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Title: Porn is not real, and why the fantasy created PIED
Post by: gummianka on July 14, 2016, 06:47:42 AM
This is a thought I have, that combines the Reboot theory with PA psychology. Thought I would post it here and see what you think and if you agree.

I have never thought a woman to be less of a woman if she had a headache, were on her period or simply did not feel like sex for any reason. I have been with women that stopped sex as she could not get into it that night, and sex turned to simply being close, and we were at it some other time instead when we both felt up for it.

I have, since I started watching porn more, thought that about myself. Of course I know that the studs in those movies are pumped full of drugs, are special  actors that do that for a living and have an army of people making sure they are hard and can perform at the set. Also, that "great sex" might very well be the 20th attempt and the video heavily edited. It simply is not real.

However, the idea that I should be able to perform as a machine any time, and under any circumstances, seem to have been locked into my brain. I actually only started understanding this a few days ago (that's how screwed up I am). Of the women I have been with (and I am now talking almost exclusively of my pre-porn days) I have always been able to perform when I have been seduced, but in the "just do me" scenarios I have always had a need to really know the woman first otherwise my performance was not that great. 

I've known guys that never had a problem with that, but I always had. And when I am comparing myself to Mr. Action in XXX movies, my PA goes through the roof.

Rebooting will of course slowly remove images, fantasies and memories of porn, but I think realizing this might speed things up. Since the images are so strong, it is easy to really emotionally believe in porn. Understanding that the scene you have burned into your brain is most likely performed after A LOT of (trigger-trigger-trigger) preparations helps me relax about this in a way I haven't done for months.

Wanted to get this off my chest, and perhaps any of you will benefit from this as well and have some more ideas about this.
Title: Re: Porn is not real, and why the fantasy created PIED
Post by: UsefulJiji on July 14, 2016, 10:27:26 AM
I think you're correct to a point. Certainly porn isn't real and I always understood this. I also believe that those guys in those videos are full of viagra or whatever other boner pills/drug they need to say hard the entire time. However, I still believe that my dick should work better than it does. I don't think it's normal that I want nothing more at a given moment than to have sex with my girlfriend (the desire is literally there burning through me) but my dick is a limp worthless piece of meat..
Title: Re: Porn is not real, and why the fantasy created PIED
Post by: gummianka on July 14, 2016, 02:02:27 PM

I think most people understand that it is all fake, but seeing the same thing over and over again makes us start to beleive it anyway, or, rather , makes our brains beleive it. I never really reflected over this until recently, even though i have of course always known it.