good. Unfortunately, this didn't last too long. I was back at it. It was a struggle with the fact that I couldn't stop on my own, yet lacked the proper tools or accountability to fight back. There weren't many places I could turn to seeking a support group, this was until FTND recommended this site.

Not entirely sure what the outcome will be, but the past has passed. Im determined to stop by attacking the problem at its core: CONNECTION.

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