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Hey Guys-

Sorry for being MIA the past few months so here's an update...

I AM CURED. Started in 2015-Feb and was back to normal around 2017-May with one exception, my libido is at 70% but I believe that's my age showing. I'm 45. Aside from that, I have no ED, I can perform at any time and my morning wood is with me every morning.

I lost interest in this site since I didn't have the need to obsess over my reboot. I still don't MO/PMO and probably never will again.

I'll try to author a success story soon.

Again, my apologies for being MIA. I seriously didn't think about this site once I knew I was cured.

Rebooting works but don't expect results in less than two years, IMO.


Thank you so much for posting this. I think we exchanged dialogue a few times and were in a similar situation at one point. I'm about 6 months behind you and you've given me hope. Cheers Pearland!!!!

Not sure Simba. But I think it's definitely worth a shot. You can still have sex, that's great news. Quitting porn can ONLY help. All that may have changed as you've aged is testosterone dropped a little and your general health may not be as good (I'm guessing here, you might be fit as a fiddle). I would quit the porn for good, and masturbation. Get in real good shape and promote that testosterone production.
Edit: not a doc

Just keep rebooting man. You're in a better situation than a lot so that's good news. What I HATE about this recovery is that just because you don't feel totally horny, it doesn't mean your dick won't work. Similarly, when you feel totally horny you can be convinced you'll have successful sex, but it doesn't always work.

Yea get rebooting. Sounds like you'll be fixed a lot quicker than most since you were having sex daily with no issues wth your gf. That is a blessing mate. Lots of positive real intimacy experience to give you a head start.

Yes Jayjay. I'm going strong still. Lots of changes. Will update at some point.

Can't comment on the exact reason for this, but honestly I think it's just classic pied. I'm no expert on precum, or anything for that matter. But in my experience pre cum generally "dribbled" out as my erection faded. It's probably just more noticeable as your erection fades. Give up the PMO and be patient. Wait for the super powers to come... Then go again... Then come back... Then go again... Until hopefully one day you'll be firing on all cylinders every time. Good luck.

Totally depends what your goal is. If it's zero M, then yes you F'd up, so reset that bad boy. If it's simply no PMO then you've not jerked to P so don't sweat it. I had to give a sperm sample last year, but I didn't reset counter as no P.

Yes, love this!!!! My main regret is that I missed out on so much amazing sex... The fact you are 51 and still talking about your libido in a positive way makes me so happy. I have years to make up for the last 15 years I wasted on P.

Thank you for sharing and congratulations.

Ages 30-39 / Re: Reboot Journal - 31yo married w/son
« on: July 27, 2017, 10:54:19 AM »
Keep up the good work dude. It's all good.

Mate this is pretty similar to my situation. It totally sucks. I had this porn addiction and pied and after I met my gf I just wanted it to go as quick as possible. I told her "hey 2 months I'll be fine"... Jesus, I'm still here +500 days later. You need to realise this could be a long process. And it could mess with your relationship. However, it could also strengthen it and if she is patient and not too sensitive about the fact that your intimacy issues are down to looking at other women, shit might work out ok for you! Fuck that sounds really depressing and not very encouraging. Ok, you've discovered your problem and you're going to fix it. It might take a while, she can either come a long for the ride or not. Also, think about what you might want to do when you get your mojo back... Good luck. This is about you.

This whole thing is pretty scary, isn't it?  The flatline isn't permanent.  But sometimes it can take a long time to fix.  Two months may seem like a long time but I can assure you it's not.  There are many other accounts I've read that took longer.  I know I did.  Unfortunately, even after all this time, I still go in and out of flatline.  Just stay away from porn and lay off the MO and you should start seeing improvement.

Hey screwedup40... How much sex are you having? I'm so much better than a year and half ago but I still occasionally flat line. I'm not in a relationship anymore so aren't having frequent (if u can call it that... twice a week) sex... So now I'm anxious as hell about whether I'll be in a flat line when it comes to spontaneous sex... Damnit this shit can destroy your confidence in and out the bedroom alright! Just wondered, how often you are ejaculating mate? I'm trying to give at least a week before each encounter, but damn this new girl is so hot. Obvs I really don't want her to know about this shit as it's unlikely a permanent relationship.

I know what you mean. It's a tricky thing to explain, but when you do finish explaining they just ignore you and tell you to relax and stop worrying.

Yes, how bad was it... And how bad is it now? Can you elaborate on your condition? What more can you tell us about your sex experience now vs 2 years ago?

I gotta agree. This all sounds pretty familiar. It will get better. Be patient everyone. Set no expectations!!

That's your call mate. Is she the one for you? Is it worth fighting for? If yes, then yes you should tell her.

please want to get something clear here....  are u say that those who started young and had no real sexual exposure with real partners might not recover?

Yes. I am in this category too. Why would this be? This makes no sense. Wouldn't there be an article on YBOP about it? Now I'm fucking scared man...

I'm same category too... But I'm definitely healing. Think this thread is down to a bit of misinterpretation... I think Gary was quoting the worries of some of the men he's talked with.

MW is a good sign that everything works physically. Most guys probably should get it now and then (everyone is different, for me it can be a few times a week depending on how much sex I've had recently). But don't rely on that to be the ultimate test, back in my early days even if I got MW that morning it didn't guarantee a strong erection for sex, and vice versa.

Hi. Well, first of all it sounds like you already know the solution. Never watch porn or PMO again. So as long as you do that you'll eventually see massive improvements in libido, so try not to sweat it too much, as time will heal you. There's no way to speed it up, it will take as long as it takes and everyone is different.

It's good news though that you have had sex previously (even if not the best) and also good news that your erection strength improved after quitting PMO.

I'm a similar age and was worst case scenario, so it has taken me ages to recover (still have the odd off week here and there). Your situation sounds much better than mine so I expect you'll recover quicker, but who knows?

You really must not rush this or set any expectations because, you may have a run of amazing sex but then slip into a low libido phase. You will just need to ride it out I'm afraid, if you're in a relationship especially.

I remember a year back I thought I had some amazing sex and strong erections, but now compared to the erections I have now and the absolute feeling of natural instinct and passion and desire I get during sex now, my erections a year ago were laughable. Now, sex just keeps feeling more and more incredible. What I'm saying is, you only know how badly affected you are by PIED by how amazing you feel after not watching it for so long. And you can only keep on going and going to feel this. So look forward to your new future of being a proper man with instinct and desires not hindered by fake intimacy and pixels. Tough it out!!! It will be difficult at times but you'll get there.

Ages 30-39 / Re: 2 weeks and counting
« on: July 05, 2017, 10:57:33 AM »
Congratulations on the one year mark!!! Respect.

Have you been on Pretty good explanation for you there.

So, are you having issues with fertility then?

Not entirely sure I follow what you're asking... But if you simply mean is semen quality reduced from PIED? Not sure... My semen personally is thicker and there's more of it but I also managed to impregnate whilst still suffering from some PIED so who bloody knows.

How frequently are you doing it at the minute? It's so strange for me, I can go as many times as I want in some weeks, others my libido is gone for the same amount of weeks. It's infuriating... It's been like this for so long that I can pretty much work out when my libido is going to be high and when it's not... Oh I'm weird and keep a log on the amount of times I ejaculate and erection strength... However because of this logging I'm able to sleep notice trends and improvements.

Yes most of us start with numb penis but it does come back once your brain has a break from the overindulgence. I doubt you really have a numb penis, it's more that your brain and penis aren't communicating the signals correctly right now. Lay off the PMO and your penis will feel as if it is regaining sensitivity once more.

The thought of turning back to P terrifies me. For me, since my ED was so severe (and life was so shit), that is the biggest most encouraging reason not to go back. The fact you got out of ED using Viagra is great news, but may indicate that your ED wasn't that severe. I dunno mate, maybe only when you hit rock bottom will you decide that never again is the only way.

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