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Hello, I started the reboot process, I suffer from EP and sometimes ED, how long should I leave the PMO? Can I have sex with my girlfriend during this period? Can I have M without O? or can I normally have MO?

I'm new to this topic, I really need guidance.

If sex and masturbation stop you from seeing progress then try taking longer breaks in between them. You might be able to still recover with just eliminating porn. Over the course of a few months if sex and masturbation are still not giving you progress then I would go hard mode indefinitely until you see consistent progress.

Could it be PIED? And have you ever thought there might be something physically wrong with you instead of PIED?
Please help me

Yes, what you are describing is PIED. And every single guy with PIED has thought they've had a physical problem. It's not the penis, it's the brain.

I am virtually certain that if you cannot cut out Porn, Masturbation, and Orgasm PERMANENTLY. Hard case rebooters will not recover.

I 100% believe in this.

I'm still not a big fan of rewiring as I think rebooting is enough. Rewiring never helped me but it did motivate me to continue rebooting, in that sense I think it's a good thing. If rewiring helps for some people then I don't see any problem with it, but it just never worked for me. I feel like rewiring gets into the realm of pseudoscience.

Hard Mode for 120 days is the Only Mode.

I like everything that you wrote except this. A lot of guys think all you have to do is get to a certain number and you're healed, this is not true. I personally believe everyone should go hard mode until they see consistency. 100% erections do not at all mean you are healed and fully recovered. But good luck on your journey, you've written some good things.

If this plan works out for you and you see progress then keep going, if not then you need to take a different approach. Orgasms every 30 days for me just keep me in a plateaued phase.

Hey Jeks if I were you I'd continue to go hard mode for more than 6 months or until you start to see consistent morning wood for more than a month. I went 6 months of no orgasm and didn't have much MW during those 6 months but I orgasmed after that and my erections got better however I still continue to flatline in and out if I orgasm too much. I wish I had gone longer than 6 months so if I were you I'd keep going.

Hard mode was and is the only thing that's helped me, I had gone many months with just no porn and continued to orgasm and that never got me anywhere, others might tell you otherwise but I think it's best to keep away from any stimulation. I'd hate to see you orgasm now and then have to go another long bout of no orgasm.

Go without masturbation and porn for months and see how your erections are. If you see improvement then I think you can rule out venous leakage.

Success Stories / Re: 700 days of hardmode.
« on: March 22, 2020, 03:26:24 PM »

Don't give up Redfire, I know you know that and at this point we really can't give up, porn and masturbation is essentially pointless. But if anything you have noticed improvements so its clear something is improving. Did you use viagra when you had sex? How many orgasms did you have?

Zandiz, Guts,

How are your progresses?
I have seen Guts post a few times about completely eliminating MO also, not just P, but it seems most people have been adding M to a degree successfully in this forum, so I have been trying here and there to do it, but it always sets me so far back.  I have said it a few times now that I will go without MO in addition to no P, but now I mean it until my erectile health is back.
I appreciate any suggestions or anecdotes and links to people like myself who have been dealing with this for well over a year and being flatlined after masturbation.
Thank you.

I'm at 16 months of rebooting and I went hard mode for 6 months 10 months ago. As of now I still go in and out of flatlines but they are getting shorter and shorter as the months go by and when I'm out of them my erections get harder and last longer everytime I cycle out of the flatline. I still flatline even when I abstain from any orgasm however I notice my libido lasts much longer when I do abstain and too many orgasms will lower my libido but they don't flatline me like they used to.

I now believe staying away from porn and unconditiong the brain from it is the most important thing to do to get rid of this. But if orgasms do send you into a flatline I'd try minimizing them as best as you can.

Do you think everyday once or twice pmoing for many years goes in catagorization of heavy porn usage?

Any porn use is heavy porn use. Do you think taking heroin everyday once or twice for many years is heavy use?

Why do flatlines after orgasm happen? I feel terribly alone...

lol wtf are you talking about, literally everybody that has PIED has this problem. You're not doing something right. How long have you gone without porn or an intentional orgasm?

5 days as of right now. I have to keep going.

No I mean what's the longest you have ever gone with both?

1 month

That's way too little to fix PIED. You're never going to recover if you keep going back to the thing that's making you flatline in the first place.

Why do flatlines after orgasm happen? I feel terribly alone...

lol wtf are you talking about, literally everybody that has PIED has this problem. You're not doing something right. How long have you gone without porn or an intentional orgasm?

5 days as of right now. I have to keep going.

No I mean what's the longest you have ever gone with both?

I don't think the SSRI's would affect the flatline. A 30% erection in a flatline is normal. You'll know when you're out of the flatline when your erections appear to be normal but you'll probably go in and out of the flatline. It's hard to understand or recognize the flatline early in a reboot because chances are you've been in a flatline for a very long time.

You can try sleeping in another position.

Why not go without porn, masturbation, and orgasm and see how you feel. If your symptoms go away with abstinence then it's clearly PIED.

Why do flatlines after orgasm happen? I feel terribly alone...

lol wtf are you talking about, literally everybody that has PIED has this problem. You're not doing something right. How long have you gone without porn or an intentional orgasm?

Success Stories / Re: Story of Full Recovery From Severe Pied
« on: January 09, 2020, 07:52:01 AM »
Love your story Hockey, reading your posts have been a real help for me, thank you.

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction/Delayed Ejaculation / Re: PIED with GF
« on: October 31, 2019, 08:07:44 PM »
lol why are you on these forums but not him? Get him on here, thats the best advice. I can't give advice on being in a relationship while going through this, but being in one never helped me. Hopefully others will chime in.

Do I have to restart my timer from Sept 1st? Have I ruined my recovery again? Can someone plz give me some info on this action cause I really feel shitty about it. Its been years since I was able to beat 3 weeks and I finally made it 29 days.

No one can know if you've ruined your recovery, you have to gauge this yourself. It's hard to really know of any progress early in recovery as well. My advice would be to still stay away from all intentional orgasms for a few months until you do start to feel some significant libido.

The number one thing is to stay away from porn. An orgasm every few months or once a month might not hurt you but I don't recommend it especially if you have a bad case of PIED and I still highly suggest you stick to hard mode.

Porn Addiction / Re: Great presentation by Gary Wilson
« on: July 05, 2019, 06:08:44 AM »
I had my testosterone level checked last week and all is 'normal'. Same for cortisol and a full blood test.

But this doesn't mean anything, it could mean that the testosterone is converting to something els.

Porn Addiction / Re: Great presentation by Gary Wilson
« on: July 04, 2019, 07:44:00 AM »
Not quite, unfortunately.

No Porn since August 2017 - yes. (no temptation for it whatsoever)
But MO is quite different. I've been MOing recently. I  did go through 2 or 3 spells of 3 months hardmode and most recently a 6 month spell hardmode.

Unfortunately during the 6 months spell, I experienced negative effects that made me go back to MO. For example, I feared my testosterone level were reducing due to the lack of sexual 'action' (ie,  even eradicated sexual thoughts during that time). I felt too feminine. Plus, my fat levels around the hips, buttocks and legs are increasing day by day now - usually it is women that have fats on that area, not men! So it's seems being on  NoFap has made my brain more female! And, frankly, I hate it - not lease because of this bizarre condition that I have at the moment were unexplained fat gain in the lower body is happening everyday.

DepressedAndOut when you gain gain fat all over your body. Nofap doesn't have the power to change your hormones that much, that's nonsense.

Posts like this are what this forum doesn't need.

I think the very fact that we go through flatlines is enough evidence that recovery is totally possible. The flatline is your brains last mechanism to stop itself from damaging itself anymore, at least that is how I see it. If you're able to MO or even PMO then I don't think the damage you've done to yourself is permanent. Neuroplasticity is a scientific fact now, if your brain didn't do it I don't think you could even be alive right now.

You've only been doing this for 2 years now, this guy recovered after 3 years , this guy needed more than 2 years as well

During your 6 month hardmode reboot did you not see any progress? I also believe you said you were MO'ing everyday after you did that reboot, I wouldn't recommend doing that. If you did your research on these forums you'd know that you can't keep having orgasms after a reboot, I can show you many examples on here why that is.

If you feel that rebooting is not helping you then why not get yourself checked out by a doctor? If you don't have anything wrong with you physically, then your only other option is to keep abstaining until you are back to normal. It's really that simple.

At least 3 months. But I havent watched porn at all. A while ago I hade wet dreams but not anymore

Try these two methods out. Over the next few months try and limit your orgasms, only have sex if you feel like you can. If you have to force an erection, don't do it. After a few months if you feel like you aren't making progress I'd say try and abstain from all intentional orgasms for at least 6 months. 

6 months was the only thing that's done it for me, but even then you still need to limit your orgasms after the 6 months.

whats the longest you've gone without orgasm?

I wouldn't do it. Any intentional orgasm will throw you back until you finally get out of the total flatline.

On the other hand, don't I have to wait until my dick gets hard without ANY physical stimulation?

^ Yes that is how a proper erection should be. Keep abstaining until you fully get out of the flatline. And when i say fully out of flatline i mean when you stop going in and out of flatlines.

Can orgasm throw you into flatline?

Yes, completely. How have you not known this Scorpion, you've been on here for 3 years lol. You can't gauge that on your own?

Hey Redfire your posts have helped me alot and have kept me from relapsing many times so i just want to say thank you. How do you know you still have ED? What progress have you seen? Do your erections stay when you stand up? I would just keep going for a few more months.

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