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Title: Giving Up Power
Post by: HumbleRich on September 12, 2018, 08:38:27 PM
I'm not sure if the title here conveys exactly what I mean to say, but that is what popped up.  I wasn't going to check in much, but having put in some distance to see what happens when I act out (PMO) I am beginning to see the subordinating relationship a little more clearly.  And, feeling the cravings very strongly, I am writing now.

I find it interesting how the partners talk about how this addiction makes their addicts narcissistic and how it damages the relationships in much the same way narcissism does, while at the same time, us acting out subordinates us to another narcissist.

At the end of the day, you could say that P stars are narcissists.  I don't know how true that would be; there is always another side.  I do know for a fact, as someone who frequently uses Reddit and Tumblr to act out, that contributors on those sites are narcissists, or are at least exhibiting narcissistic behaviors.

Using subordinates us to the whims of someone else (the producer).  It turns us into the pathetic consumer of toxic material that dehumanizes us, just as the contributor or producer has dehumanized themselves.  (This is why I am not a supporter or ally to modern feminism, by the way.  I feel they support what I know to be unethical behavior.)

Conducted as it is supposed to be, in its natural state, sex is a powerful, emotive force, that connects partners and fuzes relationships, forming a valuable glue that binds two people together. 

Pornographic material removes all of that beauty, dehumanizing the performers, dehumanizing the act, and dehumanizing the consumer.

Sex is no longer a beautiful, emotive thing, it is just body parts being stuck into body parts.  It is raw power, hatred.

One partner I used to read a lot on another forum used to say that all the time.  Porn isn't sex, it is pure hatred.  That is something I didn't understand for a long time.

I don't claim to understand that paradox between parnters and addicts.  That both engage with narcissism, the former unwillingly, the latter willingly.

But the addict can choose to end their worship of narcissists.

It is the harder path to follow in a society that favors idol worship, but it can be done.

Just know that what you are resisting is truly toxic and that that is the point.  Know that those you are resisting are 9 symptom narcissists.

You aren't giving up anything positive, or good.  You are giving up cancer.