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Ages 20-29 / Back From the Brink
« on: June 12, 2016, 04:11:58 AM »
 Hello! My name is Kevin

I joined this site about a year ago seeking support to end my pornography addiction but unfortunately after some time I fell out of it. I started PMOing again for months and months. I was stuck in a relationship I was unhappy with which certainly wasn't helping me. Basically it was really bad and so far it's only gotten worse.

That was then though and this is now, and now I'm ready to cut it out of my life. I'm in a much happier relationship with a girl who knows about my issues. My hangup on porn has definitely impacted my sex life, I find myself having trouble to get erections and when I do get them they tend to be weak. My girlfriend and I have had sex many times but my body seems to only want porn and my left hand to do the work instead. I feel as though if I could get full erections I would enjoy sex much more and be less drawn to porn.

The thing that really sucks is when her and I started dating in March I stopped looking at porn for nearly two months, I almost wasn't even tempted to look at it which was amazing. I relapsed once and things have just spiraled out of control since then. I know I can be strong and overcome this, I just need to find the motivation within myself again and try to stay positive. I'm open to any and all advice! I want to brainstorm some ways to strengthen myself and avoid dangerous thinking and situations. I'm going to try and update frequently with my thoughts, feelings, or discoveries.

Ages 20-29 / Being a Better "Me"
« on: June 25, 2015, 03:48:12 AM »
Hey there! My name is Kevin.

I wanted to introduce myself and let everyone in on my journey to rid myself of this ridiculous addiction.

I'm 20 years old right now and I've been getting off to P ever since I was about 11 or 12. Needless to say it's been heavily ingrained in my mind and been affecting me for way too long.

I've tried multiple times to quit in the past but to no real avail. One year ago I managed to go no PMO or MO for a full month though I sadly relapsed. I thought one month was all I needed to kick this addiction and get full erections so I could have satisfactory sex with my girlfriend at the time. Of course, after reading more on this sight I can see that I definitely needed more time, especially considering how long PMO has been a part of my life. It is so bad that I can't get "complete" erections for more than a few moments even looking at P.

Recently I decided that I need to finally put this addiction to rest and reboot my mind. I have a new girlfriend that I care for very much and I want to be able to get full erections with her when we eventually move to a sexual relationship. and of course I want to badly to lead a clean and healthy life. I managed to go a week free of PMO or MO a little while ago before I reset, and then I managed to go five days before I reset again (which was yesterday and today). But I think this journal, some support, and a plan will be really beneficial in my journey. So far my plan is a set of rules that I think will help me achieve my goal, but I will most likely add to the list of rules as time goes on. So far my plan/rules are:

1. My laptop will stay outside my room no matter the circumstances

2. The door to my room will stay at least somewhat ajar unless I'm changing clothes

3. I will make a habit of exercising at least once a day

Being alone in my room and boredom are big triggers for my urge to PMO. So I'm trying to take precautions to avoid those situations. I am also aiming to take a up a new habit to replace PMO, or at least to keep me distracted from it.

If anyone has any suggestions or advice that helped them with their reboot, please feel free to tell me! I'm going to update this journal daily with my thoughts and experiences as I go on. I know I can do this!

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