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Title: Refractory period improved after reboot?
Post by: Dane88 on April 24, 2019, 05:00:47 PM
I’m 28, been PMO since probably 16 or so, with MO always being with P. I do believe I have PIED since my libido and erections have gradually decreased over the last few years and noticed the simple things in life that used to excite me no longer do. I noticed this 2 years ago during multiple intimate encounters with an ex girlfriend and couldn’t get it up even when I found her extremely attractive, and when i did It wasn’t strong at all and I would go soft. We broke up (for other reasons) and i spiraled deeper into PMO maybe only 2-3 days a week but I noticed over the last couple years I have had to escalate to more extreme material to get the same level of excitement, multiple tabs, saving the names of favorite P stars so I wouldn’t forget names, skipping out on family and friends activities because I would rather PMO, edging for an hour or 2 because the P was just as exciting as the O and finding the “right” moment to O etc..and as I said never MO’ed without P. Safe to say I am addicted and can admit that.
I haven’t had a sexual encounter with with a female since that girlfriend (a little over 2 years ago) because of the lack of confidence from the PIED and the spiral of PMO giving me more and more social anxiety (afraid to approach girls knowing it’s already a problem) and libido and erections being in the gutter. Not to mention with not being with anyone for the last 2 years I’m sure it just makes the problem worse as I am probably over conditioning a release to PMO and not exercising a true libido with someone but rather as a compulsion. One thing i have noticed is over the last 2 years of PMO my refractory period is way longer than it used to be, even with only P, a few years ago I could MO multiple times a day or have multiple sessions with a partner where as now it takes 1-2 days. I currently just started a 90 day reboot (day 8) with no PMO and hopefully will going to regain the confidence to get intimate again, I’m just wondering if the refractory period decreasing is one of the benefits that people usually noticed when rebooting? I understand sensitivity is a lot higher and PE might be an issue at first but I’m just really hoping to get back to that point where even a couple times a day with someone is achievable. I know that a refectory period should be the least of my worries at this point and that I should focus on a complete recovery and hopefully fix PIED it would just be nice to know if anyone has had the benefit of improved refractory period after either completing a reboot or in the process. Thank you
Title: Re: Refractory period improved after reboot?
Post by: Marksanchez on April 25, 2019, 05:43:08 AM
Hi Dane88. Have you ever took SSRI (Antidepressants) anytime in the past?
Title: Re: Refractory period improved after reboot?
Post by: Dane88 on April 25, 2019, 06:25:37 AM
No not at all, just seems like refractory period being prolonged has been one of the many noticeable gradual downfalls after several years of PMO.
Title: Re: Refractory period improved after reboot?
Post by: screwedup40 on April 25, 2019, 09:21:20 PM
I've been at this a long time, and yes, my refractory period has improved greatly.  Used to be weeks at a time.  Now it's generally a couple days, sometimes less.