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Title: Some success
Post by: Iwillbeatit on November 04, 2016, 11:13:11 AM
hello everyone here.
History: I was into PMO from last 8-9 years. From last 5 years PMO frequency was increased almost daily. I was not getting enough erection from same porn, I have to keep switching the porn's category to keep me aroused. From last one year I started facing PIED and I was not able to keep erection after putting condom on. After doing some research I came across YBOP and Reboot nation.

Efforts:So I decided to go hard mode for at least one month. during first month of hard mode my erection got better and my libido came back after few weeks flatline. I had a natural orgasm after one month but i got caught by chaser effect. I got back into PMO again (IDIOT me).
In Aug 2016 I started NO PMO journey again and went hard-mode for two months. Almost at the end of second month I started getting morning woods and vivid dreams. After two months I got Bj and I went back to flatline for few weeks. Right now I am almost at the end of 3rd month of NO PMO.
Effects that I can see are
1.Hard morning wood (90% hard). After long time I am getting that hard morning woods, almost every morning
2.Yesterday night i just massaged m dick and it responded in 10 sec and it was hard without any porn imagination or any kind of imagination
3.Today morning after waking up I had a flaccid penis and but soon i put my pants down and my dick responded without any stimulation or thoughts.

I know this is just starting and a lot to come. But still i face brain fog and semen leakage (Bowel movement) and other PIED symptoms.

I have a question for successful rebooters.
All the erections I am experiencing fade away after 10-15 sec or soon i stand up
I am still facing semen leakage during bowel movement.

Does my erection quality improve and stay longer during the continuation of NO pmo?
Does other successful rebooters see the improvement in their erections slowly by the time goes on?

I believe I have made some success in this journey that why I have posted over here. Yesterday I saw my doctor and he says there is nothing wrong with my dick. He checked my report :-)

Title: Re: Some success
Post by: ahm12 on November 05, 2016, 11:57:10 AM
Did you had any wet dreams during this period ??
Title: Re: Some success
Post by: Iwillbeatit on November 05, 2016, 03:46:41 PM
No i did not have any wet dream till now. Actually i never had any wet dream in my life.

Just to give hope i would like to tell that yesterday night i wake up in the middle because i had 100% hard erection. Mw can not be considered as rebooted but yeah its a great positive sign