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I had another stumble this weekend - once again though it started on Instagram after I had been drinking and luckily stayed to insta - however I still think this is a reset worthy event.

Stinks, but luckily I didn't fall into the habit of doing it again & again. 

Last night I had a dream & in it I was trying to have intercourse with my S/O & could not get an erection - humiliating in my dream & has really provoked a desire to keep at this attempt to get over porn.

Thanks! Appreciate your insight! 

So, had to reset the counter..not making excuses but got into an argument with my lady friend on Saturday & it got a bit heated so I ended up watching porn that night, then the following morning I found myself watching porn again, and no joke... I then DID IT AGAIN on Sunday a few hours later.

If there is anything positive my porn use was extremely vanilla, the Saturday fall from grace started on FB & ended on just still images while the use on Sunday was still images - the images though were not in regards to fetish porn I used to only be able to enjoy, and likewise the use was extremely brief.  So the content of the porn was much better, not justifying anything though, I got to quit this for good and I am not happy to reset the counter & frankly it is all disappointing.  On another positive note though my gf ended up stopping by my condo on Sunday & we got things worked out.   

Yeah - especially a weak point because my old habit was to knock one out prior to the shower.

Good call!

Feel some serious progress here! Was in meetings all day yesterday, however in the evening I decided to take a shower, and while in the bathroom I felt a very very strong urge to either PMO - which I justified in my head to just M to O or simply edge...  After more thought on it though (this was all in the span of like 3 mins) I decided nha and went about my day - a small victory but it could have had some dire consequences to my progress.

As of this morning though I  feel like I am beginning to hit a flatline maybe and feel as though I am having much less erotic thoughts and urges lately.

I feel really bad for you..that sounds traumatizing to go through with those symptoms.

1st off I would recommend seeing a doctor to discuss this.

2nd I would absolutely stop porn,  like extremely stop it - stop using even FB or insta or any kind of visual stimulation and I would read and get into sports and radically change your lifestyle.

Wish you the best of luck, in a situation like  this extreme it could take 10months to 15months to get better prob?

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction/Delayed Ejaculation / Re: Is my ED PI?
« on: October 28, 2015, 03:25:06 PM »
you might be hitting a flatline from avoiding porn.  KEEP Avoiding PORN.

When I quit porn the 1st time I quit for about 1 month and literally could not get an erection  even if I was using my hands aggressively - my doctor told me to monitor my morning wood & journal it - I'd recommend the same.  If you are avoiding porn you may be in a flatline, but the morning wood could be an indication of a serious health issue as well.  Start monitoring it and see how many days a week you get it & how in terms of % you are erect. 

If you fall below a threshold of personal concern then see your doctor - I will admit for me it was one of the most embarrassing discussions of my life...  :-[ but at least you will know! :) 

For me though I was only getting MW about 2 times a week at 50-70% what my former erections were - & this lasted for about a solid month & after continuing to avoid porn & alcohol & sugar it started to improve - a lot!  About three months later I was getting MW about 5-6 times a week at 70-100%.

Best of Luck Rosso!

Another day I'm working through successfully abstaining from P.  I'm a bit of a news buff & read the drudge report daily - and in one of the links it sent me too I saw an add to the right of the page - think it was daily mail, and although it wasn't porn it gave off a sexual connotation - I immediately closed the article - but I did feel a jolt of 'energy' of something? .. and I felt a bit of guilt & I got a slight erection from it-which may be a hint of progress in & of itself however if the past is of any indication I still am bound to hit a bit of a flatline as I continue abstaining from Porn.

I also unfortunately have had to stop viewing HBO @ least for awhile -  I wasn't watching porn on HBO, but the content of the series can have crass sex scenes and although I never once thought anything or even paid much attention to them - now I feel the weakness not too fast forward ETC.  Similarly I am abstaining from Instagram till I hit my 60 day mark - and even then I will prob have an internal debate - got to set realistic goals though and 60 days is easily feasible -especially with no Game of Thrones going on :P

Anyways, I feel happier & a bit clear headed.  My GF and I are getting along much better, we didn't fight before - but I wasn't exactly as patient or understanding as I should be and I do feel a bit of improvement.  I also feel that she is appearing much more ..appealing to me.

I really appreciate any views & comments - I'm in this to win this & I sincerely got to get over this hurdle and get on with my life.

If you are trying to speed it up, -if that is what you mean by feedback- try cold showers & perhaps a bathmate?

Thanks for your kind words, you are right & I am incredibly blessed.  I'm going to be working on making her my be-all-end-all.

Porn Addiction / Re: Apathy
« on: October 27, 2015, 09:54:18 AM »
We can all push through it.  And yes it can & does cause apathy but luckily it is possible to rise over that and be cured - thank God that the porn problems can be rewired and reworked - if the feeling was permanent we would have something to actually gripe over.  Let's be men and get tougher than this thing!!  8)

Porn Addiction / Re: Can't reboot !!!
« on: October 27, 2015, 09:51:20 AM »
You can quit once you want to quit enough.  Just sort out the motivation.

So some serious progress here - breaking small habits &  just the awareness that I have to come back to update my progress is helping-tremendously.  I have literally sat down after being out all day & immediately find myself making incognito tabs on my phone almost it feels out of habit -  I immediately am like --what am I doing??!

I am also making a commitment to start going to the gym more.  I know cold showers and exercise radically speed up the reboot process and I am committed to being whole again.  I don't ever want to be in an embarrassing situation of not having an erection again - it is beyond humiliating & I feel ultra selfish because now I know why it is occurring.

As for progress I already am feeling progress, I was able to perform with my significant other yesterday & although a bit more rapid than it was, it was a great experience.  My sensitivity is coming back, but slowly & frankly at this moment seems gone. I have been using a bathmate & manVoil which both increase sensitivity - I don't know but I think in hindsight my grip was too hard while partaking in 'M', even when not viewing P and I think the combination of these utensils is aiding in sensitivity -but I can't be 100% without cloning myself as a control.

This is all tremendously embarrassing... but I sincerely am aiming to be porn free by Christmas, and I honestly think I can do it.

Your options will open up for a GF after you are deep  into the reboot - woman will be seen in a better light and your game will improve bro.

Made it through the weekend without any P or M - I drank a bit on Saturday and was worried that in a stupor I would cave to cravings.  Observing past behavior I tend to see reoccurring patterns, especially when it comes to P & feel weak while drinking - however I'm weak when it comes to drinking as well  :P 

The start of a new journey of quitting stinks being at the start, I had gotten about 90 days before, then noticed I had no dysfunction -however after binging on porn on random intervals each time increasing in intensity I found myself having problems again - not so much with the erectile dysfunction but with not being able to hit an O while having sex.  - I also felt my mind hazy and not as sharp as when I had quit P.

So back to square one.  This thread will be comments on my progress and daily struggles.  Ironically porn was a bit of a de-stressor for me and now it is causing stress.   So *sigh.. time to start over.

Porn Addiction / Re: With no sex partner, what's my alternative?
« on: October 26, 2015, 10:11:18 AM »
I'm no expert but I would recommend talking to an expert.  Menopause does not make her libido totally disappear - there has too be other things at play and I would seek out counseling.

I would also quit porn immediately.  If you have 'needs' - which we all do - put them on hold till you can find out from a therapist what the root of the problem is.

Porn Addiction / Re: fastest peak ever
« on: October 23, 2015, 02:08:45 PM »
ohh, yeah I wouldn't say its a reset! If anything it is a small victory for you.

Porn Addiction / Re: fastest peak ever
« on: October 23, 2015, 12:46:52 PM »
You are not technically safe from any relapse ever bro.  But hang in there.  Just set realistic goals and once hit expand on them.  Shoot for that first 30 mark.  You got this.

Porn Addiction / Becoming Grumpy
« on: October 23, 2015, 12:39:43 PM »
So I have an amazing GF whom puts up with a great deal.  My porn problem has been ongoing for far too long, and I once suffered from not being able to get an erection, after quitting porn off & on I can now get an erection but occasionally have a hard time getting to the O. - which is humiliating.

Regardless, I still struggle and it is an addiction to Porn .. so now I'm back after a long time away to try to kick this again.

What I have noticed though and I hope others can elaborate on is that after viewing porn I feel in hindsight I am frankly not very nice to my GF - Like I'm not a jerk but I am not my usual friendly self - I feel my actual behavior and attitude changes & it is like that for a few hours or the entire evening. 

Recommend having a bed buddy at least for cuddling and just being close - it is healthy and speeds up the process.  Avoid MO in addition to PMO. and take cold baths

Having a partner helped me a great deal because it motivated me to be P free to please her and in the process my body.

Don't bother masturbating at all - save yourself for the real deal.

I had it occasionally - Could be due to a number of things.  Avoid not only porn but MO period.  I also recommend eating healthier because it is a sign of inflammation down there.

Success Stories / Re: Success
« on: September 23, 2014, 08:35:01 AM »
Thanks boss!

Ages 20-29 / Re: 20 years old- 2 years clean- I screwed up.
« on: September 22, 2014, 11:43:11 AM »
keep it up!

Success Stories / Success
« on: September 22, 2014, 11:42:00 AM »
So, I have been able to sleep with my gf WITH a condom two times over the past two weeks having no ED. - I've had really bad ED for years now & of course watched porn for years.

For the curious gent wondering the timeline it took for me to be 'cured', I'd say prob about 5 months, however I did cave on the PMO at the end of the first month, and at the end of the second month went on a three day 'binge' so I'm well aware that set me back because I went though a flatline about 4 times I felt like.

regardless - Finally better, confidence is higher, sex is much more 'clear', my gf satisfies me doing nothing but what I used to think of was 'boring' sex.  No weird thoughts in my head, I'm 'present' when the intercourse takes place, and it feels much more passionate.

I visited doctors for this problem, couldn't get fixed, and tried diet, quit drinking, exercised - still the ED was there.  Upon quitting Porn - I'm cured.

For the record I'm 24 years old - so don't do those scripts the DR's write for us, it is putting a bandaid on a serious problem treating only the symptom.  Be patient and your love life will take off.

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