Author Topic: The post relapse syndrome and staying away from sexual thoughts  (Read 34 times)


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I have reached the conclusion that I am shit at dealing with the post relapse despair and I tend to be very prone towards binges or just plain weak resolve after bungling up a good run.
I've also reached the conclusion that denying myself any hint of sexual thoughs, outside of when I'm actually interacting with a woman as there are just too many pathways leading back to the hole. The extreme cold turkey method seems to be the only one available to me at this present moment.
I'm interested if anyone knows of any tricks to get your mind back on track when you're thinking about sex. Mindfulness meditation for example. How to do it, are there any good guides, etc.
Also if anyone has any trick to avoiding that relapse binge and staying motivated when you're down, that be great.
Thank you in advance.

Death Trap

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Re: The post relapse syndrome and staying away from sexual thoughts
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2017, 04:21:33 PM »
I recommend Jon Kabat-Zinn's books for introductions to mindfulness/meditation. He has some guided meditation audio tracks on youtube I believe.

Edit: Honestly, with regard to the negative feelings that come with binge-relapses: that is one of the primary reasons to not PMO in the first place. I too am totally shit in dealing with the despair you get after relapse. So, you need to figure out how to keep yourself off of the "waterslide" of relapse, because once you get on it it's hard to get off (and then you've just PMO'd 12 times in a weekend, and feel like shit). I recommend le_petit_moster's hack book for reprogramming your mind away from even beginning to give into thoughts of relapse, since once you start feeding them you you're on your way to relapse.
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