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Title: What if you ACTUALLY enjoy transexual women?
Post by: nostradamus30 on August 25, 2019, 05:26:52 AM
MODS NOTE: I don't want to delete your post because you are just telling it as it is for you, but posts like these can be quite triggering for some people so it's a good idea to put a clearly visible warning on these posts so that people know what they are getting into.

TRIGGER WARNING! If you feel easily triggered by explicit descriptions, you might want to avoid this post.

I'm at a point where I dont know anymore if my attraction to transexual women is due to the years of porn or if I actually like them. I have dated several transexual women in my life, and I loved having sex with them. I have paid for escorts and enjoyed that too (well, most of them). Now, I do love women, and I'm disgusted by men, just the idea of kissing a guy repulses me. Even though I love women, and I'm constantly checking them out on the street, I'm even more excited about transexuals. It gives me a crazy kind of electricity in my gut, sorta of a butterfly feeling. I have performed oral sex on them and I enjoyed that without any regrets. I have also been penetrated by them and was excited by that and reached orgasm within minutes. Even though I did all that with them I dont think I would been able to do that with a guy, I would be too repulsed by them to do so.

It feels to me that I am mostly masculine but I also have a certain degree of inner feminity that gets excited about the idea of a women with a dick. I'm turned on about the idea of receiving commands and being the one that is being lead in a relationship, whether it is with a women or a transexual women but not with a guy. I'm even considering going out with some of these dominant escorts to see if I get as excited as I do with transexuals. I do have ED, with women but also sometimes with transexuals as well (though, way more with women). I also feel that some of this inner feminity issue might be due a sensitivity to estrogen, if I eat soy, drink milk or have anything that contains phytoestrogens, my desire to be penetrated or to perform oral sex in a shemale will go through the roof. In fact, I feel that my sensitivity is so high that if I took enough soy, I would probably lose my disgust for men

I'm very confused as to where I am sexually, any advice?
Title: Re: What if you ACTUALLY enjoy transexual women?
Post by: Jesse on August 25, 2019, 11:51:33 AM
It's hard to say whether this thing with transsexuals is actually a part of your sexual orientation or a porn induced fetish but that's something you'll have to figure out for yourself. If you actually truly like them there's nothing wrong with that but there's a chance that attraction to female dominance and trans women may fade after an extended period of time without porn.

Personally I find trans women attractive just the same as genetic women and have been with both. I'm not ashamed of that and I don't regret my sexual history (aside from my past porn habit). I think you just need to ask yourself *why* they excite you so much and if it's only because it's an escalation and you're looking for that thrill/hit of dopamine that you can't get elsewhere, then there's your answer. Otherwise, do your thing and don't worry about it.. but be honest with yourself.
Title: Re: What if you ACTUALLY enjoy transexual women?
Post by: DoneAtLast on August 25, 2019, 01:03:10 PM
Well, quit porn and see what happens.  You didn't mention porn, but since you're on this board I imagine it is a factor.

There is no down side to quitting porn.  None.  People think they'll explode if they fast from sexual and pseudo-sexual stimulation for a few months.  They won't.  You won't be riding the bus some day and the guy at the other end suddenly explodes from the gonads leaving fleshy debris all over the bus, with the guy next to you leaning over and saying "bro, that guy tried giving up sexual stimulation too long.  It was too much for him."  We know it doesn't happen like that, but sometimes it feels like that.

You'd likely have to quit for a while to know for sure, but your answers will become clearer.  My guess is that this stuff has had a way of getting stuck in your head as you bounce around all of these rather current, topical ideas.  You're talking about masculinity/femininity dynamics, dominance, effects of dairy and soy, and porn, probably with the help of lots of articles and so forth, can create something of an OCD where you're constantly trying to reevaluate your own sexuality.  I don't know what you'll find, but the only way to know is to go for it.  Nothing bad will happen. 

One piece of advice I'd have for a reboot would be to also quit articles and so forth about gender theory and so forth.  The reasons for doing so probably would only become clear once you try rebooting and relapse a couple times, but they almost certainly will act as triggers of sorts.  You'll feel weird closing news articles so quickly or changing the channel suddenly, but just consider it part of your experimental media diet.
Title: Re: What if you ACTUALLY enjoy transexual women?
Post by: Numezz on August 25, 2019, 03:24:35 PM
I'm very confused as to where I am sexually, any advice?
i think you know the answer. quit porn and find out for yourself.

how can someone else tell you where YOU are sexually? porn is really messing you up in a lot more ways than sexually. you cant think straight, include that in the reason for quitting. make it the bigger reason because it is affecting your whole life not just sex life.

knowing your sexuality is the easiest thing in the world because it comes naturally to you, you dont have to figure it out. the fact that you are trying to figure it out is a tell that you are having the unavoidable problem with porn use.