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Title: Trying Again
Post by: anewme on October 24, 2016, 06:43:49 AM
Hi I am starting a new topic. I have been on here before and I went 22 days with no porn or masturbation. After that I collapsed and I have pretty much been back doing it as much as I wanted ever since. My last day of my last run was 6th May so since then I have been watching porn and indulging in cyber sex. I am also now married.
Things were not too bad most of the time because I was busy so porn was only an issue when I had access to it, but recently I have had as much access as I want and it has again began to effect things in the bedroom with my now wife. It is starting to take much much longer to get aroused and its getting more difficult to maintain an erection, last night was the worst performance I have had in months, which has led me back here.

I have also been spending hours and hours on porn and cybersex when I have been saying that I was working, this has led me to show less interest in my family, made me irritable and made sex with my wife less and less frequent.

I am back here to try once more to cut this out but I just don't see how I can manage it. last time I went 22 days which was a record for me, after that I stopped writing here, i gave up totally. This time my goal is to get passed what i did last time.

Hope to hear some replies from you, I need to get my counter back up on here again.

Today is Day 1.
Title: Re: Trying Again
Post by: anewme on October 25, 2016, 04:05:52 AM
This is only day 2 and I already feel like I am on the bring of a relapse. I am sitting here looking at the screen, close to clicking onto something else. I know these first few days will be hard. If i can just keep myself away from it for the rest of today I should be fine for a while as I go away for a few weeks and will be busy. Then when I return home we are moving decorating a new house so for the next 6-8 weeks i will be really busy.

I need to ficus, get passed today and things should be fine,

Day 2
Title: Re: Trying Again
Post by: xyz on October 25, 2016, 04:52:30 AM
All the best mate! I'm in a really similar situation, married and porn wasting my time and wrecking my sex life. I've come a long way with my periods being clean getting longer and longer all the time. I still really struggle with edging, but have got to the point I can normally stop myself after feeling myself on the brink of a relapse - there is definately hope and it definately gets easier the more practice you get, I can absolutely promise you that. My biggest tip is even if you relapse to remember that any period clean makes your brain stronger and lessens the hold of the addiction - good luck!
Title: Re: Trying Again
Post by: Farmer1016 on October 25, 2016, 09:35:31 AM
You can do this.

For yourself first. For your wife second. And for your future together forever.

I'm a porn addict too. I would engage in PMO every day or every other day at the least. Sometimes twice a day. As a result of the PMO cycle, I developed chronic PIED which I suffered from for over ten years. For ten plus years there was no sex in our marriage. The ED issues made it impossible. Doctors and medications didn't help.

In the spring of this year, I accidentally stumbled across an article about PIED. I realized right away that was my problem and set out to fix it.

If I can beat this thing you can too. No doubt about it.