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Title: Death caused by watching porn and fapping #real #motivation
Post by: Chewbacka on January 28, 2016, 04:29:02 PM
I thought this would be motivating for us to stay away from porn, as the addiction can be deadly at times...

This man was on day 286 of no-fap and had a relapse while he was driving, people say the ejaculation was so big that it blurred the windows and he couldn't see outside.. resulting in this fatal and unfortunate accident..

May this glorious man rest in peace. We shall remember him as a hero, a fighter, a man who lived 286 days without fap or porn and that now rests among the angels and has a harem of 286 virgins for himself, one for every day he fought.


Now, on a serious note: we can really take this as motivation, this guy lost his life due to his addiction, just like we are doing with our lives.. We must be strong and keep going, just today I had my first relapse, made it to day 9.. but I will keep fighting, the sacrifice is worth it.

Stay strong my friends, don't give up, and if you fukin relapse make sure that it's not while driving xD