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Title: To the man in the mirror.
Post by: TheManWithaPlan on January 10, 2016, 02:20:28 AM
To the man in the mirror, my how you've grown. I remember when you were small and only cared about toys, mom, and playing. You grew up and learned the world isn't all it once seemed to be. It was sometimes mean, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but it was always home. You learned about things you probably shouldn't have and started wanting it more and more. You longed to be near it. You needed it. But then you found a girl, a woman who light up your whole world. She was the most amazingly perfect thing in the world. She picked you, out of all people, to love and hold forever. She trusted in you and you were honest, for awhile. Then that thing you once needed demanded to be needed again. It told you that it wouldn't hurt to come back to it. It wouldn't hurt to lie just this once. So you listened, it wasn't the best thing you've ever done but it happened. But then lying became easier and easier. Soon you could lie through your teeth and no one ever knew. You became a stranger, man in the mirror. You became someone you are not. But you decided that the woman who loved you, who now cares your child, is worth far more than this filth that demands to make you obey it. Man in the mirror, I am here to help you, to fight with you, to win for you. It won't be easy and in a way it shouldn't be. But we will fight and we will when because we have an army behind us. Together we will over come and together we will once again fix our broken life. I know you are scared man in the mirror and so am I. So let's do this together. Fight and become the man you once were, become me, Man in the mirror. Become me again.
Title: Re: To the man in the mirror.
Post by: baller1995 on January 15, 2016, 02:20:44 PM
TheManWithaPlan, this was so beautiful to read bro. I was encouraged by this piece you wrote. Thank you for blessing me with this. Keep on goin' bro, and you'll get there one day. Love you.