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I have a lot of things restricted on my computer and I don't use a smart phone.

I feel like a complete weirdo, literally blocked out of all social media, apps and everything like that. I also don't use a smart phone. I just feel like a complete weirdo. It is getting me completely away from artificial sexual stimulation though, which I suppose is the most important thing right?

But I don't want to live my entire life never being able to use anything like this?

Yesterday I woke up with morning wood and was getting a lot of random erections through out the day. Today I have woke up and feel like I have ed.

I mainly focus on giving up all porn and artificial sexual stimulation. I do occasionally still masturbate to realistic fantasy. When I used to try giving up everything I used to relapse to porn and artificial sexual stimulation more. But when I put my main focus in to giving up porn and artificial sexual stimulation I get much longer streaks.

I have heard that in the rebooting process ejaculating does seem to set guys back sometimes? Like when they ejaculate they seem to go in and out of flat lines more? So maybe this is all that's happening?

But yesterday I had rock solid boners a lot of the day. I masturbated once yesterday to realistic fantasy. Today I feel like I have ed. It just seems to be such a huge shift in one day. Yesterday I felt like there was nothing wrong with my sexual functioning, and then the following day I feel like I have erectile dysfunction.

Porn Addiction / Does porn addiction ever weaken?
« on: March 08, 2019, 06:34:33 PM »
When I say porn I mean all artificial sexual stimulation. But does the urge to search and look at this stuff ever weaken? Does it ever get to a point you could see it and not be interested and turn it down no problem?

I can sometimes feel it weakening, but then other times I get extreme urges. The other morning when I woke up I was so horny and had extreme urges to search it. I was actually shaking and felt really cold, and I believe this is how excited I was at the thought of searching it. A lot of the time I feel like I am doing good, but then out of no where I get this extreme urge to look at it.

Like I said I can feel the addiction weakening, but in my opinion it doesn't take much to make you really want to look at it again.

I am really wondering if it ever gets to a point it just doesn't interest you anymore, and you can turn it down no problem?

I use a lot of blockers, I mean I have my computer so blocked up I can hardly see anything, and I also don't use a smart phone. I honestly don't think I would be able to resist it if I didn't have these blockers.

Another thing I don't understand is how is there a lot of guys that look at all this stuff, even masturbate to it, yet they're still having regular sex with women? Like how do they get away with it and other guys don't?

I know there is obviously a lot of men who have ended up with brain changes and PIED because of years of porn and artificial sexual stimulation. But what puzzles me is how there is a lot of guys who get away with PMOing and still also have regular sex with women.

I mean I was a heavy PMO addict for nearly 10 years. I was hardly with a woman in 10 years and I think I am lucky if I masturbated a handful of times without porn in those 10 years. I also always edged for hours, and binged a lot. So I can see how I have ended up with the brain changes and PIED.

But there definitely is a lot of men that do quite regularly PMO and they still regularly have sex with women. I guess it just puzzles me how they're able to do this. Is it simply because they haven't PMOed enough times overall to end up with the brain changes and PIED? Or is it because they're sexually conditioned to a real woman? It honestly just puzzles me how my self and many men have ed because of PMOing, and then there is guys who also PMO quite regularly that don't have ed with woman.

Do ed drugs help with pied at all? Like if your with a woman and are doing foreplay would ed drugs help?

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